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Tablets Will Transform the Classroom [OPINION] Neil Johnston is managing director at Store Van Music.

Tablets Will Transform the Classroom [OPINION]

Neil is an award winning young entrepreneur and composer who specializes in a breakthrough link between the music industry and education. You can find out more about his pioneering work by following him on Facebook and Twitter. Apple released the original iPad to consumers in April 2010, sparking the tablet computer frenzy that we see in full-swing today. Twenty-one months later, we're facing the potential launch year of the much-rumored iPad 3, not to mention numerous competitor tablets from all of the major device manufacturers. Alongside these changes, forward-thinking educators are taking risks by distributing tablets in schools, in the hopes that the glimpses of efficiency we have seen to-date can continue to evolve for the long-term, changing classroom education for the better.

5 Best Practices for Digital Marketers in 2012. Jonathan Gardner is director of communications at ad company Vibrant Media.

5 Best Practices for Digital Marketers in 2012

He has spent nearly two decades as an innovator at the nexus of media and technology, having worked in communications leadership roles and as a journalist around the world. The egg nog’s been drunk, the bells are done jingling, and the mistletoe has been taken down. It’s time to ring in the new year with resolutions that’ll make 2012 one to remember — online and off. All signs point to an exciting year, with the arrival of new (and inevitably covetable) Apple devices.


Realidad Aumentada. 8 Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Media. At the Mashable Media Summit last Friday, Pete Cashmore provided a broad overview of media's trajectory.

8 Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Media

He covered the rapidly advancing mobile industry, the relationship between tablet technology and the current media climate, and social interaction around TV and music. Cashmore touched on Facebook's frictionless sharing capabilities.