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5.1 Reference Manual - contents. The.Lua.Tutorial » Introduction. Judging by the fact that you have stumbled upon this document, I doubt you are actually wondering.

The.Lua.Tutorial » Introduction

However, to quote the official definition: Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. We'll just assume that the reader is competent enough to actually start Lua. Finding, Downloading, and Installing the Lua package is an excersize that will be left to the readers. Download Lua for Windows (Google is your friend) Lua Interpreter Lua is an interpreted language. Lua IDE Contrary to what hardcore "coders" tell you, notepad is not your ideal development environment. Let's try out our fancy new Lua installation. It's Never Lupus! Is an auto immune disease. What we type in: What comes out: It's Never Lupus! As you may have guessed, the statement print("blah blah blah") will print out blah blah blah. If someone says Auto Immune again, you're fired!

To finish off with our introduction, I will present a sample program that will demonstrate other features of Lua. Wiki: Lua Tutorial. Introduction About the tutorial This tutorial is aimed at all newcomers to the language Lua.

wiki: Lua Tutorial

We start off with where to find relevant introductory material and then progress to using the language with tutorials in the TutorialDirectory. The style is directed at newcomers to scripting languages, as well as newcomers to Lua. Common uses of Lua are: A configuration language for applications. The tutorial tries to appeal to users of Lua on several levels: Users who are relatively new to programming. The style is simple, with lots of examples. Note to programmers wanting to embed Lua: Please note that this tutorial is aimed at usage of the scripting language, rather than the C API for embedding.

This site you are reading is a wiki. About Lua Lua is a powerful, lightweight scripting language. Let's start Running Lua Please note that this tutorial assumes you are using Lua version 5.1. There is a page for contributed LuaBinaries for various platforms. The tutorials Notes on tutorial authoring style. Programming in Lua : contents. Wiki: Lua Uses. Here are brief descriptions of a few selected projects around the world that use Lua.

wiki: Lua Uses

(Wikipedia contains a [longer list].) If you know about an exciting project using Lua that is not listed here, please add it. What is the policy for adding items to this page? Is its purpose to provide high-quality examples of Lua in use, or advertising for any project with a Lua dependency that comes into existence? Yes, this is a filtered list, but the authors don't want to maintain the filtering algorithm and prefer the community to do the selection. I don't think a comprehensive list has much point and might become a junkyard of defunct projects which never got off the ground. [arcapos] micro systems arcapos® is a point of sale solution for ticketing, libraries and retail. Contact: Marc Balmer [Codea] Codea is an iPad app with visual extensions.

[V-REP (Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform)] V-REP Marc Freese [ScriptStudio] ScriptStudio? [Spring RTS] [SimCity 4] Maxis/Electronic Arts [World of Warcraft]