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Network ,Hack,tools sites. Ray Kurzweil joins Google as director of engineering. Ray Kurzweil, the famed inventor and futurist, said today that he would join Google, starting Monday, to work on "some of the hardest problems in computer science.

Ray Kurzweil joins Google as director of engineering

" Kurzweil's title will be director of engineering. Remembering COM. In the late ’90s I thought COM (Microsoft’s Component Object Model) was the way of the future.

Remembering COM

The whole architecture starting with the IUnknown interface was very elegant. Jure Klepic: Social Media Is Much More Than Just Social and Media. Based on my observations of how most businesses are currently approaching the process of incorporating social media into their marketing plans, I can see that they do not truly understand all of the components of social media.

Jure Klepic: Social Media Is Much More Than Just Social and Media

They get that social means building relationships and that media is the form of communication that they are using to build these relationships. But this is not a deep enough understanding on which to base the marketing success of any product or service. There is so much more to be considered, because social media is dynamic, nuanced, and richly layered. To fully understand and be able to utilize social media effectively, marketers need to obtain a thorough understanding of all its components. Without this knowledge they will only be sending out messages, which will not have the ability to achieve their desired impact. BIG BROTHER – Une caméra pour identifier des clients à partir de photos sur Facebook. How generous is the science budget, really? Top three medal-winning nations at the London 2012 Olympic Games Not a bad performance that, was it?

How generous is the science budget, really?

Plucky little Britain, punching above her weight, on a shoestring budget. Except, now you mention it, it wasn't a shoestring budget, was it? Can Computers Predict Crimes? Pierre Lescure : "Avec la télé connectée, le piratage sera inarrêtable" Foot - POR 10 raisons de suivre la Primeira Liga Le Portugal, qui affronte la France en amical samedi, peut compter sur un Championnat très intéressant.

Pierre Lescure : "Avec la télé connectée, le piratage sera inarrêtable"

Voici pourquoi.Sur les 24 joueurs appelés pour affronter la France, neuf évoluent au pays : le gardien Rui Patricio, les défenseurs Eliseu et Soares, les milieux Nani, Quaresma, Carvalho,… La froide colère du ministre Vidalies contre les effets pervers du net. Ouverture des données publiques : l’avis du CNNum. Le Conseil National du Numérique avait dès sa création souligné l’importance du chantier « Open Data » et décidé de s’autosaisir de ce sujet en installant un groupe de travail.

Ouverture des données publiques : l’avis du CNNum

Alors que le nouveau gouvernement vient d’affirmer sa volonté de mener une action déterminée en faveur de l’ouverture des données publiques, le Conseil National du Numérique présente dans un avis ses 11 propositions. L’ouverture des données publiques est plus que jamais d’actualité comme en témoigne le succès de la semaine européenne de l’Open Data et le concours « dataconnexions » lancé par la mission Etalab, qui viennent tous deux de s’achever. Megaupload est mort : nous entrons dans une ère nouvelle. Nous vous disions cette nuit que nous ne pleurons pas la mort de Megaupload.

Megaupload est mort : nous entrons dans une ère nouvelle

Nous le réaffirmons. The 7th HiPEAC conference will take place in Paris. UK’s most powerful GPU supercomputer booted up - Enterprise. Emerald, the UK’s most powerful GPU supercomputer was booted up yesterday at the Science and Technology Facilities Council's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Oxfordshire.

UK’s most powerful GPU supercomputer booted up - Enterprise

The supercomputer will work alongside another called Iridis 3 based at the University of Southampton. The two systems working together “will give businesses and academics unprecedented access to their super-fast processing capability”. The newly available processing power will enable researchers to run simulations ranging from healthcare to astrophysics. In particular the supercomputer combo will be used to look at the Tamiflu vaccine’s effect on swine flu, Square Kilometre Array project data, climate change modelling and 3G/4G communications modelling. The official launch of the e-Infrastructure South Consortium also took place to coincide with the supercomputer unveiling. How Google uses Linear Algebra to Rank Pgaes. The CPU is dead. Long live the CPU! - Blog - StreamComputing. Scene from Gladiator when is decided on the end of somebody’s life.

The CPU is dead. Long live the CPU! - Blog - StreamComputing

Look at the computers and laptops sold at your local computer shop. There are just few systems with a separate GPU, neither as PCI-device nor integrated on the motherboard. The graphics are handled by the CPU now. The Central Processing Unit as we knew it is dying. To be clear I will refer to an old CPU as “GPU-less CPU”, and name the new CPU (with GPU included) as plain “CPU” or ”hybrid Processor”. The focus is on X86. Know that all is based on my own observations; please comment if you have nice information. AMD saw it coming that heterogeneous computing was the future, and bought graphics card manufacturer ATI in 2006. Last year the GPU was comparable to high-end GPUs of then 5 years ago, now the difference is 4 years. NASA Team Drives Mars Rover Like a 3D Game. The C Library Reference Guide. The case for open computer programs : Nature. The curse of ambiguity Ambiguity in program descriptions leads to the possibility, if not the certainty, that a given natural language description can be converted into computer code in various ways, each of which may lead to different numerical outcomes.

The case for open computer programs : Nature

Innumerable potential issues exist, but might include mistaken order of operations, reference to different model versions, or unclear calculations of uncertainties.