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DIY - ¿COMO ESTAMPAR PLAYERAS/CAMISETAS? FÁCIL. 10 Jeans Hacks To Keep You Looking Fly AF. Cord drill and Pump drill. How to get out of a steep hole. Google Search Tips. Attach flashlight to full water bottle to create 360 light source. Check Out The Simple Way Japanese Kids Learn Multiplication. DeSkunking Formula for Dogs. Shower Faucet Repair (thorough step by step.) Climbing team work. The Right Way to Close a Paint Can. Rope Knots - Best Knots Animated and Illustrated. Gravity Fountain - Album on Imgur. DIY: Make a homemade air conditioner for around $8. E.g. vs. i.e.

Pop up Paper Cube

Cancelling a hotel reservation. Windows Notepad Trick. Fast way to count money - Now you only need to find the money. How to save minutes of commute time. Car accident checklist. Wood Chopping Tutorial. Battery Charge Test. 7 Clever TRICKS To Remember Names. Ian's secure shoelace knot with double starting knot. How to Negotiate a Ransom. Photo “Make sure they’re alive first,” says Leslie Edwards, a top hostage negotiation specialist and former British Army officer.

How to Negotiate a Ransom

Demand to speak to the captive on the phone, or better still, on video chat. If that is not possible, ask the abductor to answer what Edwards calls a “proof-of-life question,” something only the kidnapped would know, like the name of a pet goldfish. Ransom amounts vary widely. At the high end, Edwards once settled at $10 million to secure the release of 26 crew members aboard an oil tanker held by Somali pirates, but he has also freed a detainee in Afghanistan for less than $10,000. As with any negotiation, be firm but cordial. Whether you’re bargaining with ISIS or Latin American drug cartels, avoid publicity. A data-driven guide to creating successful Reddit posts. Edit: This article has been updated to 2015.

A data-driven guide to creating successful Reddit posts

Please see the latest version of the article here. Today I’m going to tackle the question that’s on all Redditor’s minds: How do I get a highly-upvoted post on Reddit? I won’t bother covering the basics of making a successful post on Reddit because there are at least a dozen other articles out there that already covering that. Instead, I’m going to walk you through my analysis of over 850,000 top posts from the past year on Reddit from 4,200 of the most active subreddits. I bolded the big takeaway messages if you’re not feeling like a long read. Disclaimer: I am only making statements about probability in this post.

When to post It turns out one of the biggest factors affecting the success of your post is the day and time you submit it. How To Break Out Of Duct Tape Restraints. Escaping from Zip Ties. Google search syntax. How to Tie Basic Knots. Welcome to Basic Knots Selection The eight knots in this section are the most basic knots - the building blocks of knot tying.

How to Tie Basic Knots

They illustrate the fundamental principles of knot tying. Many are also components of other knots or they provide the underlying structure. The Square Knot (Reef Knot) and Sheet Bend are the two basic methods of joining two ropes; and the Figure 8 underlies many other important knots. Confusion The terms Overhand Knot, Half Hitch, and Half Knot are often confused and frequently used as though they are interchangeable. Other Sections Many of these knots have critical uses in the various other sections of this website and, when space permits, these knots are repeated there. How to put string back in basketball/athletic shorts. iPhone Home Security App: Old iPhone becomes a free security system. Plenty of studies have shown that iPhone users upgrade their handsets more often than other smartphone users.

iPhone Home Security App: Old iPhone becomes a free security system

But what should you do with that old iPhone once you have upgraded to a new one? There are plenty of good options out there, and some of the most common ones include selling your old phone using a site like eBay or Craigslist, trading it in for credit toward the purchase of a new phone, or giving it away to a friend or loved one. But there’s another option you might not be aware of that is incredibly useful and completely free. DON’T MISS: 9 more secrets we learned from the Sony hack “Smart Home” is a term you’ll see more and more in the coming years as Internet-connected devices become more affordable, but you’ll still need to make a somewhat significant investment to turn your home into a Smart Home.

If you’re just looking for one or two specific solutions, however, there are plenty of nice affordable choice out there. Download Manything. How To Pack A Backpack. "I just checked my phone and it's not 1945 any more, so you want an internal frame pack.

How To Pack A Backpack

" Since the article is directed toward newbies, if you want to specifically recommend against external frame packs, you should do that. They are generally cheaper than internal frame packs and, therefore, will be attractive to someone just starting out. And, in addition to cost, they do have one advantage over internal frame packs. The best knife sharpener in the world!!! YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!!!! Wearing a tie on a windy day? Graphic Design resources. What is an avenue, street, boulevard, road, drive, lane, etc? How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand. How to Disable YouTube Annotations with AdBlock Plus.

Fix a Wobbly Table (with Math) Smelly shoes? Womb Sounds. ★ 10 HOURS !!! ★ Soothe Your Baby with Womb Sounds - White Noise and Heartbeat. How to remove a stuck ring. Quick way to peel new potatoes :) How to peel a mango. Chesscademy - A Fun and Easy Way to Learn Chess! Make Glossy Plastic Look Like Brushed Aluminum in Under 1 Minute.