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Contemporain Studio. Contemporain Studio. Sandra Tarruella | Interioristas. Healthabitat. Healthabitat link environmental conditions, and in particular the provision of adequate housing, to general health and well-being. Their work has especially addressed these issues in the context of the Aboriginal people of Australia whose living environment and health standards have been woefully inadequate in relation to white Australians. Established in 1985 by architect, Paul Pholeros, anthropologist, Stephen Rainbow and physician, Paul Torzillo, what began as a modest report on these issues for an Aboriginal controlled health service in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands, is now a national programme.

The initial report's aim was to find out why sickness levels in the area were so high, even with sufficient healthcare, and found correlations with the state of the housing provision. Healthabitat's projects mostly deal with the day-to-day maintenance and improvement of housing, including the provision of adequate washing and cooking facilities, sanitation, heating etc. Connections. Studio for material staging, product design and scenography - PAULSBERG Möbel | furniture. Carmen Baselga_Taller de proyectos. Carmen Baselga_Taller de proyectos. Sectors.

Woods Bagot Global Studio pinterest linkedin twitter> facebook Expertise > Sectors Global sector expertise Woods Bagot is a global architecture and design studio specialising in the design and planning of facilities across five key sectors: Aviation and Transport, Lifestyle, Sport, Workplace, and Education, Science and Health. Our focus is to understand our client’s functional, operational and cultural needs, drawing on our research and experience to create solutions that work.

Our multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled individuals provide services in architecture, consulting, interior design, master planning and urban design. We offer access to a network of specialists across five regions: Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Woods Bagot has a dedicated sector leadership that have travelled, worked on and managed a wide range of projects around the world.

Aviation and TransportEducation, Science and HealthSportLifestyleWorkplace Copyright © Woods Bagot. Blacksheep. Cloudberry — good experience design : Approach. Symplicit.

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Service & experience. Agencias. Westside Studio. Home | Ink Associates. Work. Perspectives — Good ideas are easy to find. Making them real is the challenge. Product & interiors, Branding, Experience. INDEX: Design to Improve Life® | Inspiring, Educating and Engaging people in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges. Sid Lee - Sid Lee. Urbano Humano Agency. Macro.Meso.Micro Think Tank that performs research on Regional Politics and Social Innovation, and it has been recognised by Social Innovation Europe. web: Co-director and curator of #OPEN_madrid, Seminar about citizen urbanism and social innovation, with Medialab Prado and Rey Juan Carlos University. web: Founder and coordinator of “Think Cities”, a research and training project centered on Urban Innovation. web: Founder of SentientID a mobile app startup web: Founder and coordinator of “Think Commons” a web platform promoting network thinking about commons, collaborative culture, social innovation. web: Co-founder of Meipi startup: collaborative geotagging web platform web: 2013/current Strategic and Social Media consulting for a new Learning Project called “ApreHender la Ciudad” web: 2013 (two months) 2013 (one week)

Spacelab — Home. IDEO | A Design and Innovation Consulting Firm. ABA design. Teamgeek. Coworking en 3g-office. Jueves, 27 de Septiembre de 2012 08:02 El Coworking es una tendencia que se está implantando en Europa y EEUU, y se basa en ceder tu propia sede a aquellos profesionales “móviles”, de cualquier lugar del mundo, que por el motivo que fuere necesitan disponer de un espacio de trabajo con infraestructuras adecuadas, fuera de su entorno habitual.

Se trata de espacios que inspiren, en los que poder reunirte, trabajar y conectarte. 3g office, consultora multinacional española, especializada en diseño y gestión de espacios corporativos, se ha unido al “movimiento Coworking”, y pone a disposición de los profesionales que así lo necesiten, los diferentes espacios de trabajo de sus sedes en Madrid y Lisboa, previa reserva de los mismos, así como todo lo necesario para trabajar: despacho, sala de reuniones, conexión wifi, servicios tecnológicos, … interesantes ventajas para los profesionales: Estas ventajas serán aún mayores a medida que esta tendencia siga creciendo.

SAVVY STUDIO | Monterrey, Mexico. Incubo / RETAIL. Emmme studio | slow design! TIME MACHINE: HOW GREAT HELV IS WUXI, CHINA 2014 | TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE. Im Auftrag der ACCIONA Producciones y Diseno, S.A. (APD) haben wir nach fast zwei Jahren intensiver Arbeit unsere interaktive, mediale Installation für das Wu Kingdom HelV Relics Museum in Wuxi / China fertiggestellt. Der 400qm große, interaktive und multimediale Raum lässt den Besucher 15 min. lang in die Geschichte über den Aufstieg des Königreiches Wu während der Zeit der Frühlings- und Herbstannalen 514 – 496 v. Chr. eintauchen. Hierfür haben wir einen einzigartigen Stil, eine Mischung aus cineastischen, in Shanghai gedrehten Martial-Arts Szenen und Paint-Style Animationen entwickelt. Die lineare Erzählung wird mit interaktiven Elementen erweitert, um dem Besucher das Gefühl zu vermitteln, in weite Ferne entführt zu werden, zu King HelV’s Machtübernahme, mitten in seinen Kampf um die Vorherrschaft und dem Sieg in der berühmten Schlacht von Boju und zu anderen großen Legenden der damaligen Zeit.

Genau so, wie eine Zeitmaschine funktionieren sollte. /read more /Credits & Details. De Ramos & Serch · Design Thinking. Bonico™ | Estrategia, diseño y rentabilización de espacios. Steven Heller (design writer) KINZO Berlin. De Ramos & Serch · Design Thinking.