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The blog of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Child Talk. The Speech Ladies. Language Resources Blog. The language resources blog is new information that is continually updated.

Language Resources Blog

The language resources blog... Allows you immediate access to any new information on this web site. Updates you on an new information relevent to language impairment in school-aged children. To subscribe to my blog (no email needed) right click on the orange RSS button (the bottom buttons to the left). You need to then paste the url into an RSS reader. Working Memory Strategies Working memory strategies; In this downloadable ebook you will find many user-friendly strategies to help students in your classroom attend to instructions and written assignments. Continue reading "Working Memory Strategies" Communicative Reading Strategies Prestory Knowledge Discussion - The Arrival Analysis Click to download the Prestory Semantic Map PDF file. The clinician begins the session by telling the student that they will read the first chapter of the Arrival together. Clinician: "The Arrival is a graphic novel. Chapel Hill Snippets. Self Regulation Scale.

I have a confession---when I see something good, I take it and use it.

Self Regulation Scale

I don't like to recreate the wheel, and I'm really not all that creative. I also work with people that are very hard-working and creative, so when I stepped into my co-worker's office (Heather Petrusa, SLP) and saw this homemade self-regulation scale, I grabbed it (with her permission) and told her that this was worth using and sharing with all of my blogging friends! She said that our mutual friend, an autism itinerant teacher, Leah Wilson, was actually the one who created it, and she (Heather) just tweaked it. I'm sure Leah won't mind sharing, so here it is! Anyone who works with children with autism knows the difficulties in regulating emotions. Speech Therapy Tool Box. Oh No. Welcome to my new Speech Therapy blog!

Oh No

Here I will be posting ideas and reviews of my favorite therapy materials. I currently work in a Primary school (preK-2nd grade) and I'm always on the lookout for new materials. There are lots of conferences on theory and evidence-based practice, but sometimes I just want some no-nonsense, fun activities that I can use in my sessions. I'd love to attend an activities fair, where SLPs gather and exchange their favorite tools, materials and activities.

In the meantime, I'll be offering my favorites here on this blog and would welcome guest contributors as well. My first game is a winner, invented by my friend Lisa Gastelle. Click here to download a PDF file of the instructions and game card for intial /l/. Speech Lady Liz. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. I look forward to this theme all year.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

I try and hold off until it gets closer to spring time, but sometimes I just can't wait any longer. I generally use this with my older kids just because it's a longer book with more advanced vocabulary. Articulation: Print off Boardmaker pictures or adds from a newspaper and have kids cut and paste foods that have their target sound in the word on the cloud (click on picture for freebie). The child can list the foods or they can use the phrase "Cloudy with a chance of... ". Language and Social Group: Weather vocabulary match-up There are a lot of idioms that have to do with the weather and these idioms are used quite a bit. Evidence-Based Interventions. LINCS (Wedel, Deshler, & Schumaker, ’88) Word Associations (Beck, McKeown, & Kucan, ’02) Students are asked to connect their new vocabulary with another more familiar word, phrase or concept.

Evidence-Based Interventions

Avoid using synonyms and instead focus on associative words. Product coming soon… Four Square (Armbruster & Osborne, 2001)Prefixes Kirk, C., Gillon, GT. (2009). Communication Disorders 101. Emily’s writings on aphasia. April 18, 2013 at 10:29 am carolecross1618 Emily had a stroke in May 2012 and has aphasia.

Emily’s writings on aphasia

She has been coming to Connect since September 2012. This is Emily’s blog, written in her own words. She wants to share with other people what aphasia is to her, and to hear what others have to say. I am a Doctor of Visual Culture Studies and a few months ago, I had a stroke. I have aphasia and I have apraxia of speech. Aphasia is not a communicable disease, but is matter finding the words of writing, reading and in conversation. Well, Let me just take you back two years. One day in New Zealand. One of days when you are just expecting to hear ever things normal, I was told I meant to have a stroke. ”Only the darkness knows who I am. : Discourses on x-rays in the ‘shadow clinic’ and how visualising shadows contributes to the possibilities of aesthetic empathy in the perception of the body in x-ray imagery”.

The day it happens…. It was a morning like most others…about 10 am. It was a long day. Voices from the past. This site is being developed to preserve some of the classic speeches and interviews in the area of stuttering.

Voices from the past

It will begin with audiotapes from some of those professionals who have left an important mark on the field of speech-language pathology, in the area of Fluency and Fluency Disorders. We hope to build this collection as time permits and as others share similar tapes to those below. Tapes will be limited for now to audio tapes and should be no longer than a half hour. If anyone has a tape they'd like to share, and if permission is granted to put it online, please contact Judith Kuster. No Limits to Learning. SpeechTechie- Technology, Apps and Lessons for SLPs and Teachers who like Words. Apps for speech therapy.