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Elsevier. Elsevier. Elsevier. For libraries worldwide, Elsevier offers information solutions that cover a wide array of content choices in electronic media.


Our information solutions are designed to make vast information sources accessible and manageable, thus improving efficiency in libraries that serve government and non-profit institutes. Join the librarian community. Elsevier. Elsevier electronic information solutions help government professionals find answers, gain critical insights and make confident decisions.


All with greater efficiency and effectiveness and with a higher return on investment. We publish the world’s most extensive collection of commercially available peer-reviewed scientific, technical and medical literature in conjunction with time-saving analysis tools that help decision-makers and researchers at federal, national, state and local organizations and non-profit institutes in their day-to-day work. We develop information solutions for: • Directors/Heads of department • Researchers and Research Managers • Policymakers • Librarians & Information Resources Purchasers Search for your online information solution by: • Task • Type of organization.

Economist Group. The Economist - World News, Politics, Economics, Business & Finance. Portal. Web portals, which may simply be referred to as portals, are pages which provide information and links from various pages.


These links and information may fall under a specific area of interest. The entity maintaining the portal organizes the information and resources in order to present them as clearly as possible to address their users’ needs. Thus, the main function of a portal is to disseminate as much useful information as possible to end users. Portals are also known as links pages, because they facilitate the easy access to several links. Portals may also contain news, advertisements, special interest links, and other useful resources. Various forms of portals exist, depending on their intended functions. Another type of portal is the personal portal. Businesspedia - The Business Encyclopedia. The Best Business Magazines & Top Business Journals. To be a business pundit you have to think like a business pundit.

The Best Business Magazines & Top Business Journals

Industry Analysis. Prison is supposed to do three things: Remove criminals from society where they may harm others, punish them for their offenses, and rehabilitate them so that they are (hopefully) able to be assimilated back into society where they can take on roles as productive members of society.

Industry Analysis

There’s just one little problem: It turns out that it’s more profitable to keep prisoners behind bars for as long as possible and make it extremely difficult for them to piece their lives back together once they get out, almost ensuring their return. Here are ten reasons why prison in America has turned into a big business. Read the rest of this entry » Politics. Obamacare is supposed to help ensure that no American citizen go without health care coverage, but is it as wonderful as it’s cracked up to be?


Many opponents of this new health care reform are scrutinizing easily exploitable loopholes that will leave many Americans uninsured, push up the prices of healthcare premiums and help large insurance companies to cut expenses and raise profits in the process. Here are ten lesser-known health care loopholes causing controversy today. Read the rest of this entry » Management. Small business. Co-branding. Co-branding refers to a marketing arrangement in which multiple brand names are associated or used for a single product and/or service.


The main purpose of co-branding is to strengthen the product’s reputation or image in order to make it more sellable. Co-branding also increases awareness of the lesser known brands: Having a big brand appear next to theirs on the same product/service is like an approval from the big name. For big brands, co-branding is also desirable, especially when the product is a special edition product that has some charity or good-deed associated with it, because it will boost their positive image.

Taxing America's Oil Addiction. After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos. The 2008 crash is probably the most serious economic crisis we have faced after the Great Depression.

After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos

Stock markets from around the world fell as much as 20% in a single week, dozens of banks either failed or were rescued by government and private instutitions, and companies started laying off employees as a consequence of the reduced demand. 10 People Who Won the Lottery–Then Lost it All. 10 People Who Won The Lottery – Then Lost It All Ever dream of winning the lottery?

10 People Who Won the Lottery–Then Lost it All

The golden ticket holders on this list might convince you otherwise. Most of them either regret winning the jackpot, or admit it made their lives hell. Let them show you what the lottery could make you lose. 25 Billionaires and Millionaires That Became Philanthropists. Some people feel philanthropy is only about foundations donating lots of money, but that’s only one part.

25 Billionaires and Millionaires That Became Philanthropists

Philanthropy is about people giving their time, help and care to causes they support, making the world a better place to live in. Philanthropic activities come in many forms, some people choose to contribute a huge sum of money to charity or create a park for the community. Some like to create facilities for recreation or provide scholarships for needy students. 50 Best Business Movies Ever.

There’s no easier way to amp up your business acumen than by learning from other people’s experiences. If those people happen to be movie characters, and learning means putting your feet up with some popcorn and a cold one, all the better. Give yourself a break from the summer swelter by absorbing a business lesson or two from the 50 best business movies ever made. 25 Internet Startups That Bombed Miserably.

If the Internet could speak with one voice, it would probably groan “oh, not again!” That’s because every raving success story about Internet startups is tempered by dozens more that crashed and burned in a sea of wasted money, bad ideas, or unfulfilled hype. As venture capitalist Paul Graham writes, most of these failures are never written about. No one knew about them, so they were never really expected to go anywhere. But a select few had very public flame-outs – what Graham calls “the elite of failures.” 25 Handy iPhone Apps for Business People.

More than 550 iPhone apps currently populate the iPhone store, and the number is constantly growing. The challenge lies not in acquiring apps, but in finding the ones relevant to your needs. Here’s a quick-n-dirty list of some key iPhone apps for small business owners, corporate employees, and everyone in between (In no particular order. Go here for detailed reviews): 1. 15 Podcasts That Will Make You Richer. This is a blog post by Drea Knufken. To grow money, you have to know money. And to know money, you need to study it: Its movements, who’s making it (and why), who takes it away, how to keep it, and how to grow your personal stash. Unless you’re a child prodigy like Warren Buffett, or you have a trust fund, this stuff doesn’t come on its own. Business Conferencing Tools: Video Conference, Web Conferencing, Online Business Meeting Services. WebEx Meeting Center WebEx Meeting Center has been a very popular piece of software and is in fact considered market-leading by numerous groups, and with some of the features it now has, I can understand why.

It looks like WebEx was built from the ground up as a small business to enterprise level collaborative meeting application. One of the most interesting features is its multitasking meeting interface called Power Panels. Power Panels allows hosts, presenters and participants to control the layout of their meeting content. If you are sharing different content, videos, chat, and images to all of the members, each type of content will have a different level of importance and thus required screen real estate for each participant. The Best VoIP Service Providers For Small Business: Information and Reviews for Internet Phone Services. Best Business Credit Cards. Entrepreneurship. Finance. Economics. Business-General. Companies. Biznotes. Bad Business. 15 Crazy Ways People Make Money in Today’s Economy.

The 25 Worst Business Failures in History. Business Resources. Intermittent Collaboration - Free &Cross Platform - RT Meetings. Interaction and Cooperation. Wikileaks. Europe, Russia and the US. President. Change. News ENG Politique 4. Official & unofficial answers from the US government. Interview: Why Businesspeople Don’t Listen. The Middle East. Predictions for 2011 in Cloud: Chips, Lawsuits and Acquisitions: Cloud ? Socialcast - Enterprise Microblogging, Social Networking and Activity Streams. Today's Issues. Thurday's Pearls. SourceWatch. GIS. Ramdengroup. Gps 1. Etats-Unis. Deception Detection. Remote-Sensing. Privsec. Official & unofficial answers from the US government. Iran Issue. Soc, News, Politics. Communication d'Influence. Communication d'Influence. Conspiracy. Wikipedia.

[2010] Top secret America, by The Washington Post. Politics. Finance. News. News. Consulting. Best Small Business Books - Topic Research, Trends and Surveys. Country Report. EU-Russia Energy Issues.