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Task 3- Taking Care of Your Brain

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How to Take Care of Brain Health. Taking care of your brain health is as important as taking care of your physical health.

How to Take Care of Brain Health

This will not only result into healthier brain, but will also keep ailments such as dementia at bay. The irony lies in the fact that most people out there tend to take their brain health for granted. This can prove to be a costly affair in the long run. Let’s have a look at some of the measures to take care of your brain health. Exercise We all know that exercise is the key for healthy body. Decrease Caffeine Consumption Most people out there do not realize that caffeine is not good for their overall health, especially if consumed in large quantities. Meditation Meditation allows your brain to calm down and relax. Diet Recent studies have concluded that diet has a direct relationship with our mind. On the other hand, meat and spices can lead to restlessness. Water Water is an extremely vital element required for effective brain functioning. Walking Brain Games Kill Stress Rest. Want to Be Truly Great? Take Care of Your Brain.

(Photo: Getty Images) As a competitive athlete, I’ve spent my life focusing on my body and its performance.

Want to Be Truly Great? Take Care of Your Brain

Breaking a world record in football, becoming All-American in the decathlon, getting into CrossFit and acro-yoga, and now playing for USA Team Handball, my home base is honing and listening to my body. Something I didn’t understand until the past few years, however, was how much my athletic ability influenced brain performance.

As a podcast host for a top-ranked show in the business and lifestyle categories, “The School of Greatness,” I’m privileged to interview some of the world’s best and brightest minds in health, fitness, business, entrepreneurship, relationships, and entertainment. As I’ve spoken to many amazing men and women over the past couple of years, a clear message has come through: Taking care of your brain is equally as important as taking care of your body if you want to reach your full potential and step into your greatness. Best Brain Foods. How you think, act, and learn is affected not only by the types of food you eat, but also by how the food is prepared, how and when you eat it, and what foods you eat together.

Best Brain Foods

Here are 11 ways to get the best brain foods into your daily diet: 1. Care about your carbs The brain is a sugar hog, a carbo-craver, utilizing 20 percent of the body’s carbohydrate supply. Yet it’s a smart hog, being selective about the type of sugars it craves and how it processes them. 2. Most scientists discount the relationship between sugar and behavior, especially when Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is blamed on sugar in the child’s diet . 3. The rate at which sugar from a particular food enters brain cells and other cells of the body is called the “glycemic index” (GI) of a particular food. Fruits. 5 Fun ways to exercise your brain with your kids. There are some days that I truly think my kids are smarter than me.

5 Fun ways to exercise your brain with your kids

They are all pretty young, so I don't think it is actually true, but they stump me with the things they absorb that I forgot years ago. While I know I am somewhat of an intelligent person, it is important to me that I maintain as much memory and brain power as possible. In fact, since passing 40, I have noticed a decrease in the ability to remember things, to retain information for very long and that I get tired more quickly if I have to use my brain too long. We all know that we have walked into a room and forgotten why we are there. It simply escalates with age. It is also important that I help my kids use their brains for more than recalling the lines of the latest SpongeBob movie. 1. Get ready to get addicted to the Game Show Network and its brain-bending game, Idiotest, in its second season!

2. 3. It has been shown time and time again that exercise can help us build our brain power. Top 15 Super Brain Foods For Kids.