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The maternal lens. Pioneer Woman Photography. Photography is all about exposure, or the light that is allowed to be let in when a photo is taken.

Pioneer Woman Photography

Learning how to adjust exposure to get the effect you’re looking for is one of the things all photographers have to eventually learn, and one of the easiest examples of this is taking a photo of a silhouette against a sunrise or sunset. In the photo above, I exposed for the sky. “Exposing for the sky” means I told my camera that I wanted to capture all the beauty and color variations of the sky and not to worry about letting enough light in to see my baby. By “telling my camera” I mean that I made the necessary adjustments and tweaks to my camera settings to make sure the sky was properly exposed. In this case, I took the easy road and simply dialed back the exposure compensation until it let in less and less light…to the point that I was satisfied that it was capturing the sunset accurately. Anyway, short little lesson this morning. Photographers, please feel free to weigh in!

Love, P-Dub. CoffeeShop Actions and Presets! If you would like to help support this blog and get all of my favorite Photoshop/PSE actions and LR presets in one convenient download (over 170 actions and now even my favorite Lightroom presets!)

CoffeeShop Actions and Presets!

, please click here to read all about it. Post any questions or broken link reports to the CoffeeShop Facebook Page.ACTION/PRESET TERMS OF USE: 1. Do not redistribute, repackage, post for download, or sell "as is" anything on this blog.2. Do not link directly to any of my downloads on this site. Retouching: These are all of my retouching actions, including PowderRoom and Perfect Portrait.

Blogger UnWrapped: Posting Large Images, UPDATED! Blogger makes it easier than ever to post large images now. I would suggest cropping your images web-sized before uploading them so your original large images won't get stolen. I usually don't load images larger than 1000px wide. Make sure you are using the new post editor. If not, it is easy to set up. (Warning: The new post editor does not have spell check for some crazy reason... Go down to Global Settings and click on Updated editor and Save Settings.

Go to Posting, New Post and make sure you are on the Compose tab. Now simply click on your image and click on X-Large. Blogger still shrinks your images even when you click on X-Large. Start from the beginning and upload your image. Find the two codes (highlighted in yellow in my images above). If you want even more control to be able to post an image any size (for example, you upload a large image and want to crop it to a certain size in your post) and be able to go back and change it at any time, there is another method. Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics — Making Digital Photography Easy for You! Shadowhouse Creations.

Shutter Sisters - home. MCP Actions Blog - Photography Techniques, Photoshop Actions, Tutorials. Proof That Newborn Photoshop Actions Are Not Just For Editing Babies One question we get asked often is “Can I use Newborn Necessities Photoshop Actions on other images?”

MCP Actions Blog - Photography Techniques, Photoshop Actions, Tutorials

The answer is “YES, it can be used on any images.” The follow up question is often, “Why did you name it Newborn Necessities and market the actions for editing baby images?” Great question. When we started working on the newborn actions in 2011, we wanted a product that would help the growing industry of newborn photographers. Photo by: Blythe Harlan Photography While we truly focused on newborns when we developed and started selling the Photoshop actions, we never really considered that they are a perfect solution for a light, airy, clean edit for all images. Newborn Photoshop Actions used on non-baby images: Photo by Holly Stocks – she’s just been in business since mid last year. Photo by: Jane Atwell Photo by Atina King Photography The Next Two Photos by: Impromptu Photography Photo by Jessica Dyck.