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NKLEX Masters

We are a team of experienced Nurse Educators, who have taught LPN/ LVN, ADN, BSN, and Graduate Nursing Programs.

Are you ready for the NCLEX? 10 Days NCLEX-RN Diagnostic Exam This is a 150 question NCLEX style exam with diagnostic exam. By NKLEX MASTERS. 5 Weeks Course - 8 Weeks access NCLEX-RN Bootcamp. Buy Now - About us - We are a group of prelicensure Nurse Educators from different colleges who have taught NCLEX Live Reviews classes nationwide.

About us -

We came together to achieve one goal - to make NCLEX® Review Lectures more affordable for our students We noticed online and video NCLEX® review courses cost between $300 and $500. Many of our students just could not afford these prices, even though we all know that the NCLEX® is the MOST important exam they will ever take in their nursing career. Contact - NKLEX Masters- Login. Courses - NCLEX-PN Test-Taking Boot Camp - NCLEX-RN Test-Taking Boot Camp - 10 Days NCLEX-PN Diagnostic Exam. NCLEX-RN Diagnostic Exam - NKLEXMasters. NCLEX-RN Bootcamp Lectures. 100% NCLEX-RN Pass rate NATIONWIDE.

NCLEX-RN Bootcamp Lectures

Finish our course, pass the NCLEX or get a refund. Study at your own pace and learn the content thoroughly. Over 1,500 practice "NCLEX-style" questions, with detailed rationales and pictures to reinforce the material.This includes multiple choice, Select All that Apply (SATA), and fill-in-the-blank. An book to accompany the video lectures. Detailed lecture notes included. - Mastering the NCLEX.