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Joseph Campbell - The Hero's Journey Movie. How to Make an Easy, Last-Minute Polygon Mask for Halloween « Halloween Ideas. Low Poly Mask by kongorilla. The mask comes in two flavors: "black lines" and "faint lines", which has light blue lines, giving a cleaner look to the final product when used on white paper.

Low Poly Mask by kongorilla

There's a complete zip file for each version, or download the pages as separate pngs (be sure to download using the "original image" link when downloading the pages individually - otherwise your mask will be the wrong size). (I've also included the blend file I used to make the mask, and the pdo file for those who use Pepakura).

Print the mask on stiff cardstock or bristol. IMPORTANT: Make sure "scale to fit" (or similar) is OFF when you print. The art will fit on US Letter and A4 (though page 1 is a tight squeeze on A4). When choosing paper and glue, keep in mind what the humidity from your breath and sweat will do to your materials. Before cutting out the pieces, score all the fold lines with a straight edge and scoring tool (I've been using a mechanical pencil with the lead retracted, but a paperclip is good too. Pallet Furniture Plans. You can prepare really outstanding things and stuff by using wood lying in any comer of your home.

Pallet Furniture Plans

You can mix up the ordinary stuff with old things to get some chic combinations that make perfect home decors. Here we have made a DIY pallet light box by mixing up some aged pallet wood slats and some empty mason jars. Target DIY pallet furniture came up with such a nice behavior that it can signify any coffee or dining table remarkably. We have added a white chalk to the wood to make it distressed and antique in appearance.

DIY Cardboard Deer Head. These Genius Upcycling Ideas Turn "Trash" Into Stunning Decor...And It's Easier Than You Think. I absolutely love using recycled materials to give new oomph to my surroundings.

These Genius Upcycling Ideas Turn "Trash" Into Stunning Decor...And It's Easier Than You Think.

DIY home improvement projects using upcycled products are becoming increasingly popular because they give us a tangible way to make a small difference in our waste imprint as a species. How to Fix Headphones - A Detailed Guide. Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care, How to never forget anything ever again. Two years ago I was having breakfast with a man who was purportedly the most successful Jeopardy contestant ever — behind Ken Jennings (and the Watson supercomputer).

How to never forget anything ever again

As someone who is always interested in learning new things, I wanted to know how he was able to remember so much stuff. “Have you ever heard of spaced repetition?” He asked me. “This is going to blow your mind.” Since that moment, I’ve used spaced repetition nearly every day. I learned that spaced repetition is a learning technique that relies on something called the spacing effect. Most Popular How-To Guides of 2013. Learn to code. Wonder How To » Show & Tell for Creators & Doers. 10 Everyday Things You're Probably Doing the Hard Way" Figuring out how much to leave for a restaurant tip was a little more difficult for some of us before there were apps to calculate it.

10 Everyday Things You're Probably Doing the Hard Way"

There are several ways to calculate a tip in your head, though, and they aren't difficult -- this method will work no matter what (some calculations are based on the tax, but some states don't charge tax so those methods aren't foolproof). Here's what you're aiming for: Tip your waiter or waitress 15 percent of the pre-tax bill (and as much as 20 percent for excellent service) [source: The Emily Post Institute]. Despite how many of us have trouble with this, one of the best ways to figure out that 15 percent in your head is no more than a two-step process. First, calculate one percent of the bill. Let's use a $24.00 bill as our example: One percent of a $24.00 bill is $0.24 (just move the decimal point two places to the left). 4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking. <b>Whoa, you aren't browsing with Javascript, congratulations!

4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking

You probably don't need this tutorial, which will look broken for you. Just install an adblocker with a privacy/tracking protection list, block third-party cookies, block referers, and install HTTPS Everywhere. </b><br /> In less than 10 minutes, you can drastically improve your privacy online and protect yourself against unwanted and invisible tracking. Note that these privacy safeguards will also be blocking some ads.

Firefox instructions Chrome instructions Step 1: Install Adblock Plus. SuperBetter. Useful Life Hacks. Why you should be spontaneous. Walking back from class through the narrow Krakow streets, I pondered what I would do for the weekend.

Why you should be spontaneous

With nothing immediately planned and travel on my mind, I decided to visit the main train station near my home and buy the cheapest non-Polish bus ticket that was available. Lviv, Ukraine for $13? Done. After a couple hours and packing, I returned to the bus station. Surrounded by half-drunken Poles and Ukrainians, I boarded the bus and prepared for what most surely would be the most bizarre and gratifying validation that spontaneity will give you the best memories of your life.

The way I could tell I was in Ukraine was by the roads. In the afternoon, I met up with him again and we got on a bus. Shady Deals and Soccer Hooligans Luckily, his home was filled with a gracious father, younger brother, and a never ending supply of food and drink offers. We both got in the backseat and I stayed quiet. For the next few hours, things relaxed a bit.

Mythbusters Welding. Hand Sewing. I've never done it but I know some people have sewn an entire garment by hand sewing all of the stitches. Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes. (Photo: Dustin Diaz)

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes

Total Immersion: How I Learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days and You Can Too. Is it possible to get good at swimming late in life?

Total Immersion: How I Learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days and You Can Too

Yes. (Photo: Shutterhack) How to Develop a Confident, Attractive Voice. Great orators have the power to inspire the world.

How to Develop a Confident, Attractive Voice

They lead with a strong presence and a confident voice that commands attention. Could you imagine if Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy mumbled with timid voices? » Social Skills How To Guides – Improve Your Social Skills. Improve Your Social Skills has a ton of great content. Most of this content takes the form of “deep dive” explanations of key concepts (like conversation.)

These in-depth explanations are designed to help you understand the fundamental principles behind social interaction, and they are incredibly useful. But sometimes, you just want a quick win. That’s where the Improve Your Social Skills quick “How To” guides come in. They’re designed to be practical, easy to digest and fun to read. So pick your favorite article, and dive in! » How To Make Conversation – Improve Your Social Skills. Most conversation advice doesn’t help you make conversation. It’s easy to find tips like “Look your partner in the eye” or “Think of conversation topics ahead of time.” These tips are helpful, but they don’t explain how conversation actually works–it’s like saying “Keep your eye on the ball” instead of explaining the rules of baseball. Of course, you can still enjoy baseball even if you don’t understand the rules. 31 How to Sites Must Check.

Home » How to » 31 Best How To Sites To Learn Everything You Need To Know In Internet you can find lots of site which helps you to learn lots of thing that we use in our daily life. But the question is where to find it and and how to learn lots of thing and guides free. In our daily life we are doing lots of thing such as using computer, learning web design and more and more. If you’re looking for information on How to repair a hard drive, How to Clean PC, How to Design Website, how to use web services, how to make videosor any other questions, you’ll find it in my picks for the best how to sites on the Web. These are some useful tricks. Active Transportation Alliance. Clothes at work On the weekend or start of the week, take five days’ worth of clothes to work.At week’s end, take your clothes to the cleaners.Pick up your cleaning from work and leave it at work. Dressing For The Ride In warm weather… Wear loose t-shirts, tank-tops, and shorts for good ventilation.

If sweat gets in your eyes or face, wear a headband. Alternative Uses for Household Items. 25 clever ideas to make life easier. Via: Why didn’t I think of that?! Plastic Cup Lamp. 35 Uses for Old Pallets. Be a Polymath. Mindfulness In Plain English. A PDF preview from the 20th edition - Click Here Special Offer - 20% Off the latest edition / The 20th Anniversary Edition - eBook or paperback / See Below "Mindfulness in Plain English" has been on a while now for free download, but the edition I posted years ago was the first edition and is now rather dated.

Over the last few months I have been in contact with the publisher at Wisdom Publications about M.I.P.E... Lucid Dreaming. Remee - The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask by Bitbanger Labs. From Stroboscope to Dream Machine. ‘From Stroboscope to Dream Machine: A History of Flicker-Induced Hallucinations’ is a wonderful article that has just appeared in medical journal European Neurology. It charts how an early finding in visual neuroscience was adopted by the Beat writer William Burroughs and became a fixture of the psychedelic sixties. Flicker induced hallucinations have been noted throughout history and typically occur when a strong light flashes between 8 and 12hz, also known as the alpha rhythm. Pomodoro Technique. A "pomodoro" kitchen timer, after which the method is named. Focus booster - pomodoro technique.

How to Stop Procrastinating. Procrastination has been an integral part of my life’s successes — and failures — for some time now. From putting off graduate school applications, wedding seating charts, and gym visits, I’ve been practicing the art of procrastination pretty heavily these days. And if we’re being really honest here, I’ve actually checked Facebook 12 times since starting this paragraph. But hey, I know I’m not the only one out there — more than 25 percent of Americans admit they procrastinate.

But even though procrastination is usually frowned upon, there are people who actually see some benefits to putting things off. Know yourself and follow your bliss. 3 Steps To Your Ideal Career. Someone recently told me that the time he spent unemployed was the best six months of his life. MAKE. Instructables. Handmadeology. CraftCrave. What I Made.