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Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master…!!

Apple’s ARKit all Set for Augmenting AR Solutions - Blog. With a popular game like ‘Pokémon Go’, AR games have been gaining a lot of attention nowadays. 2016 had been a year to popularize AR solution.

Apple’s ARKit all Set for Augmenting AR Solutions - Blog

The market for augmented reality is growing rapidly with the technology niche adapting it in their business practices. Mobile AR could become the primary driver of a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021 (underperform $94 billion, outperform $122 billion), with AR taking the lion’s share of $83 billion and VR $25 billion. – TechCrunch The technology giants SnapChat, FaceBook and Google have been big players in implementing augmented reality solutions into their businesses with smart filters, AR camera platform and Google lens respectively. On 5th June 2017, Apple announced ARKit which they claim to be the ‘largest AR platform in the world.’ Introduction to Apple’s AR solution – ARKit Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) is used to keep an eye around the world. This AR solution is good in fast scene understanding and runs on A9 and A10 processor. Related. Ruby on Rails (RoR) Development Company.

Are you looking to develop rich and attractive web applications or back ends of mobile apps rapidly to enter the market faster?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) Development Company

Ruby on Rails Development Services. Based on the Model-View-Control architecture, it is an open source technology that is used for developing web applications backed with databases.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

LetsNurture has an experienced team of ROR developers who can assist you with web app development of every kind and scale. Hire RoR developers to give your ideas a platform to turn into a success. Popular websites built with RoR – Groupon, Bloomberg, Shopify, AirBnB, Soundcloud and many others. As the latest object oriented web development framework, RoR has definitely ensured website development in an easier manner, and making it comparatively faster in further development. Hence, there arises dire need to hire RoR developer to guide you in this development process. Mobile App Testing Services for Android and iPhone. LetsNurture offers mobile testing services for both functional and nonfunctional testing of mobile applications.

Mobile App Testing Services for Android and iPhone

With over 5 years of experience in mobile app testing for various domains such as Banking, Insurance, Travel and Retail leveraging leading industry tools and best practices. Our Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) constitutes of skilled test architects and engineers with expertise in mobile test platforms. Ensure your mobile apps work properly through our wide offering of expert XBOSoft mobile application testing types. Mobile Functional TestingMobile Performance TestingMobile Security TestingMobile Usability TestingMobile Accessibility TestingInstructional Design Our Mobile testing team comprises dedicated Mobile QA architects and test specialists derived from various solution verticals and QA specialization background:

Hire QA Professionals for Web Testing Services. So your web developer has built you a beautiful new website and has asked you to make your final review in preparation for going live.

Hire QA Professionals for Web Testing Services

Now think about your next step, what it should be? – To hire QA professionals for assessment and assurance of the quality. App & Web Manual Testing Services. Everyone from a startup to an established Fortune 500 organization needs to have a fully functional, immaculate and bug free software- may be a website or any mobile app.

App & Web Manual Testing Services

We understand the essential need to hire manual QA professional developers for your any project to be a success. Understanding the demand of hiring dedicated QA professionals, LetsNurture provides flexible options to hire our expert QA engineers on hourly, part-time or full-time basis. Why hire QA Professionals from LetsNurture? We are IT service providers providing end-to-end IT solution with a client centric approach. It is imperative that QA engineer works in conjunction with the software developers for a smooth and error free workflow. Our team of QA professionals has enhanced and maintained the delivery standards throughout the years. Applications and use cases of 5G for IoT solutions, AR and VR. Posted by Vijay Dwivedi 4G LTE is already getting a hype.

Applications and use cases of 5G for IoT solutions, AR and VR

We can estimate that cellular operators will keep on developing this technology for next 3-4 years. On the other hand, development of 5G is in talks. Moreover, estimation states that the year 2020 will mark as the rolling out of 5G technology. The smartphone companies engaging in building phones that are 4G compatible. Applications of 5G Compared with the current 4G LTE technology, 5G is targeting to reach both High speed (1 Gbps) and low latency (1ms or less). Hire a dedicated app development team to boost your ROI.

Go Global with IoT based solutions- Smart SIMs. Posted by Sunil Veluri 557 views IoT is amending almost every physical object that is surrounded by us in an ecosystem of connected things.

Go Global with IoT based solutions- Smart SIMs

From home to parking spaces, IoT based solutions are connecting more and more everyday things, simplifying our lives, saving us time and money. A survey from Analyst firm IHS forecasts that IoT market will from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion in 2025. Though smart homes, parking, plants, smart driving have gained a lot of media attention, now the growth drivers behind these statistics is expected to come from the business models based on M2M (Machine-to-Machine) IoT. LinkedIn. Things To Take Care While Developing Disabled Friendly Website. Posted by abhishek amin 539 views.

Things To Take Care While Developing Disabled Friendly Website

8 widely used captcha examples. Posted by anshita 647 views Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Flexi Website Plan — for website development – LetsNurture – Medium. Website development is utmost important even for a small sized business to get a market presence and to generate trust amongst the public.

Flexi Website Plan — for website development – LetsNurture – Medium

Website Development gives competitive advantage in this digital age. If someone goes looking for a business like yours and doesn’t find even a simple website for it, well, that’s a customer who’s going to a competitor. 41% of the 352 small companies that were surveyed by Clutch mentioned that they have their own website which proved effective to the business. Challenges for Startups during Mobile App Development Journey.

The world is bristling with technology startups seamlessly. The majority of these startups are based around mobile apps. The success of applications like Instagram, SnapChat, PokemonGo, WhatsApp has often made a first thought to the startup founders for mobile app development like these app is easier than it is. Many of them also assume that if you are developing something great, users will simply herd to it by thousands. As per the reports of WMC forum, as of October 2012, the iOS app development took place 43,813 in the itunes store alone, that means 1400 new apps on daily basis. Can you imagine where those numbers reached for android app development as well in 2017?

Fortunately, many of these challenges can be managed with proper planning and research. 7 Reasons to Believe for Laravel’s Prominence in 2017. Posted by Vidhya Engineer 539 views In the span of two years, developers have used number of frameworks for different languages. This includes, Yii2, Symphony, Ruby on Rails etc. But there is one particular framework which most of the developers have on the top of the list to work with, it is Laravel Development. What's New in Android - I/O 17 - Engineering @LetsNurture.

As we all are super excited to know what are new things that came up in Google’s annual I/O developer conference. I am happy to share while developing mobile apps with my awesome team at LetsNurture, We are sharing our knowledge on by posting blogs on what we are learning and what we are doing. As I am attending I/O Extended from 2015, I/O 17 was also super excited about interesting things. At Google’s 2017 I/O keynote, CEO Sundar Pichai introduced new products and shared more interesting things about Google Assistant, Android, Google Home, virtual reality, and much more. Fire OS app development - OS Services and APIs. Amazon already has a handful of branded devices on the market, including Kindle Fire TV and the Fire TV.

Amazon Fire OS is an Android-based mobile operating system produced by Amazon for its Fire phone & Kindle Fire range of tablets and other devices like Fire TV. Fire OS App development is the next trend in app development. List of Fire OS Devices: Fire PhoneAmazon Fire TVFire TV StickKindle FireFire HDFire HDX With the help of Android open source platform by sharing many of its APIs and kernels, Fire OS can run most of the Android applications with the little amount of modification or even without any modification. Fire TV App Development Company. Amazon‘s Fire TV has certainly become one of the most innovative ways to have turned your dumb TV into a Smart one, big time. Recently Amazon has released the Alexa-compatible variant of Amazon Fire TV Stick which has a voice controlled TV to replace the standard remote. Things To Take Care While Developing Disabled Friendly Website. Hire Dedicated Alexa Developer. Easy Steps to submit App on iTunes Store. - Engineering @LetsNurture.

Today we learn how to submit app on iTunes Store . before starting we need to ensure our app is fully tested & our app is compatible according to Apple Guideline ( as ref. link :- then we should start to deployment app on iTunes Store. Let's understand basics of MongoDB - Engineering @LetsNurture. We been hearing lots of buzz regarding MongoDB and you might also know about MongoDB and the functionalities it provides, if not then following are the Questions/Answers which would be helpful to you in understanding MongoDB.

Elementary Principle of Manual Testing - Engineering @LetsNurture. We all know that Software testing is most Challenging and Creative task at this time. In the world of software testing, To know about the principle of software testing is very important because it gives the basic understanding regarding how to perform testing. Free SSL Certificate Installation Ubuntu - Engineering @LetsNurture. ReactJS - Getting Started - Engineering@Lets Nurture. Introduction ReactJS ReactJS is one of the javascript libraries for building UIs likewise valuable for view layers of web and portable applications. Compelling reasons to opt for Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Blog.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) was first realized in its completeness when people were transitioning to Universal Analytics. The simple and effortless Google Tag Manager upgrade enables one to benefit a host of facilities. This makes site management easier and swifter. Importance of Micro Interaction in Website and Mobile App Development. The users are and will be at the center of your UX strategy. In order to make users happy, you need to use the language that they are using while creating users experience journey.

You must provide them with the tools to express their emotions and feelings. 10 minoristas (empresas) que utilizan la tecnología iBeacon. IBeacon es el nombre del estándar tecnológico de Apple, que permite a las aplicaciones móviles (que funcionan tanto en iOS como en dispositivos Android) escuchar las señales de los beacon en el mundo físico y reaccionar en consecuencia. Aumente su comercialización de marca con Beacon. Hace un par de años, si hubiéramos dicho que la tecnología ha desviado a los consumidores de las compras sin conexión a las compras en línea, hoy la tecnología está acercando al consumidor y al minorista como nunca antes.

Una aplicación móvil para rastrear el movimiento del cuerpo utilizando un dispositivo de seguimiento de Beacon. Soluciones Basadas en Beacon: Una bendición para un Lugar de Trabajo Eficiente y Seguro. Importance of Speed for Better UX - Engineering@LetsNurture. What's New in Android - I/O 17 - Engineering @LetsNurture. How To Publish Android Library over Maven Repository. Importance of Color in UX - Engineering @LetsNurture. Swiftlint static code analytics tool integration with swift. Beacons Increase The Mobile footprint of Your Business and Leverage. The Range And Extensiveness of Beacons You Might Be Unaware of! Get Location Based Warning Signs on Your SmartPhones Through Beacon. How Beacons Are Boosting Event Marketing. Tour Guides to Transform the Visitor Experience by Using Beacon! How Beacon Are Revolutionizing Travel and Tourism - MyBeacon. Smart Apps Based Museum Navigation Benefit Visitors In Several Ways. Beacon-based solutions Enhancing the Visitor Experience in Museums.

LetsNurture turning Museums to Smart museums. Exploring Beacons to know about location based solutions. Here is Everything What We do … Have a Glance. Enterprise Application Development Company - LetsNurture. Webs and Mobile Application Maintenance Services. Award Wining Online Reputation Management ORM Company. Creating Business Application Hotel.

Video Channel Marketing Service. Content Marketing Through Strategic Marketing Approach! Windows Mobile App Development. Custom Magento Module & Theme Development. IT Offshore Outsourcing Services in India - LetsNurture. Top Affordable SEO Services. Hire Award Winning Web Development Company India, USA. Crew / Yacht Recruitment Solution. Hire Dedicated Drupal Developers. Hire Dedicated Developer. India's Top Online Reputation Management ORM Company India. Why Inbound Marketing is Right For Your Business - LetsNurture. Infographic design company. PSD to Joomla Conversion. Hire Blackberry App Developers. Event Planning Apps for Android and iOS. API Development Company India, USA, UK. Online Payment Gateway Integration API and Billing Integration.

Dental Website Design & Development Company. Hire Dedicated Joomla Developers. Hire Dedicated Drupal Developer. Salon & Spa Website Design and Development Hair and Beauty. Sports App Development - Live Scores. Website Development For Catering - LetsNurture. On Demand Services App Development. Human Anatomy Apps Development Android and iOS. Beacon-based solutions Enhancing the Visitor Experience in Museums. Exploring Beacons to know about location based solutions. LetsNurture turning Museums to Smart museums. iPad App Development.

Nurturing Solutions for Web, Mobile & Digital Marketing. Window App Development Services. How To Convert PSD To HTML / HTML Slicing From Photoshop File. Business ERP Application Development. Online Travel Portal Booking Solutions. PHP CodeIgniter Development Services. Smart Apple Watch Development. Technology NFC Programming in Android. Real Estate App & Website Development For Agents & Brokers. Looking For Automotive App Development Comapny India, USA, UK. TV Application Development. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application Development Company. Church App Builder For Churches & Ministries. Hire YII Developers - PHP YII. Hire YII Developers - PHP YII. OsCommerce Development Customization. Mobile Technology Partner for Startups. Laravel Development Company. iPhone Application Development Company.