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Hydrating Sheet Mask. Buy hand sanitizer online. Foundations for dry skin. Having dry skin or dry patches can be extremely uncomfortable.

Foundations for dry skin

Your skin can start feeling scratchy and itchy when you least expect it and it's because of the lack of moisture and hydration. The cold weather is especially problematic and even the best of creams and serums can sometimes fall short. Cleansing oil for oily skin. If you have oily skin, you must be thinking that putting oil on your skin, whether face oils or facial cleansing oils isn’t something you should do.

Cleansing oil for oily skin

However, we’re here to bust this myth thanks to something called double cleansing, which like many other skincare trends is made popular by the Koreans. It’s basically the concept of starting your skincare regimen with a gets-it-all-off oil and yes, all skin types can give this a go. Cleansing oils contain an oil base and another ingredient called a surfactant which helps to dissolve the dirt and product on the skin without snatching away the natural barrier of the skin. MyGlamm App. MyGlamm, the online shopping app for beauty and skin care products, is designed to make looking and living glamorous, effortless, for every woman.

MyGlamm App

From everyday essentials to statement-making hues we’ve got it all. MyGlamm App has everything you need when you shop online to buy cosmetics, easy-to-use make-up products to beauty tips on how to create trending makeup looks. Our Makeup, Skin Care and Sanitizing Range MyGlammFor the woman who chooses to Live Glamorous every day, we’ve got a multitasking range of products which include lipsticks, foundation palette’s, nail polishes, liquid highlighters, eyeshadow pencils, lip and cheek stains, setting powders & lash and brow duos.

Manish Malhotra Haute Couture MakeupThe Malhotra Haute Couture Makeup is a collection curated by the designer himself. POSEPOSE HD Makeup is designed to make you look good on camera always. K. GlowIntroducing Glow – an iridescent brightening skin care range. Rose Water For Face. There’s something about the smell of roses that makes you feel fresh, energized and happy!

Rose Water For Face

That’s because the aroma of roses helps enhance your mood, get rid of anxiety, and promotes emotional well-being. Did you know that rose water is so much more than an addition to your face packs? A bottle of good old rose water is a staple in every Indian household, and for good reason. It’s nature's versatile magic potion that has a variety of beauty benefits for your face! Don’t believe us? Rose Water For Skin ProblemsBenefits of Rose WaterWays To Use Rose Water10 Rose Water Mists Why Use Rose Water ? Why we suggest using rose water for face? Benefits Of Rose Water As A Natural Astringent When it comes to uses of rose water for face, then its role as a natural astringent tops our list. Best Ayurvedic Shampoos. Products Mentioned Aveda Khadi Kama Ayurveda Forrest Essentials Clinic Plus Lotus Herbals Auravedic Just Herbs TRESemme Pratha Naturals Lever Ayush Wow Skin Science POPxo As someone who likes experimenting with hair products, I can tell you that the market has a lot offer these days.

Best Ayurvedic Shampoos

Dussehra Whatsapp Status. Gigantic effigies of evil rakshasa, the sky lit up with fireworks and a burst of colours - that’s what my childhood memories of Dussehra are made of.

Dussehra Whatsapp Status

But as I grew up, I realised that this festival is much more than that. It’s the victory of good over evil as the day marks the historic win of Lord Rama over the evil king Ravana. Most importantly, Dussehra, in its basic sense, is symbolic of burning the negativity within us and celebrating the goodness. This year, the festival falls on October 25 and to mark the occasion, we’ve made a list of Dussehra wishes, quotes and messages that you can send to your loved ones to wish them on the festival.

Dussehra Wishes To Send To Your Family As per the Hindu calendar, Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of Shukla paksha (lunar phase) in the seventh month, which is usually September or October. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Rakhi Songs for brother. In the roller coaster ride that life is, we meet many people.

Rakhi Songs for brother

Some we adore, some touch our hearts and some simply annoy us. Then there are some, who get on our nerves but we fail to understand why we love them so much. Well yes, it’s the sibling bond we’re talking about. Admit it! There is no bond dearer and special than the bond of siblings. While there’s no one day to express your love for your brother or sister, we do observe the beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan to celebrate this bond. Also read: 70 Beautiful Quotes To Share With Your Sibling! Friendship Memes. Best friends are those amazing people in our lives who we can be our true self with.

Friendship Memes

They cry with you, they laugh with you and more often than not, they laugh at you. And that, my friend, is the deepest definition of love! One of the most common ways in which best friends show love to each other in this digital age is by sharing, tagging each other on memes and Friendship Day songs. Sometimes, the memes are so relatable that we can't help but say, "That's so us! " Memes celebrate the relationship and the bond that we all have with our best friends. The best thing about best friends is that you love them and that they will always be there for you no matter what. Learn a whole new set of skills without stepping out of your home. भारत में कोरोनावायरस के मामले नावेल कोरोनावायरस.