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Nirwaana is a premium jewellery online store, which believes in providing a delightful e-commerce experience of art, culture, design and trend-based pure silver / semi-precious stones costume jewellery. We proudly differentiate ourselves, by using the best quality & most exclusive raw material, from around the world. A cognizant shopper expects the best service and product, and we ensure that we give our genuine best every time!

Chakra Shoulder Duster Earrings - Silver - Nirwaana. Chakra Chain Bracelet - Silver - Nirwaana. Maasai Tribal Cuff Style Bracelet - Nirwaana. Maasai Necklace - Nirwaana. Maasai Multi Finger Ring - Nirwaana. Maasai Multi Wear Earrings - Nirwaana. Maasai - Nirwaana. Sapta Chakra - Nirwaana. The Mystical World Of Birthstones - Nirwaana. Mother earth is a big treasure box of natural minerals, gemstones and crystals having their own healing qualities and spiritual meanings.

The Mystical World Of Birthstones - Nirwaana

The worldwide fascination with birthstones has been there since times immemorial. The Indians, Russians, Romans, Greek, Egyptians, and Persians are among the ancient civilizations who treasured these gems even thousands of years ago. Tale Of Talismans - Nirwaana. If you’re a fan of supernatural movies and TV shows, then you’ve probably heard about Talisman.

Tale Of Talismans - Nirwaana

Talismans are believed to work as magic charms, providing strength and some power to the wearer. Origin & History. What Metal & Gemstone Colours Look The Best On You - Nirwaana. Fashion has no rules!

What Metal & Gemstone Colours Look The Best On You - Nirwaana

Styling neither. What one can carry better than others, totally depends on one’s personal style. Anniversary Gemstones : A Complete Guide - Nirwaana. We all have known about birthstones.

Anniversary Gemstones : A Complete Guide - Nirwaana

But did you know there are specific gemstones to mark celebration of each anniversary milestone? Well yes, wedding anniversaries too have gemstones associated. Here we’ve compiled a list of ‘anniversary gemstones’ for each year. Next time you want to pick a gift for the wedding anniversary, make it super special! There is nothing is better than a gemstone jewelry, devoted to a particular anniversary.