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How to Photograph a Silhouette Portrait: 6 Steps. Silhouette Photography: 55 Beautiful & Stunning Examples. How to Create the Perfect Silhouette. Have you ever seen a silhouette of two people embracing each other on the beach and wondered how to translate it into a beautiful image?

How to Create the Perfect Silhouette

The romance of a silhouette is rarely matched. They are timeless and mysterious. These iconic images use the shape of a person, item or structure, devoid of details to create a simple but emotional photograph. Despite their simple structure, there are some technical and artistic techniques you can use to make the process easier and the end result better. Find shapes and distinct outlines: Human silhouettes are by nature lacking the details e.g. facial expressions and body language we as people use to infer meaning. Details on buildings and naturally occurring elements such as tree and mountains do the same thing. Equip yourself: You will need a camera that allows you to manually change the settings. I’d also recommend getting a tripod. Use spot metering: If your camera has the options to select your metering modes, select the spot metering option.

Simple Steps for Shooting Amazing Silhouettes. Silhouettes can be an excellent way to add drama to a scene.

Simple Steps for Shooting Amazing Silhouettes

The stark contrast and lack of detail in the subject infuse a psychological effect into the image that can be beautiful, mysterious, or even frightening. Today we'll look at a few suggestions to keep in mind the next time you set out to shoot some silhouettes. We'll also examine the settings used in some real-life amazing silhouette shots to see what we can learn from them.

(source) Before you consider the technical details and camera settings, you need to put some thought into your subject. Be wary of subjects that are overly blocky and/or obstructive such as boring buildings or simple sculptures. (source) One shot you see often is a "kissing silhouette" where two people are embracing and kissing but their faces overlap so much the resulting image is a little strange to look at. (source) (source) Obviously, silhouettes are all about backlighting. (source) (source) 14 Tips for Shooting Stunning Silhouettes. Check out these 14 tips to shooting stunning silhouettes!

14 Tips for Shooting Stunning Silhouettes

There’s something about a stunning silhouette photograph that grabs my attention and has me oohing and aahing every time. Maybe it’s the contrast of the dark and light. Tips for Shooting Killer Silhouette Photos. How to Shoot a Silhouette from Nikon. Expose for the background Whether the background is a colorful sunset, idyllic scene in a park, or stark white wall in a studio, you want to meter and correctly expose for the background, which will place your subject in shadow.

How to Shoot a Silhouette from Nikon

Digital cameras make it easier to successfully shoot silhouettes because you can see on the LCD exactly how the image looks, and adjust your exposure accordingly. If your camera has Active D-Lighting, make sure to turn it OFF because Active D-Lighting will try to force the camera to correctly expose for the subject that is in shadow. You can also use Exposure Bracketing to shoot a series of shots with varied exposures, and pick the best one. Where to place the focus The ideal spot to focus on is the subject, however since the subject of a silhouette is in little to no light, the camera may have difficulty locking on the focus. Use as small an aperture as possible, which will help ensure your subject is sharp. How to Photograph Silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps - dPS. I normally talk about the importance of using a flash when taking shots into the sun to give sufficient light to add features to your subject but there are also times when making your subject featureless apart from their outline against a bright background can be most effective – or when in other words silhouette is a worth exploring.

How to Photograph Silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps - dPS

Silhouettes are a wonderful way to convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood to the viewers of your photos and often stand out in an album because of the combination of their simplicity but also the story that they convey. I love them because they don’t give the viewer of a clear picture of everything but leave part of the image up to their imagination to wonder about. In doing this your subject will be under exposed (and very dark, if not black). Here’s how to do it: 1. Almost any object can be made into a silhouette, however some are better than others. 2. 3. 4. 5.

How to Photograph Silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps - dPS.