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Facebook’s imminent launch of the “Timeline” might imply the end of the classic profile photo hack we had so much fun with, but with the introduction of cover photos comes a whole new slew of possibilities for creative personal profiles. We showed you some retro video game inspired cover photo hacks last week, and have been collecting your timeline cover designs during the past few days. Here are our favorites so far. If you feel inspired, the dimensions for the ideal cover photo are 849 by 312 pixels (width x height), and 180 by 180 pixels for a profile picture (but keep in mind that this will be resized to 125 by 125). Please share your creations on our Awesome Profile Hacks page, and we might feature them on this site. An impressive cover photo design, right? 10 Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Hacks 10 Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Hacks
Home » Photos & tags Following the first Timeline cover photo hacks and creative Facebook Timeline covers, already here’s a third collection of screenshots showcasing what inventive Facebook users have been doing with their cover photos, even before the feature is officially live (expect that to happen tomorrow or the day after). If you want to be considered for inclusion in one of our next galleries, keep on submitting your cover photo hacks via our contact form or the Awesome Profile Hacks page on Facebook. DJ Spyder turned his Timeline cover into a turntable, complete with start/stop button 10 More Awesome Timeline Cover Photos 10 More Awesome Timeline Cover Photos