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A Fresh Approach to Remote IoT Connectivity - Podsystem M2M. As part of the Internet of Things North America conference in Chicago Illinois (April 13th – 14th 2016), Podsystem Inc.

A Fresh Approach to Remote IoT Connectivity - Podsystem M2M

CEO Sam Colley presented ‘A Fresh Approach to Remote IoT Connectivity’. Sam addressed the challenges faced by remote IoT applications developers and discussed ways of overcoming them. His presentation was based on an infographic which is available for download below. Alternatively, you can download the presentation with explanatory notes on each slide. Our infographic “A Fresh Approach to remote IoT Connectivity” has been designed to provide IoT applications developers – particularly those focused on remote, roaming and mission critical applications – with information and advice on connectivity options, device design and future-proofing to prolong the lifespan of the application and avoid costly mistakes.

Exponential growth of the IoT market, what factors have contributed to its growth? Why does the growth of the IoT require a fresh approach to connectivity? Preparing for the Year Ahead: Cyber Security Predictions for 2017. IoT Trends What to Look Out For. IoT is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and/or toother devices.

IoT Trends What to Look Out For

These devices not only include computers or laptops, but also smartphones, coffee machines, headphones, wearable tech devices, washing machines, and pretty much any other electronic device you can think of. Imagine a “smart” house where your refrigerator can send a heads up to your smartphone informing you that your milk’s about to go bad, or you’re about to run out of eggs. Imagine a “smart” house where you can tell your lamps and sound system to dim the lights and play some romantic tunes even before you and your date reach the front door.

The IoT may sound like something out of an episode of The Jetsons, but its first milestone actually dates back to the 1930s. In 1932, Jay B. Another sits night and day at our automatic refrigerator. The device was worn by Dick Tracy and other police force members as a wristwatch. 7 Ways to Protect Your IT Infrastructure from a Data Breach. By Tech TrendsKE, September 14, 2016 Succumbing to cyber attacks can hurt your brand image.

7 Ways to Protect Your IT Infrastructure from a Data Breach

Fortunately, there are many techniques to infiltrate your systems such as having an IT security and audit check. Consumers allow you to connect with them in more ways than one whenever they provide you sensitive information like name, email address, birthday, and mobile number. The First Five Steps Every Business Should Take After a Data Breach. 10 Essential Takeaways in Cybersecurity Trends for 2016. 10 Essential Takeaways in Cybersecurity Trends for 2016. How Do You Trust Your Bank’s Security System? 5 IT Security Lessons from the Comelec Data Breach. Hospital IT Security: Keeping Your Patient and Data Safe. 5 Vital Network Infrastructure Mistakes to Avoid. 15 Things You Didn’t Know Could be Hacked. The CEO’s Guide to Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Partner. 5 Innocent Mistakes That Cause an IT Security Breach. Security breaches, also known as a safety violation, occur when a person or application illegally enters a confidential IT border.

5 Innocent Mistakes That Cause an IT Security Breach

This could result in the hacking of unauthorized data, services, networks and applications that are highly critical. Breaches can also cause bankruptcy and destroy a company’s reputation, which is why most businesses hire an IT solutions company. However, not all security breaches are intentional; mistakes can trigger a security violation, as well, and without any warning. The Top 3 Weaknesses of Datacenter Security. The C-Suite’s Guide for Better Datacenter Security. What Every CEO Needs to Know about Fault Tolerance. IT Security: What Businesses Can Learn from CSI. The True Cost of a Data Breach (so Far) Anatomy of a Data Breach: The Business Guide to an Internal Attack. AIM Corporate Solutions Nabs Spot in 25 Most Promising IT Services Companies in 2015. New Year’s Resolutions Leaders Should Make in Outsourcing IT. 2016 IT Security Predictions that Every CISO Should Consider. How to Create an IT Security Roadmap. Web App Hacking Techniques Every CEO Should Know.

Top Security Breach Cases of 2015. How to Build a Multi-Layered Security for Your IT Infrastructure. Spooky IT Security Threats of 2015. Talent or Technology: The Best Solution Against Security Breach. IT Security: What Businesses Can Learn from CSI. 4 Ways to Reduce Security Risks When Outsourcing IT Support. Just How Important Data Security is to Enterprises. Data security is critical for most businesses.

Just How Important Data Security is to Enterprises

Data can be any type of information from personal files, such as client information and bank account details, to intellectual property like market analytics and other data that must be kept top secret. These are information that are hard to replace and can be dangerous to the business if they are lost or if they fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, over the years, many businesses have fallen prey to data loss, whether they were caused by disasters, security breaches, accidents or system failures. A lot of them were due to cyberattacks. In fact, according to the 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report, 70% of organizations surveyed report having been compromised by successful cyberattacks in 2014.

Despite many organizations’ efforts to prevent data loss and data breach, doing so still presents many challenges as attackers get better and faster at what they are doing. Here are five reasons why. Regulatory Requirements Financial Loss Prevention. The First 5 Steps You Should Do During a Cyberattack. How to Ensure Data Lakes Success. In terms of today's enterprise data management services, a shift is now happening from the traditionally popular data warehouses to the less structured data lakes.

How to Ensure Data Lakes Success

Top 4 Guiding Principles in Outsourcing Infrastructure Management. The IT Checklist to Prevent Data Breach.