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Create A Healthy Glow With Gentle Exfoliation - Vine Vera. You’re exfoliating for the first time.

Create A Healthy Glow With Gentle Exfoliation - Vine Vera

The devil inside you says, “Wow, this is great. It looks like I took off about ten years in two minutes. I should do this every day. At this rate, I will look 18 by the end of the week.” The angel says,”No way, this exfoliation rough stuff. Exfoliation can be very gratifying, but as with all other things, there can be too much of a good thing and the key is finding that happy medium. Rules of Exfoliation Give Priority to Rough Skin PatchesIf you begin to see rough patches, you should follow the advice of Ole Henriksen, the founder of the eponymous skincare brand. The Sweet Life Done Right. I love this photo of @JessArnaudin‘s friend’s homemade jam and fig bars!

The Sweet Life Done Right

One shouldn’t overdo the sweets, but what’s life without an occasional treat? 6 Ways to Spot an Authentic Louis Vuitton [With Photos] Sun Exposure Tips For Triathletes. Athletes pay attention to the quality and safety of their gear Besides sparing you a nasty burn, sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer.

Sun Exposure Tips For Triathletes

If you think about that, sunscreen is as life-saving as your helmet. Put as much attention into your sunscreen as you do the rest of your safety gear. #sunscreenissportgear by Miguel Feuermann Unless you decide to do an indoor triathlon (there are some), it is guaranteed that you will spend a large amount of time outdoors training and during the race itself. How To Manage Rosacea. Rosacea has a “complex, multifactorial pathophysiology”* with causes including skin barrier dysfunction (leading to skin sensitivity), photo-damage, excessive pro-inflammatories, and Demodex folliculorum.

How To Manage Rosacea

Management requires education, prevention (a patch test can be invaluable here, as can sun avoidance and a daily indoor-outdoor sun and light screen), proper skin care, and, in some cases, medication.* A reliable method for managing the condition includes the following steps: Many skin conditions can look similar and even experts are known to mistake one disease for another. See a dermatologist, and ideally one who specializes in rosacea. Due to the condition’s trans-epidermal water loss and barrier dysfunction, skin with rosacea can be sensitive. The Bride With A Zillion Allergies. By The Allergista Photography: Curtis Lehmkuhl There once was a girl who watched wedding television shows endlessly.

The Bride With A Zillion Allergies

She dreamed of lace, pearls, diamonds and trying on dress after dress after dress until ultimately the perfect one brought her to tears. Flowers, diamonds and fresh linens danced through her head, and every imaginable moment was bursting with love and glitter…fast forward to me sitting in a conference room on my lunch break, practically getting hung up on by a bridal shop employee. She didn’t want to take the time to think of options for navigating around my polyester allergy. TIPS FROM VMV EXPERTS: SUMMER SKIN TIPS. By HOLLY BYERLY Holly is our senior esthetician, in charge of VMV’s international spa treatment development, and your skin’s biggest advocate!


Experience her “skinsightful” care at VMV Skin-Specialist Boutique at 227 Mott Street New York, NY 10012‏, or call 212 226 7309. Many of us rely on the SPF that we apply in the morning or think that the SPF in our makeup is enough. Sunscreen does wear, wash and rub off. Reapply every hour or two, and after swimming or toweling off. Surround yourself with positive people, positive energy and positive summertime experiences. Much of our skin’s premature aging can happen over the summer. Scared To Try Something New? Start With…Lipstick! CC is part of the VMV family (our founding physician's younger daughter) who runs VMV Hypoallergenics in North America.

Scared To Try Something New? Start With…Lipstick!

I’ve been wanting to be better at trying new things. But being “better” is a really vague statement so I thought I needed something specific that I could do regularly, that pushed me a little each day. I wanted to start with something small and simple…but not too small. If I wanted to be pushed, I needed something with impact. Acne/Infection: I Have a Very Large/Painful Bump. What To Do? STAPH OR ZIT?

Acne/Infection: I Have a Very Large/Painful Bump. What To Do?

Q: I have an unusually large/painful pimple. What to do? A: See a doctor now.It could be a pimple or cyst, but it could also be infected by staphylococcus aureous, a common but potentially nasty bacteria anyone can pick up. Left alone, the infection can run rabid and land you in the hospital on an IV drip of medications. 3 Reasons Why A Facial Makes You A Better Person. Can Something So Delicious Be Good For You?

3 Reasons Why A Facial Makes You A Better Person

If you break down what really goes on during a facial, the answer is a resounding, YES! We normally think of spas as pure indulgence…which sounds wonderful but also like a waste of time. Relaxation is down time, but it is anything but a waste of time. Patch Test: What Is It and Should I Get One? A patch test is a simple, painless procedure that basically involves: Placing a small dollop of select ingredients and other substances such as the most common allergens on a grid (usually made of paper) that is then applied to your back and taped in place.You go home and about your normal business, taking care not to perspire too profusely or to get the patches wet when showering, until you have to come in for your readings.Readings are done by your doctor.

Patch Test: What Is It and Should I Get One?

A “reading” means the doctor opens the patches and “reads” (observes and records) any reactions. Normally, a reading is done at 48 hours and a final reading at 96 hours.The patch test shows your responses to different ingredients, including allergic responses and irritant responses. You can ask your dermatologist to include a specific product that you’re interested in (or that you think may be causing the problem) in your patch test. Make Up For Past Mistakes. Clockwise from top left: Lip Gloss in Tango; Skin Bloom Blush in Bellini; Velvet Matte Lipstick in Va-Va-Voom! ; Two True Hues Eyeshadow in Rock Star. Forget the hot mess that hurt you. This gorgeous is actually good for you! Tying It “Oil” Together: Our clinically-published, coconut-derived monolaurin is in all VMV Hypoallergenics products. Our blush, eyeshadows and lipsticks have our organic virgin coconut oil, too. Are All Coconut Oils The Same? Like all foods and most cosmetic ingredients, there are differences between coconut oils.

The cheapest type of coconut oil. While less beneficial than less processed oils, it is one of the best oils for food and cooking. RBD coconut oil is refined, bleached and deodorized. Refined means more processed: coconuts are left out in the sun or put in ovens to dry, then sent to a refinery for oil extraction with heat and/or chemicals. Bleaching: think white rice, white sugar and white pasta.

How To Look Good? BE Good. One of the biggest reasons our models are friends and fans...we know their goodness shines through! We all age. That’s just what living organisms do. But what more and more research is showing is that we can affect how we age — how quickly, how severely, how visibly. We know, for example, that even if you have diabetes in the family, improved nutrition, careful monitoring and daily exercising may keep you from developing it yourself.

Best Makeover Ever: Get Happy! Negativity Is Bad For You Millions of grandmothers used to say, stop frowning or your face will freeze that way. Despite millions of eye rolls in return, it turns out they were right. Your Makeup Brushes Could Be Causing Your Acne. 1. …that bristles can cause bothers & bumps? Reactions can happen when your skin comes into contact with something that irritates it, such as with common allergens like parabens, lavender, tea tree oil, lemon, etc. Virgin Coconut Oil-Over Wellbeing: Better Skin and Nutrition. Wake Me Up Before You “Coco” Cocktail. Signature VMV Cocktail. Dry Skin: Choosing A Moisturizer, VCO As A Moisturizer. Why does skin become dry? 6 Steps To Survive Party Season Like an A-Lister. Holiday Beaut Camp: Office to Party. OFFICE TO PARTY in 5, as seen here on Marie-Julie of our Global Markets Division: Sweet Potato & Coconut-Caramel Crisps. Atopic Skin On Holiday. Age LESS: Six Things To Do Now To Stay Younger, Longer.

2.0: Eat Good Things — because... Multi-Beneficial Foods Fuel Youth. Between brain-building protein, good microbes and healthy weight regulation, yogurt looks like a lifetime food standard — opt for unsweetened and full-fat as most flavored and low-fat options have hidden sugars and more stuff you don't want. Add fresh fruits or coconut sugar if you can't do plain. Even more of a multi-tasking youth promoter (Lena Dunham famously called it the James Franco of oils): virgin coconut oil. Several studies tout its benefits for everything from heart health to brain function and cellular regeneration. Healthy oils also come from fish and nuts. “Skinside-Out” Health: Coconut Holiday Dessert & Cocktail Recipes! Wonderful Coconut-Based Concoctions. We’re loco for coco. Pure Polish: Get This Look. One In Four Is Allergic to Common Skin Care And Cosmetic Ingredients.

Shining The Light On What Causes Dark Spots & Blotches. Guess The Allergen…Can You Tell? Is Natural Hypoallergenic? The Answer May Surprise You (But Shouldn’t) OIL PULLING. My Dermatologist Has X-Ray Vision. 5 Steps To Influence How Your Skin Ages. Underneath It All…Is Great Skin! What Skincare and Cosmetics Can I Use if I’m Undergoing Chemotherapy? Eczema, Psoriasis, Skin in Cancer Therapy & Other “Skintensive” Care. My Happiness Inventory of 5. Skin Cancer Is No “S-Mole” Matter: Trust The Experts. From Belly To Prom: Skincare For Kids. Summer Skin Tips: Calm, Cool Protected! Sun Safety: Prevent, Protect, Detect! Lip Service: 8 Ways To Pamper Your Pout. Which Comes First, The Toner Or The Lotion? How To Apply Skincare In The Right Order. Is It Better To Use As Many Actives As Possible?

Skin Is In! Mandelic Acid: Your Skin’s Superfood? Phone, Keys, Wallet…Sunscreen! Don’t Leave Home Without It. Steroids: Not For Long-Term Use. HELP! I’m Burnt To A Crisp: 10 Things To Do After A Bad Sunburn. Underarm: Lightening, Darkening, Itching, Redness. Don’t Let Skin Problems Get In The Way Of Working Out. SUN & LIGHT TIPS: Top 10. 10-Minute Pilates + Barre Work Out. Bring Skin To Bare: Clear Acne & Bumps on Face & Body. VMV Inskin » » 7 Steps To Sublime Summer Skin. Skin Cancer Has No Season. Hair Loss: Common Causes. The “Wax” Of My Tears. Lightening, Brightening, Whitening: What’s What? VMV Inskin » » Instantly Expand Your Lip Wardrobe & Lift Your Mood with Colorblocking! Is Virgin Coconut Oil Comedogenic? 5 Skincare Cult Faves You Need at a Music Festival. Makeup That’s Skin Friendly and Even Skin Enhancing. How to Stick to your New SKIN Resolutions?

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: What Skin Care Products Can I Use While Pregnant or Nursing? Insect Bites: 1st Aid, Itching, Inflammation, Allergies, Reactions, Treatment, Dark Spots. Fight Aging, “Skinside-Out” How To Safely Exfoliate Your Lips.