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Best Turnkey Ice cream Plants By Goma Engineering. Ice-cream – an instant mood-lifter and happiness creator since so many years. Ice-cream has become an inseparable part of grocery lists in many new-age homes. It is one of the important eatables that can’t be separated from the post-meal desserts and celebrations. It is not just about the summers, but now ice-creams are top-selling items in other seasons as well. It is an important part of the dairy industry. To offer more to the consumers, ice-cream manufacturers are in a constant search of innovations and new techniques to make the product even more interesting and to increase the production as well. We are the leading manufacturer of turnkey plant for ice-cream providing the best engineering solution with formulation of the product for start-ups with the help of our well-qualified and experienced product technologists who work closely for customer satisfaction.

The specialty about our ice-cream plant is that it works on a semi-automated system. Pasteurizing: Homogenizing: Cooling: Aseptic Processing of Fruit / Vegetables Juices, Pulps, & Concentrates by Goma Engineering. Aseptic processing is a technique where sterilized products (mostly food) are packed into other sterilized containers under sterile conditions so that the shelf life of the product is increased and they need not to be refrigerated.

This process comprises sterilization of the product and the package separately, followed by filling the pre-sterilized product into the pre-sterilized package and closing (hermetically sealing) the latter in a sterile chamber under sterile conditions. Packaging material is generally sterilized using chemical sterilant like hydrogen peroxide, while food is sterilized thermally at relatively higher temperatures for very much shorter periods, thereby aiding in the preservation of nutritive value and sensory quality of the product much better than in (canning)Fruit pulps/purees. In foods with a pH above 4.6, the growth of spores is not inhibited. Advantages of Aseptic Processing. Paneer manufacturing process and GOMA expertise. Paneer – also called Cottage cheese in English is one of the most important dairy product in Indian and used widely as an ingredient in the North Indian vegetarian cuisine – because of the abundance of dairy and dairy products.

It is a type of cheese that has a sweet taste and matches the Indian palette perfectly and many Indian dishes are famous in the world with Paneer as a main ingredient. An interesting thing to note here is about the consumption – Paneer consumption is growing in India by at 10-12 % each year. Not just in India, but Paneer is famous in many Asia Pacific countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. However, the production is now spreading throughout the world, i.e, even though the cheese manufacturing is widely famous in other parts of the western world, manufacturing cottage cheese, i.e. Paneer is a recent phenomenon.

There are several reasons for the growing demand of paneer and its consumption. What is GOMA expertise in Paneer manufacturing? Sanitary Pumps Designed by Goma Engineering. Plants For Fruit Pulp Processing By Goma Engineering. Quality Hydro Test Pumps Supplied by Goma Engineering. Goma supplies High Pressure Hydro test pumps & systems for pressure testing of pipes, reactors, valves, boilers, vessels and cross country pipeline etc. The Hydro test pump unit comes along with a high pressure reciprocating single acting triplex pump either piston or plunger type, which is electric motor /engine driven. It comprises of suction & Discharge piping /hoses, booster pump, suction tank, variety of outlet header, digital stroke counter, pressure switches and various other testing accessories to meet customer’s requirement. The complete pump system is mounted on either trolley /trailer /offshore skid / base plate depending on the application & customer’s requirement.

Maximum working pressure: 1500 Kg/cm²Maximum Discharge flow rate: 400 LPM Normally the higher pressure & lower flow rate pumps are used for testing of valves, tubes, small vessels etc. and for testing of cross country pipeline, boilers, big vessels, higher flow rate with comparatively less pressure is used. High pressure homogenizer manufacturers in India. Best in the Class Cup Sealing Machines Manufacturers in India. High Pressure Reciprocating Pumps by Goma Engineering. Goma High pressure reciprocating pumps & high pressure accessories find applications such as high pressure cleaning, cutting by high pressure waterjets, removal of scales, or descaling of iron & steel, hydro testing, spraying of waterjets, reverse osmosis, transfer of crude oil, chemicals etc. We offer customized solutions for our product and design & manufacture equipment accordingly. We have supplied over 500 High Pressure Pump Units all over India and also exported to USA, Russia, Australia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and many more.

Goma manufactures a wide range (over 100 models) of High Pressure Pumps to choose from, each customized for customer specific requirements. The present ranges of High Pressure pumps are upto 1000 HP (750 KW); pressures upto 20000 PSI (1400 kg /cm2); and flow rates upto 1000 GPM (4000 LPM). The High Pressure Reciprocating Pump Unit comprises of: