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Sanitary Pumps Designed by Goma Engineering. Plants For Fruit Pulp Processing By Goma Engineering. Quality Hydro Test Pumps Supplied by Goma Engineering. Goma supplies High Pressure Hydro test pumps & systems for pressure testing of pipes, reactors, valves, boilers, vessels and cross country pipeline etc.

Quality Hydro Test Pumps Supplied by Goma Engineering

The Hydro test pump unit comes along with a high pressure reciprocating single acting triplex pump either piston or plunger type, which is electric motor /engine driven. It comprises of suction & Discharge piping /hoses, booster pump, suction tank, variety of outlet header, digital stroke counter, pressure switches and various other testing accessories to meet customer’s requirement. The complete pump system is mounted on either trolley /trailer /offshore skid / base plate depending on the application & customer’s requirement. Maximum working pressure: 1500 Kg/cm²Maximum Discharge flow rate: 400 LPM Normally the higher pressure & lower flow rate pumps are used for testing of valves, tubes, small vessels etc. and for testing of cross country pipeline, boilers, big vessels, higher flow rate with comparatively less pressure is used.

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SEO Services in Mumbai By Impulse Digital

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