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Picture. Water Balloon Luminaries. How to: Bottle cap candles » Beer. We saw these crafty bottle-cap candles scattered around the spread at a beer dinner and couldn’t resist attempting to make a stash for ourselves.

How to: Bottle cap candles » Beer

Luckily, the process is even simpler than drinking your way through the bottles. Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial. I love summer and I love that I finally have a backyard to have parties in!

Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial

I made these tin can lanterns for a 4th of July party and they looked so lovely that I thought I would write a tutorial to share with you all. So follow the tutorial below to get started making your own lanterns for your own outdoor summer party! Materials: recycled tin cans hammer nail bailing wire pliers spray paint ( I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint) tea light candle Step 1: Remove labels and glue from the cans.

I've found WD-40 to be very helpful with removing the glue. Step 2: Fill cans with water and stick them in the freezer. Step 3: Take your frozen can out of the freezer. Step 4: Make your design. Step 5: Once your design is all finished, let the ice melt out of the can and dry it out. Step 6: Upon turning the can over, you'll notice a big bulge in the bottom. Step 7: Time to make a handle. Step 8: Twist the hook around to secure it. Radical possibility: Easy Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers. Thank you all so much for such amazing feedback and for helping this project circulate all over the internet!

radical possibility: Easy Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers

My cups have held up pretty well due to not being used too often (they are currently just holding bobby pins in my bathroom) but several readers said after a little wear and tear, the paint comes off. Other readers have found that using paint specifically for glass leads to a much longer life! In the comments, readers have specifically stated that Martha Stewart Paints and DecoArt paints have lasted the best. I have used both, and love them both! The process of making them will remain the same, but these products should help prolong the life of your glassware. xo, z Here's the thing about Anthropologie; everything is gorgeous. Let the knockoff begin! The internet taught me that I can use acrylic paint on glass as long as I seal it afterwards, so thats what we are going to do here. Fourth of July Star Jars.

These transformed mason jars are a fun way to both decorate an outdoor table for a 4th of July celebration or a safe way to entertain the kids during fireworks.

Fourth of July Star Jars

Red spray paint Mason Jars Star stickers Newspaper Scatter star stickers onto the mason jar, make sure they’re stuck on very tight Screw on the mason jar lid and cap and place on top of a table covered in newspaper in a well ventilated area Spray with the paint from a nice distance around the entire jar until it’s coated well but without drips. Wait at least a couple hours for the jar to dry and carefully peel off the star stickers. {diy} yarn wrapped painted jars. Have & Make: Glitter and Glow. Who doesn’t love a little glitter in their lives?

Have & Make: Glitter and Glow

Add in the glow of a candle, and you’re all set. This glitter candle was probably the easiest Have & Make yet. Spray the inside of a small vase or candle holder with spray adhesive, sprinkle and shake around with glitter until the surface area of the vase is completely covered. I would recommend using the larger flakes of glitter as opposed to the very fine powdery variety – you get more impact of the shimmering flakes through the glass than you would with the latter. DIY cut-paper candle holders.

I experimented with cutting some paper the other night and made these bumpy candle holder wraps.

DIY cut-paper candle holders

I trimmed some sheets of computer paper to sizes that would fit around the glass containers I have. Then with an X-acto knife, I cut a billion different-sized U shapes into the paper and bent the little flaps over so they stuck out. Double-stick tape secured the wraps. Kind of an interesting texture. DIY Ice Candles Tutorial. Posted on February 15, 2012 by Christina Fire + ice.

DIY Ice Candles Tutorial

Nothing brings the two together more beautifully than ice candles. Celebrations: embellished spring candles. I was trying out some different techniques to embellish candles and came up with three different looks.

Celebrations: embellished spring candles

{left} Mod Podge Doily Candle {middle} Cork Pad Candle {right} Tissue Paper Confetti Candle The doily candle is very simple to make. DIY Valentine's Day Candle Votive. Hi friends!

DIY Valentine's Day Candle Votive

I wanted to share these super easy candle votives I made in like 2 seconds this weekend. It involved basically finding whatever craft supplies I had lying around the house (doilies, yarn, twine) and wrapping them around some glass jars. They create some really pretty romantic light. (Perfect for Valentine's Day, wink wink!) Lace candle holder. I love candles and candle holders.

Lace candle holder

They are what you call in Dutch ‘gezellig’ (cosy). The simple glass ones are really cheap and you can find a lot of them in thrift stores. These lace candle holders are made with those candle holders but you can use small drink glasses for this project to! The full instruction continues after the jump . . . What you need - Glass candle holder - Lace fabric - Mod Podge - Brush - Scissors - Measuring tape. Etsy Russian Team. Today I'll show you how to make an interesting yet simple decorative candle. You can give it as a gift, use it to decorate your home or find any other suitable use for it.

Luminous Leaf Lanterns. Making this lantern was a bit of an experiment. I wasn't quite sure if it would work but when I imagined the glow of a candle through a kaleidoscope of fall leaves...I just had to try it! If you want to create these too, it is so SIMPLE! First collect some vibrant leaves (we gathered from the sumac tree ~ glowing red right now in our backyard) and press them. Elegant ‘tin can’ tea light holder. 1) Who said baked beans and a naked flame don’t mix… 2) …hey, don’t get too close (just in case). For this week’s craft I’ve rested my son’s felt-tip pens and pursued one of my other passions, creating beautiful things out of junk – in this case an elegant tea light holder made from an empty tin of Heinz Baked Beans (the beans on toast were pretty good as well).

DIY Sparkly Tablescape. We’ve partnered with Hey Look to share how you can create a gorgeous and unique table setting for your next at home dinner party! This table is glitter-tastic with a sparkly menu, place cards, napkin rings, and votives. With this simple technique you can embellish place cards, the dinner menu and all sorts of other goodies (glitter stripes on gift wrapping would be lovely). Simply apply spray glue or double-sided tape to desired object, and sprinkle with glitter. Check out Hey Look’s blog for other inspiring DIY ideas and much more. GardenMama: .: Frosted Votive Centerpiece~Tutorial :. While the house is cozy and warm we pull back the curtains in search of the morning sun.

To our delight we find our old friend Jack Frost has paid us a visit and left behind his lovely artwork on the newly-frosted windows! With Christmas drawing near, we wish to bring cheer to all of our family and friends who may visit! Vintage Votives. Candles%20web.