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Make a Rolled Paper Wreath. Home » $1 and Free, cheap crafts, Decor, Headline, High Concept 21 May 2009 54,129 views 10 Comments by heather This wreath is colorful and stunning, and made of recycled magazine pages!

Make a Rolled Paper Wreath

Looks like it would be a fun project to do while you're watching some guilty-pleasure TV shows. This is a fun modern art accent, but would also be pretty as a frame for a photo, child's art, or a mirror. Wrap the paper around a pencil or other long skinny item. Project Estimate: Magazine or catalog pages, on handWire, $1Thread, $1 or on handPencil, on hand.

Untitled. *This tutorial was originally posted over on Living with Punks!


She’s doing a Scrap Your Stash series right now and there have been some awesome tutorials using scraps, with many more to come! I think I may be in love with these adorable little key chains. So much in love that I made a bunch with no plans for them. After all, I don’t need 7 key chains…but I have friends and family who do! Whether they know that or not. lol. Anyways, thanks so much to Susan for asking me to participate in her Scrap Your Stash series, I love using up scraps in fun ways, so it was so fun for me to think up a new project!

These little key chains are perfect for showcasing your favorite scrap of fabric, or embellishing with button flowers, felt monograms, or whatever you can dream up! AT Europe: Paris - Valérie Boy at Salon Maison et Objet. It was love at first sight.

AT Europe: Paris - Valérie Boy at Salon Maison et Objet

Tennis Ball Helper « Do It And How. MAGIC Decal Transfer Tutorial with Free Printables! Amongst other things, I mentioned how wonderful they are for creating custom embellishments without the need for any fancy pants equipment. Yep, waterslide decal paper is a truly fab product, though as great as it is, there is one drawback – although it’s somewhat tough it’s not especially durable. So, whilst it’s perfect for ornamental purposes, it’s not ideal for more practical applications….until now that is!

Magic decal coating paper is a product designed to be used in conjunction with standard decal paper to make the finished transfers durable – yes, even dishwasher resistant! If you’re already familiar with magic decal coating paper then please excuse my tardy excitement, though for everyone else who is just getting to the party now too, feel free to start throwing the streamers! DIY Home Décor: The Light Bulb Vase. This week we’re sharing some of the blog’s greatest hits!

DIY Home Décor: The Light Bulb Vase

These are some of our most loved posts by you, our amazing readers. Don’t throw away those old light bulbs just yet! I have a fun, easy DIY for you that will brighten up your home decor or workspace :) This DIY is very simple, but it requires working with glass so you definitely need to be careful! Sjoesjoe likes lovely things!: Instant comfort.

Some days... you just need a little bit of consolation. These little 'cheer up' pocket boxes are made by Kim Welling, illustrator and designer from the Netherlands. Pull this little handmade treasure out of your pocket and you'll feel better for sure. Or try it out yourself... with some match boxes and paper you can make your little fantasy worlds too. Scrapbook paper « Suburban Experiment. This is a quick and easy project if you’re looking to spice up a room without a lot of money or commitment. We’re in the process of transforming all of our boring, white/cream outlet covers, which really don’t match the paint anyway, into something more fun. We’re not afraid of color, so some of our paint is pretty intense, and the boring outlets really stood out as an ugly sore thumb.

More pinkalicious fun: balloon flowers. I saw these balloon flowers on another blog and fell in love with them!

more pinkalicious fun: balloon flowers

I knew I had to have them for Ella's party. There were no instructions, so I asked my friend, Mr. Google, for help. As usual he came through. 【DIY超有型的鞋架】 做一个简单好看又节约空…_来自徐颖Peach的图片分享. Wall art. Soctopus soft toy by HelloClementine. Socktopuses. DIY Father’s Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes. A little while back, I was brainstorming Father’s Day craft ideas, and I had one of those “a-ha” moments.

DIY Father’s Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes

Don’t you just love those? Lego on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace. How to Make a Toothbrush Bracelet. It seems that I'm into things made of household items-- from fork bracelets to pushpin shoes, there's a trend there. ;) What you need to make a toothbrush bracelet: ♥Toothbrush ♥Pliers ♥Pot and stove The first thing you need to do is put the toothbrush in boiling water.

How to Make a Toothbrush Bracelet

Welcome to SaiFou – Inspiring images. {Valentines day} pixelated popup card. I‘ve been scratching my head trying to come up with a card for my hubby {AKA the non-romantic type}.

{Valentines day} pixelated popup card

I finally decided to make this pixely popup heart card! They are really minimal (which I love) and take about 20 minutes to make (that includes the card, insert and envelope). You can even make some pixely confetti to put inside the card (if you are a big kid like me!). Sewing Machine Pin Cushion. I have had this idea rolling around in my head for quite some time and I finally found the time to make it.

I want to show you how to make a super easy pin cushion that attaches right to your sewing machine. If you are like me, you always pin your fabric before sewing to make sure it won't slip or bunch as you sew. Well, I never had a convenient place to put a pin cushion so I could quickly remove the pins right before the needle went over them. I was always fiddling with the magnet 'pin cushions' and trying to get them as close to the machine as possible so I could quickly drop the pins and not loose my spot sewing.

So here is my solution...a quick tutorial on how to make a pin cushion to fit your machine that will tie right onto the arm of the machine and keep your pins close at hand. Supplies you'll need: -scrap pieces of fabric. Deck of cards = awesome, easy, romantic gift! - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS. I actually made this for my honey for our anniversary a couple of years ago, but with Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I'd share.

Deck of cards = awesome, easy, romantic gift! - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS

This is so easy to make, but it has a lot of impact -- who wouldn't love to get this? Round 1 Projects - Time to VOTE!!! I hope you guys are as excited as I am to have the competition under way. Round 1 projects were Dollar/Thrift Store, and our contestants came up with some fantastic things. You are allowed to choose three projects to vote for, so scroll through all of them, and place your vote at the bottom of this post. Voting will be open until Tuesday, January 25th @ 10 pm MST. Good luck everyone! Project #1 - PB Knock-Off Paneled MirrorI headed to the Dollar Tree and completely cleared them out of their little rectangle With my supply list set, I got to work.Placing, making cuts with the saw, gluing. Lego Storage Jar, DIY Craft and books.

I created these Lego head storage jars out of recycled baby food jars.

Lego Storage Jar, DIY Craft and books

I had saved a month's worth of jars and knew I could use them for some type of craft. Their shape reminded me of Lego mini figure heads so I spray painted the jars all yellow to make these fun and functional Lego storage jars. Homemade Decoupage Medium!!! Frugal Friday - Spray Painted Beans. Tips to Simplfy, Beautify, Delight: How to Make a Sponge Ball for Summer Water Fun! DIY Confetti Favors: Ridiculously Cute + Easy! Posted May 23, 2012 | 2 Comments. *Rook No. 17: recipes, crafts & creative nesting*: Repurposed Light Bulb Hot Air Balloon DIY. Incandescent light bulbs have lit the world since the late 1800s, and for just as long a light bulb's journey has ultimately led to the waste bin. Every year, Americans throw away more than a billion of these miraculous little orbs of glass, inert gas and tungsten filament.

Make Your Own Rubber Stamps! We ♥ Nurses Cupcake Toppers. Mad in crafts: PB Fall Knockoffs - Book Page Leaves. Once again I am loving the gorgeous seasonal decor for sale at Pottery Barn, but there is no way I am willing to spend that much money. Even though it is lovely. Really. So, like usual, I brainstormed a few ways to use bargain priced items to replicate their ideas as best I can.

Girl Power: Paper Butterfly Wall Decor (PB Inspired) All wrapped up: DIY fabric label tutorials. Octopus Anime Cosplay Hat by ~kawaiibuddies on deviantART. All things made by Kelly. Guest Blogger - A to Zebra Celebrations - Rose Ball Tutorial! Ruler Growth Chart - I'm Topsy Turvy. Free Compliments. PBK {knockoff} Wall Decor. There is a will...there is a way! Every Creative Endeavor: Knock-off Rope Bowl {Tutorial}

Gunny Sack Youngsters: Yarn Bowl. Guest Blogger - The Crafty Scientist - Microbead Pendants. Make your own Dimensional Magic bead rings. Elegant Half Up. Guest Blogger - Teal and Lime - Quatrefoil Drum Lamp. DIY Faux Bois Vases. Pine Cone Garland Tutorial. DIY Bakers Twine. Origamibollar & min tapetsamling. More Useful Tips. 6-in-1 Block Photo/Word Puzzle Tutorial » SHYbyDESIGN. Easter Egg Garland » Crafty Endeavor. I even made a bowl out of twine! Mag Ruffman: DIY Chalkboard Paint. DIY Tutorial: Perforated Modern Save the Date {Craft Ideas.

DIY Tutorial: Mod Podge Tile Coasters. Does PINTEREST KNOW EVERYTHING? PAPERFASHION. By-Your-Side Ironing Board. Ruffles 2012 guest: a lemon squeezy home. Hunger Games Love Quote Sign in Barnwood ~ * THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE (DIY, Home Decor, Crafts, Farmhouse) Untitled. Untitled. Sushi Chopstick Sleeve Tutorial. DIY Pomander « In La La Land. Partycraft Secrets: DIY Decorated Chopsticks. Tool Time Tuesday...Magnetic Business Card To Bookmark. MODKIDBOUTIQUE. Flower Girl Hair Clips · DIY Weddings. Super easy fabric scrap mousepad tutorial. Door Draft Stopper. *Rook No. 17: recipes, crafts & creative nesting*: SOCK UPCYCLE GIFT TUTORIAL: How to Make Play Donuts from Kids' Socks.

Warm Fuzzy Craft. Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Craft. Personalized Clothespin Magnet Craft. 100 Homemade Gift Ideas. Birthday Party: Craft Ideas for Birthday Party - Birthday Activities - Recycled Old Book into a Laptop Case DIY. GFG guest tutorial- skateboard sling by the boy trifecta. Button Ornaments - Martha Stewart Holiday & Seasonal Crafts.

Moda's Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Ironing Board Cover - Sew4Home. Baby Week: Card Keepsake Project - Design Editor. Trick or treat? PB&Jstories: USA Pallet Map - Boy's Room Decor. An Old Garden Rake, repurposed... DIY Idea, Lavender Pyramids. How to make an iPod/MP3 player holder for exercising in 5 steps and 15 mins. Moda country fair - comfortstitching. Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Animals - "A Color of His Own" Activity. Tutorial: snake book « Sarah Nielsen. Mini Top Hat Ornament tutorial - Fleece Fun. Felt Ogee Ornament Tutorial. Hi-Fiber Kits » Tutorials. Caterpillar eyeglass case tutorial. Chalkboard Flower Pot Spoon Markers. C.R.A.F.T.: C.R.A.F.T. # 72: Drawer Organizer. Pretty and practical poolside pallets.

Tutorial: Sew a business card holder.