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Dan MacMillan and Kieron Livingstone’s Zoltar The Magnificent is an extensive look at British eccentricity. The book celebrates ten years of Project Zoltar, a multi-platform creative collective that has seen collaborations with the likes of Nike, Bella Freud and Anita Pallenberg. Project Zoltar looks to marry the worlds of art and fashion and continually strives to challenge the status quo with ever-changing showcases of guerrilla artwork.

Industrie Magazine

Industrie Magazine


NYLON MAGAZINE fashion coachella tested, rockstar approved. music five songs, five awesome ways to have a great weekend. beauty achieve bed head hair that kate moss would be proud of with bumble and bumble's newest product! film vampires never looked this good. music a festivus playlist for the rest of us. fashion shop the actress' capsule collection with tommy hilfiger. culture watch lorde cover nirvana! fashion it all started with emma roberts. fashion enter to win these floral skinnies here! radar hanging out with the walking dead's emily kinney.

Marie Claire

Numéro, le magazine international de mode
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Acne Paper » Issue Nº 12 / The Youth Issue / Summer 2011