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Expressions in Adobe After Effects 6. Intro With After Effects 6.0, Adobe has introduced some wonderful new functionality to the world of expressions.

Expressions in Adobe After Effects 6

Most of this is the result of spectacular new features that have been added to After Effects that were not necessarily aimed at expressions but nonetheless dramatically increase the power available to the expression writer. There have also been a few changes and enhancements to the expression language itself. New Syntax First let's take a look at some of the changes to the expressions implementation. Wiggle Enhancement wiggle() is now affected by seedRandom(), so if you're not happy with the values you're getting from wiggle() you can precede it with a call to seedRandom() and you will get different results for each seed.

SeedRandom(13); wiggle(3,35) will give you different results than the same wiggle() expression without seedRandom(): wiggle(5,35) However, wiggle() ignores the "timeless" parameter of seedRandom, which means if you did something like this: posterizeTime Text! Adobe After Effects - Mediabox - Centre de Formation Adobe - Ressources. VIDEO COPILOT.