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Nimesh Soni

Nimesh is an Author, Enterprise Transformation Consultant, Trainer, and Agile Coach mentoring organizations in the transition to value-driven approaches such as Lean, Agile, and Scrum. He has played key roles in agile transformation at various large organizations including some of the Fortune 500 companies.

Who else wants to shrink their Time to Market? - Nimesh Soni. Time to market refers to the time it takes for an organization to take a raw Idea, build the product or service and take it to market.

Who else wants to shrink their Time to Market? - Nimesh Soni

We all want to shrink ‘Time to Market’, and Agile can be a big ‘shrinking’ agent. Use Agile and shrink your Time to Marketillustration by Nimesh Soni The illustration above shows this ‘Concept to Cash cycle’ in Agile landscape. Let’s visit each one in little more details. #agileReleasePlanning wall - Nimesh Soni. Each column represents a Sprint in the release cycle.

#agileReleasePlanning wall - Nimesh Soni

Each row represents a team that will be participating in this release planning exercise. Based on the history, makeup of the teams, and what is needed for the functionality, the Chief Product Owner (CPO) may decide to pre-assign some of the work slices (open for discussion and negotiations with the team later on). Agile Data Warehouse series: What it is? - the workflow - Nimesh Soni. In my previous post, I announced my intention of writing a series of posts talking about my recent experience with data warehouse build out in an agile transformation of EDS for a Fortune 100 company.

Agile Data Warehouse series: What it is? - the workflow - Nimesh Soni

Let’s continue our discussion on this interesting topic. So, what exactly it is? What do I mean by agile data warehouse build out? First of all, let’s talk about Data Warehouse in general. A data warehouse initiative typically involves building out data structures in the enterprise data model, pulling data from multiple sources, doing some (data) transformation, and then ‘parking’ them into the target data structure. Agile Data Warehouse series: Intro - Nimesh Soni. I have been involved in agile transformation at a Fortune 100 company, specifically in their EDS division.

Agile Data Warehouse series: Intro - Nimesh Soni

EDS being a central steward of all the data warehouse the company uses, it has been a challenge to rollout agile in this centralized group. In a series of articles, I will talk about my experience of Agile rollout in EDS and data warehouse build out, the challenges we faced, and the ‘model’ that could be used. My hope is this series of articles will help you get a ‘head start’ when you have to work in such a situation. 10 Apps for 10x Productivity - Nimesh Soni. 10 Apps for 10x Productivity Like it or not, Accept it, we are a mobile society driven by mobiles in our hands and our pockets.

10 Apps for 10x Productivity - Nimesh Soni

Is your mobile device a ‘sink hole’ for your time and productivity? Nimesh Soni - .. unleash the BEST in YOU!