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Spotify. Interview with Indiekingss Tweet Indiekingss is a new Spotify-centered blog about indie music.


Site owner Ryan Freeman got in touch to tell us about the site, so I persuaded him to tell us some more… How did your site get its name? Well, I picked up the name Indiekingss when I started sharing music on tumblr, but I couldn’t seem to gain much traction in getting attention. I still use tumblr all the time, but not for sharing music. Nevertheless, the name [...] Three Progressive Rock Albums That Changed My Life Tweet Here are three albums that had a big impact on me growing up.

Top 20 Synthpop Albums of 2013 Tweet So 2013 then: what another great year for music! Even More Favorite Albums of 2013 Tweet While waiting for albums from CHVRCHES, Covenant, Northern Kind, Vile Electrodes, and VNV Nation (all due this year!) Five Years of Top 20 Albums Tweet I’ve been posting “Best Albums of the Year” lists for some years now, originally on MySpace then on this site.

Pansentient Synthpop 2013. Spotify Technology: How Spotify Works. Spotify uses some particularly clever streaming technology to deliver all that instant music.

Spotify Technology: How Spotify Works

It’s been described in an academic paper by Spotify techno-wizards Gunnar Kreitz and Fredrik Niemelä, who included some very interesting statistics and analysis of their measurements taken during one week in the early part of 2010. It’s a pretty dense technical read, but there are some fascinating stats to be gleaned amongst the computer science. Ten Top Spotify Tips!

Here are ten quick tips to help you get more out of Spotify… 1.

Ten Top Spotify Tips!

Press Ctrl + F when listening to a playlist to display a filter option. Start typing into the filter box to narrow down the list of songs: 2. Press Ctrl + G when listening to a multi-artist playlist. 3. .4. 5. .6. Stuff for Young Kids on Spotify. Looking for something to keep your wee ankle-biters amused on long journeys?

Stuff for Young Kids on Spotify

There’s plenty on Spotify to keep the pre-schoolers entertained, and with the help of, say, a SONOS system or an appropriate in-car head unit, it’s easy to send Spotify to your little tyke’s bedroom or car seat. Here’s five American and five British TV shows for young kids that have soundtrack albums on Spotify, as well as some suggested “classics” to keep the sprogs diverted while you fix yourself a gin & tonic. Top 10 Spotify Games & Easter Eggs. I’ve been surfing through the Spotify catalog for a couple of years now, and in my travels I’ve come across my share of strangeness and oddities hidden in the backwaters.

Top 10 Spotify Games & Easter Eggs

I’ve also noticed some unusual quirks, serendipitous playlisting and even the odd game or two. Here’s a look at ten Spotify Games & Easter Eggs to keep you amused! 1. Ten Things You Thought Were Missing from Spotify (But Aren’t Really) There are many things I believe set Spotify apart from the competition. Chief of which is that Spotify focuses on the music and leaves many of the frills to 3rd parties. Whereas other music subscription services try to bake in as many bells and whistles as possible, Spotify’s open programing interface allows anyone to build apps and websites to compliment the service. Ten More Top Spotify Tips! After Part I and Part II, here are ten more new Spotify tips to help you get to most out of the service!

Ten More Top Spotify Tips!

1. TruShuffle: An As-You-Listen Spotify Playlist Maker. Spotify’s Related Artists tab may act as a basic music recommendation service, but it’s left to the 3rd-party webapps to provide a more personal experience.

truShuffle: An As-You-Listen Spotify Playlist Maker

Sites like Spotibot, Spotiseek and even ShareMyPlaylists all offer a way to generate a playlist for you, either based on an artist name or by checking what you’ve been listening to via A cool new service - truShuffle – has just launched that raises the recommendation game. truShuffle is different as it auto-fills a live playlist of recommended music while you listen. Mashing up Spotify with and AllMusic, truShuffle has several unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll need a account to use it, as well as a truShuffle login to get started. More Videogame Soundtracks on Spotify. When Infogrames released PC adventure game Outcast in 1999, video game music was taken to the next level.

More Videogame Soundtracks on Spotify

No more bitpop or incidental music: Outcast had a full orchestral score, written especially for the game and performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and choir. Soundtrack music is now an integral part of the modern gaming experience, adding atmosphere, emotion, and tension to the game. These days most game companies release soundtrack albums to accompany a game release. Another Ten Top Spotify Tips! Following our recent post of Ten Top Spotify Tips, here’s another ten tips to help you get even more out of Spotify…. 1.

Another Ten Top Spotify Tips!

Display All Search Results When you do a search in Spotify, it might seem that some of the results are missing (if say, you search then click to sort by artist or album name). Spotify only delivers about 60 results at a time, so press Page Down or keep on scrolling down to get all the search results loaded up. Now sort-by-album or artist etc. to find all those “missing” tracks. 2. More Stand-Up Comedy on Spotify. There’s still a severe lack of British stand-ups on Spotify: for example, there’s no Michael Mcintyre, Kevin Bridges, Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle, or Al Murray.

More Stand-Up Comedy on Spotify

Missing too are the excellent Go Faster Stripe acts like Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Daniel Kitson and Simon Munnary. But American and Canadian comics are very well represented. Spotify on Facebook: An In-Depth Review. Love it or hate it, Spotify is now firmly embedded within social network behemoth Facebook. Music Streaming Services: Who Has the Most Music? [updated] Why You Should Use a Music Subscription Service. There are a few legitimate reasons why music subscription services may not be for everyone, but many people are missing out on hours and hours of flexible music listening fun just because of knee-jerk reactions.

This article provides some responses to those common objections. This is a guest post by Eddie Yasi, writer of the subscription music services blog CloudMusic. With the launch of Spotify in the US, music subscription services have received a never-before-seen level of publicity and scrutiny by the American press. In general most of the professional articles have presented a fair look at the pros and cons of such services, but in the comments sections I’m often seeing objections that have been around since these types of services were first introduced many years ago. Most of these objections don’t hold water when considered more closely. I want to own my music, not rent it If I stop paying, all my music goes away. Spotify Apps. 15 really useful Spotify tips and tricks. Page 2 of 2 More really useful Spotify tips and tricks 11. Tune in to the radio There are some days when you just don't know what you want to listen to, and that big search box looks terrifying.

When that happens to you, select "Radio" from the left hand pane, hit "Create a new station" and pick an artist, album, or playlist that you like. Spotify will then pick other, similar tracks from its library to play. 12. Spotify Plugins - Topsify - Top 40 chart playlists for Spotify. Playlist Sharing Sites. The Playlistify Directory - Bake, share and discover great playlists! Spotify Super Search. - Generate Spotify Playlists powered by Lastfm! Share Spotify Playlists at Spotify Playlists - Find and Share with Xpandify. Spotify Playlists - Share Your Spotify Playlist And Find New Music.