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Ironing by Vicki Feaver. Vicki Feaver (b. 1943) grew up in Nottingham "in a house of quarrelling women", an emotional inheritance which finds later expression in her poetry.

Ironing by Vicki Feaver

She studied Music at Durham University and English University College, London and worked as a lecturer in English and Creative Writing at University College, Chichester, becoming Emeritus Professor. Her collections have been highly praised, the second, The Handless Maiden, including both the Arvon International Poetry Competition finalist 'Lily Pond', and 'Judith', winner of the Forward Poetry Prize for Best Single Poem. The same collection was also given a Heinemann Prize and shortlisted for the Forward Prize and she has received a Hawthornden Fellowship and a Cholmondeley Award. She currently lives in South Lanarkshire.

It's perhaps significant that both of her major prize-winning poems are narrated by murderous women. These poems come from a special recording made for The Poetry Archive on April 11th 2005 at The Audio Workshop, London. You Quoted – Motivational, Inspirational, Famous Quotes. A Chicot by Muriel Stuart. IN days of ancient history Who were you?

A Chicot by Muriel Stuart

Tell me if you know. Between your kisses answer me To-night, Chicot. Were you a faun by Castaly Tracking Urania or Clio? Or a white boy in Arcady Astray, Chicot? Were you a satin-supple page Swinging a curtain to and fro, Chanting some impudent addage Of love, Chicot? Were you the subtlest cardinal That ever blessing did bestow? Or at some monarch' table set, Did the bells twink at wrist and toe? Something you were of all of these, Wise, gay, serene--that hid below, More sad for all your subtleties, Something, Chicot. You brace your armor well tonight,-- Too well for any blood to flow; You'd not betray in any fight A wound, Chicot!

I think you would not flinch beneath Life's whips, but after every blow Stand up again, and set your teeth And smile, Chicot. Weariness waits on wariness, There's leaping flame beneath the snow-- All sorts of things that none would guess Of you, Chicot! Are you a lover? 'Resume' - Dorothy Parker. Spike Milligan - A Silly Poem. Quotes : Dictionary of Quotes. Quote Snack. 1,000,000 Famous Quotes and Quotations. Welcome to Quotations Book - The Home of Famous Quotes. The Quotations Page - Your Source for Famous Quotes. Famous Quotes at BrainyQuote. UK Quotations - Source of Famous Quotes. Make me a picture of the sun - Poem by Emily Dickinson.