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Teeny Tiny Leather Spell Book Tutorial. Was it just me that as a kid thought that the Macbeth Witches speech went as follows: Hubble Bubble Toilet Trouble?

Teeny Tiny Leather Spell Book Tutorial

What a dufus hey! Ok finally got round to posting this in time for you to make a cute mini spell book for Halloween. What you'll need:Small piece of scrap Leather, the more wrinkled and aged the betterSmall scrap of Cardboard (Hard back of a notebook would do fine)1 piece of printer paperScrap of decorative Paper1 O RingGold Sharpie Pen (permanent marker)ScissorsHot Glue GunBull Dog clip/Bag clipNeedle (to punch a hole)Yellow Pages (to lean on) 1. Take one piece of printer paper (A4 if you're in the UK) cut it into 1 inch slices along the width of the paper. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Hope this was worth the wait, an enormous 6 month pregnant belly and a grumpy Potty training Toddler has been slowing me down these days, oh and the foot is still in a cast but not for long. Set of All 3 Patterns - Simply Modest Swimwear. Save $$ by purchasing this set of all 3 patterns!

Set of All 3 Patterns - Simply Modest Swimwear

The set includes: - Ladies' Multi-Size Sewing Pattern XS, X, M, L, XL - Girls' Multi-Size Sewing Pattern 8, 10, 12, 14 - Children's Multi-Size Sewing Pattern 4, 5, 6, 7 These are multi-sized patterns. Swimsuit Style: These swimsuits have been designed for modesty, comfort and flexibility. The leggings are not attached to the swimsuit to make it easy to take on and off, and more comfortable to swim in. The bodice is lined, so there is a double layer of spandex fabric covering the entire bodice. Note: These patterns are for individual home use only and cannot be used for making swimsuits to sell. Paper Mosaic Activity Kit. Mosaic Instructions including how to grout mosaics. Side Finishing Options Once you have created your masterpiece, you will want to finish it off by doing something to the sides so that you aren't simply looking at the edge of the material you are working with.

Mosaic Instructions including how to grout mosaics

There are 4 good options to finish the sides. Adhere tile to the sides of the piece for the most professional and polished lookPaint the sides using an acrylic paint - consider using the same color as your groutIf using wood, MDF or similar, you can often pack the grout on for a textured lookIf using wood, MDF or similar, you can scrub grout on edges for a color washed look. How to Build an Outdoor Mud Oven for Use Now and When the SHTF. Rocket stoves and outdoor grills are great for cooking in a pot or skillet when the power is down or non-existent following a disaster or a worst case SHTF situation where fuel is either flat-out unavailable or intolerably expensive.

How to Build an Outdoor Mud Oven for Use Now and When the SHTF

There are some things, though, that cook best in an oven. One solution, of course, is to use a cast iron Dutch oven or camp stove. These are great options, sure, but what about something made from the ground we stand on? I am referring to what is commonly called a “Mud Oven”. Until my recent visit to the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington, I did not know such a thing existed. What is a Mud Oven and How Does it Work? Mud Ovens have been in use for thousands of years and are made of a clay-sand mixture baked by the wood fire used to heat it. Photo taken at the Mother Earth News Fair Mud ovens have many other names: Earth Oven, Clay Oven, Adobe Oven, Bee Hive Oven, Quebec Oven, Roman Oven and El Horno.

The Quest for A Mud Oven The Final Word : Ditto. Paper gems (+ templates) This has got to be one of my favourite projects to date…which is a good job because I nearly broke my brain putting the templates together!!

Paper gems (+ templates)

I’m not so good at maths and figuring out angles (my lovely Mum is a retired maths teacher so I should know better!). By the way this project is quite fiddly so more aimed at grown-ups or older kids. My paper gems were very influenced by these wonderful crayons (via Deborah’s Pinterest board).