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Adam Cowley - Freelance Web Developer - Swindon, Wiltshire. A Client Questionnaire, Who What Where and Why. Every freelancer or business owner needs a client questionnaire, also known as a project planner. The benefits are numerous, but which questions to add and what to omit can lead to a client walking away or not giving you enough information. Ultimately, a client questionnaire is used to skip that first long phone call or meeting but there are other benefits Making potential clients fill out a questionnaire has many benefits including: Weed out people “just looking” or price checking to get the best dealFind out the client contact’s knowledge of design and the design processIt lets clients know they are not purchasing a product off the shelf (a website is a whole lot more than that)Gets the client thinking about what they actually needSaves you time asking the same questions from every clientGives you a starting point for your first meeting Questions.

38 Remarkably Designed Donation Pages Which Will Soften Your Heart. For the majority of non-profit organizations, online fund-raising has become one of the most important sources of income, especially the last 10 years.

38 Remarkably Designed Donation Pages Which Will Soften Your Heart

Designing an inspiring and appealing donation page can certainly make a big difference in converting large numbers of visitors into donors. But, unfortunately many non-profit organizations simply overlook this much more mundane aspect of online appeal while paying loads of attention and time in developing innovative and inspirational online content. In this round-up, we are showcasing some exceptionally designed donation pages for your inspiration. 1. Save the Children This website has a very sleek design with beautifully designated avenues intended for assistance. 2. This sleek design makes use of large buttons with a variety of ways to contribute to the mission. 3. In this website, you can see the use of a natural color scheme that fits with their mission. 4. 5. 6. 7. 40 Effectively Designed Non-Profit and Charity Web Sites. A charity or cause may not need the sleek sales pages of a business on the web, but a poorly designed one could still mean the difference between helping people or failing to do so.

40 Effectively Designed Non-Profit and Charity Web Sites

Non profit web design

Javascript/jQuery. How To Design a Non-Profit Website That Engages Donors and Volunteers. 25 Glorious Charity and Non-Profit Web Designs. Some say money can’t buy you happiness, but there is a loophole.

25 Glorious Charity and Non-Profit Web Designs

What if you spend money to help somebody? In you return you would be doing a good deed, and if you do believe in karma, you will sleep better at night. Knowing that you helped another soul for the better is probably on of the best feelings in the world. Recently I’ve watched many TED videos about happiness. After seeing many successful people who gained great wealth were still unhappy, I began to think why? With such opportunity, he realized that he should help others. Today I would like to discuss the importance of design in charity websites. Designers are not animals, they are human beings. Note: All of the headings and images are currently linked to the source. Rice Bowls Slavery Footprint Give Beyond Me Cowbird Hello Somebody Change Nation War Child Gale Recovery The Boring Machine Bellstrike Literacy2030.

5 Timeless Usability Principles for Website Designers. There are some usability principles which change very rarely.

5 Timeless Usability Principles for Website Designers

The reason for this is because they are deeply ingrained into our human nature. Even if they change, they change very slightly, the fundamentals remain the same. We will try to cover some most important usability principles in the following article. How To Actually Use Negative Space As Design Element. Negative space is an important element in making website layouts and logos although it is very tricky to combine negative space in designing but once you are able to do it, it is not something to be overlooked or avoided.

How To Actually Use Negative Space As Design Element

I usually call it white space, and to be honest many new designers usually make a mistake of creating chunky websites with too much information in it and without any spacing. But believe me spacing does wonders, for even young designers – you can look professional quickly with minimal website..just put less content use negative space and you’ll be more successful than others starting just out. But note - great design takes all the space available into consideration, both used and unused elements. What is Negative Space? Negative Space is also called white space. Negative Spaces Revealed! Here’s an example of an optical illusion that uses negative space.

It’s a chalice but with the white space you see the faces of two people facing each other. Let’s identify the parts: Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Non profit websites share many of the same best practices as any website.

Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine

They need to be user friendly, easily navigable, and use appropriate fonts, colors, and other design elements. But often a non profit website needs to offer more than your typical corporate site. A non profit’s website needs to make it easy to find out more about their cause, to donate money, and to become more involved. 25 Non-profit and Social-Driven Websites. Pro Bono Designs for Non-Profits and Charities, Part 2. In Part 1 of this series, we looked at some reasons why you might choose to do pro bono Web designs for non-profit or charitable organizations.

Pro Bono Designs for Non-Profits and Charities, Part 2

In the second and final installment, we'll look at some of the essentials of pro bono designs, and some tips for creating great designs that serve both your interests and your client's. Essentials of a Pro Bono Design Process Use a Contract Seriously. In fact, use the contract you give paying clients. Make the Offer Out of a Sincere Desire to Help You should also consider why you’re doing the pro bono design in the first place. Treat the Project Just as You Would a Paying Project Make sure to take the pro bono job as seriously as you would a paying job. Treat your pro-bono work and clients like paid jobs and they’ll return the favor. - Thomas Stephan Don’t Charge the Pro Bono Client for Expenses.

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