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How Michelle Rhee Is Taking Over the Democratic Party - Molly Ball. In a major shift, education reformers are now influential at the highest levels of the party once dominated by the teachers unions.

How Michelle Rhee Is Taking Over the Democratic Party - Molly Ball

Reuters CHARLOTTE -- Michelle Rhee is accustomed to having to insist she's a Democrat. "It's funny," she tells me, "I'm not just a Democrat -- I feel like I'm a pretty lefty Democrat, and it is somewhat disappointing when I hear some people saying, 'She's not a real Democrat.' " Rhee, the controversial former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor known for her hard-charging style, has worked with Republican governors to push her reform ideas in states across the country. Her ongoing pitched battle with the teachers unions has put her at odds with one of the Democratic Party's most important traditional constituencies. "I think this notion that America is the land of equal opportunity and anybody can be successful as long as they work hard and do the right thing -- those are Democratic ideals," Rhee adds. IRS:Education Statistics for New York State. Education Statistics for New York State January 2012 Trends in enrollment, expenditures, local assistance, Federal aid, staffing, and postsecondary student financial aid.

IRS:Education Statistics for New York State

Elementary and Secondary Education Section Table 1 Elementary and Secondary Public and Nonpublic School Enrollment (22KB) 2 Number of Public School Districts by Type (19KB) 3 Half-Day and Full-Day Public School Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment (23KB) 4 Percent Distribution of Public School Students by Racial/Ethnic Origin (31KB) 5 Distribution of Black and Hispanic Public School Students (29KB) 6 Professional Staff in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools (18KB) 7 Median Salary of Public Elementary and Secondary School Classroom Teachers (18KB) 8 Percent of Students Tested Meeting the New State Standards on the Mathematics and English Language Assessments.

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Mrs. Desantis' Page

Visiting this page is an important step towards achieving success in your 12th grade Social Studies class! Whether you are a parent or student, I encourage you to use this page often and provide feedback by e-mailing me or calling me at the high school. Communication is key! There are a number of ways for parents and students to contact me. Students can find me in the building during the school day. Seniors! Community Service Packet (PDF 76 KB)Necessary paperwork to verify your 5 hour service requirement NEED HELP DOWNLOADING: my announcement pageCheck this page regularly for up to date information on homework, extra credit opportunities, due dates, etc. Our Students. Their Moment.

Chicago teachers strike heads into second day. Talks aimed at settling the Chicago teachers strike inched along Wednesday, while away from the bargaining table debate focused on how Mayor Rahm Emanuel's hand-picked school board would implement an anticipated spate of school closings took center stage.

Chicago teachers strike heads into second day

"Nobody knows" how many schools will be closed or consolidated, Emanuel said, a day after sources told the Tribune that the plan being considered calls for shuttering 80 to 120 sparsely populated and underperforming public schools, mostly on the West and South sides. "There have been other issues ahead of that," Emanuel said, noting again the importance of getting 350,000 children back in school. "That has not been decided at this point. " As he spoke with reporters, negotiators for the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools met at the Chicago Hilton and Towers on Michigan Avenue for their third bargaining session since the strike began at midnight Sunday.

Byrd-Bennett came out shortly before 9 p.m. Common Core Learning Standards : C&I : P-12. P-12 Common Core Learning Standards Documents On January 10th, 2011, the Board of Regents approved the recommended additions to the Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy and Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics, plus a new set of Prekindergarten Standards.

Common Core Learning Standards : C&I : P-12

The documents can be accessed below. Additional information about the P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy is available on the EngageNY website at.