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Frost/Frostfire/PVP. Fire. Mage theorycraft. Mages debate heavily about talent selection, or spec (from the term specialization).

Mage theorycraft

Mages can select talents from three schools of magic: Arcane, Fire, and Frost, and when you see three numbers divided by slashes, as in 18/0/43, the numbers indicate talent points spent in each of the three talent trees in that same order. Generally speaking, players choose to specialize in one school or another. Note Mage specs, or builds, are also discussed in the topic Mage builds. Each spec benefits a mage differently and feeds different aptitudes.

Most mages place the highest importance on one of these categories: World Of Warcraft Mage Guide! Macro's are VERY important I took most of this pages information from the Wow Forums from a mage named Zarakaar he's a Level 70 mage and has made a really good guide for macros post on the forum located here This is an important thing for mages to understand.

World Of Warcraft Mage Guide!

It can literally save your butt when you are in need of a spell to turn the tide in combat against your foe. Sources & Resources. Arcane Brilliance.