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Top 9 Healthy and Exclusive Winter Fruits - LOADED HEALTH. Getting flu and cold symptoms as soon as the winter arises?

Top 9 Healthy and Exclusive Winter Fruits - LOADED HEALTH

Include these winter fruits in your diet and decrease your chances of catching those infections simultaneously with several other health benefits. Winters are usually known for flu season and dry weather. As winter arises many people complain of flu-like symptoms, cough, allergies, and dryness on their skin. Some people also believe that winters are responsible for their bad health. Instead many diseases like asthma aggravated during the season. With all the disadvantages of the winter season, there are also some of the benefits and unique flavors to enjoy including winter season exclusive fruits and vegetables. Grab this list of winter fruits, go to the grocery, and buy nutrients for you today. Top 9 Winter Fruits and Their Health Benefits Oranges are one of the citrus winter fruits. Oranges are popular in terms of Vitamin C content. Nutritional Value of 1 Medium Orange as per FDA Calories: 80 Carbohydrates: 19gm Potassium: 250mg.

What Are The Best Nap Timings? - LOADED HEALTH. Are you someone who loves taking naps in the course of your day?

What Are The Best Nap Timings? - LOADED HEALTH

Well, then you need to know what are the best nap timings to get its maximum benefits. Nap is a great way to reboot your brain. It’s refreshing if you take at least 1 nap during your day, but benefits occur only if you do it within the recommended timings. Let’s find out what is the best nap timings and it’s recommendations. The Truth About Mouthwash Killing Covid-19 - LOADED HEALTH.

Have you heard about the recent update on mouthwash killing Covid-19?

The Truth About Mouthwash Killing Covid-19 - LOADED HEALTH

Let’s find out how true is that and why there is so much discussion going on about it. Where The Idea Of Mouthwash Killing Covid-19 Came? There is much evidence on this particular topic that shows the effectiveness of mouthwash lowering the viral load and limit transmission of covid-19. But today in this article I will be discussing 2 major studies that are highly acclaimed in terms of mouthwash killing covid 19. The first study shows the potential of Povidone iodine-containing mouthwash in killing Covid-19.

Let’s discuss each of them briefly. This research is conducted in the UK recently in which the pieces of evidence were given for on mouthwash killing Covid-19 and the most prominent component was Povidone-iodine in the mouthwash. The study further suggests that this component is not only effective in killing Covid-19 but also many other viruses. This one needs deep attention here. Yes, you can. What is Resistance Training - A Comprehensive Guide - LOADED HEALTH. Bored with cardio and want to switch towards resistance training?

What is Resistance Training - A Comprehensive Guide - LOADED HEALTH

Or Are you confused about what is resistance training actually means? Or Did you frequently hear that resistance training is mainly for weight gain and muscle building but your goal is to lose weight? In this article, I will cover all the above-mentioned points for you. The central focus of this article will be around what is resistance training. The rest of the information will be only briefly explained which will be discussed in detail later on in the coming articles. A Detail Discussion and Benefits of Meditation - LOADED HEALTH. Are you experiencing a stressful period in your life?

A Detail Discussion and Benefits of Meditation - LOADED HEALTH

Reading and applying the benefits of meditation might help you get through it. Likewise, provide you with relaxation and give back your peace of mind. What is Meditation? Meditation is a method of focusing on your thoughts in silence. In this technique, you try to focus your mind on a particular, thought, or object. The American Psychological Association states meditation to be a clinical therapy or a part of the therapeutic medicine links to development and spiritual growth.

By practicing meditation you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally stable state of mind. It can also be known as mindfulness or a deep thought process. Additionally, Meditation itself as a word is difficult to prove. Types of Meditation With regards to this article, it is important to at least name some types of popular and usually practiced meditations. For every type, the benefits of meditation are the same. Mindfulness Concentrative. A 1200 Calories Diet Plan For Free - LOADED HEALTH. If you have ever attempted to lose weight you certainly have heard about the 1200 calories diet plan.

A 1200 Calories Diet Plan For Free - LOADED HEALTH

This diet is being marketed on nearly half of the health and fitness websites or even by fitness coaches and gyms. So, the question arises: Why is there so much focus on 1200 calories diet plans by health and fitness professionals? What is the science behind this number and does it really work with concern to weight loss or overall health improvement? In this article, I will narrate not only the science behind the 1200 calories diet plan, as well as whether it is effective or not. Lastly, a free 1200 calories diet plan for you that can be simply comprehended and also promotes to sustain good health and fitness or lose weight.

Science Behind 1200 Calories Diet Plan. Reality Check on 10000 Steps a Day - LOADED HEALTH. Obsessed with completing 10000 steps a day?

Reality Check on 10000 Steps a Day - LOADED HEALTH

Everywhere for a few years, there is a massive trend of fitness bands and digital trackers. Most of them work and encourage the user to track their steps throughout the day. The majority of them set as default on the 10000 steps goal per day. So, from there a normal person gets a general idea that 10000 steps are what it takes to maintain good health and fitness. With that thought, they try to achieve a target of 10000 steps a day. What Are The COVID 19 Exercise Recommendations - LOADED HEALTH. Can exercise help in COVID 19?

What Are The COVID 19 Exercise Recommendations - LOADED HEALTH

If “YES”. Nutrition for COVID 19 - All You Need to Know - LOADED HEALTH. Do you know what impact nutrition has on COVID 19 prognosis?

Nutrition for COVID 19 - All You Need to Know - LOADED HEALTH

No matter if you are an immunocompromised or otherwise healthy individual. Surprising Facts On Health Benefits of Coffee - LOADED HEALTH. Are you a coffee lover and often heard it’s bad for your health?

Surprising Facts On Health Benefits of Coffee - LOADED HEALTH

Well, whatever we hear is not always true, and reality might be different. There are some tremendously important health benefits of coffee as well. I have been a coffee lover since my early teens, especially in winters a cup of coffee was a must to start my day with. Even during my most hectic days, coffee is what I have the first day in the morning. I have tried almost all types of coffee from black coffee to keto coffee, or a cappuccino. 10 Health and Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - LOADED HEALTH.

Searching for some doable health and fitness tips? If “YES” then you must read the post below. Health and Fitness should be your utmost priority. Especially in today’s era where lives have become sluggish with all the ease science has provided. Everything is as near as a phone call or an online click away. Lifestyle has become easy but on the other hand fitness and health became compromised. To avoid getting health issues, learn these 10 tips that you can follow in your daily life no matter how busy your schedule is. I am listing below 10 easy yet important health fitness tips.

You might have heard people saying to add a serving of fruits and vegetables especially the greens with every meal. The vegetables provide you the satisfaction of fullness and with that gives you your micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The Relation Between Supplements and COVID 19 - LOADED HEALTH. Is there any association between supplements and COVID 19 prevention or cure? Are supplements utilized for COVID 19 really helpful? What supplements should I use for COVID 19 and in how much quantity? All these questions might go through your mind, whenever someone suggests you ‘take this pill’ or ‘try that supplement’, including that also assures that it is advantageous for COVID 19.

As I have already addressed the nutritional and workout doubts of COVID 19. LOADED HEALTH - LOADED HEALTH.