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Beauty And The Beast Chapter 1: Amelia and The Demon, a naruto fanfic. Abundant Enmity Chapter 1: The beginning, a naruto fanfic. Well I hope you liked my other story, Nightmares and Dreamscapes and now I bring to you, Abundant Enmity Disclaimer, I do not own Naruto Please Review Sasuke looked down it the shaking figure coughing up blood and holding her stomach. "Hinata" he said his voice dangerously low "where have you been? " Hinata fearing another blow to the stomach quickly spoke up "With Naruto. " Sasuke crouched down so he was eye level with her "You slut". "No, it wasn't like that! " Hinata said soon wishing she hadn't said anything when Sasuke slapped her hard enough to leave a bruise. Tears stung Hinata's eyes as her head swung to the side. He leaned forward and forced his lips upon hers slipping his tongue in her mouth when she gasped. He stood up in front of the still coughing Hinata and kicked her stomach.

All she could do was cry. Hinata curded up into a ball as she thought of her miserable situation. Hinata thought of why this whole incident occurred. "Yes this is going to be fun! " Chaos Chapter 1: Destroyed It All, a naruto fanfic. I finally got off my lazy ass to rewrite this horrific chapter!

I will be, SLOWLY, rewriting all the chapters! Yay! :3 Anyways, newcomers and re-readers, enjoy! Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Naruto. If I did, Naruto would be animalistic and psychotic. Seriously. Chaos Chapter 1 Destruction It was cold and musty, the air burning with nothing but the raw stench of smoke and ash. This burning, roaring flame, of smoke and debris seems to go unnoticed by one particular subject, who seems to stand in the midst of the chaos with nothing but a rattle of pure madness to him.

Chaos. It was maddeningly wonderful. Pain filled cries and gut wrenching screams resonate in waves throughout the village air, making the madman roll his eyes into the back of their sockets in total bliss. This darkness; He damn near reveled in it. He practically opened his arms wide, welcoming the emotions that pulsed through him with furious vigor, pushing himself towards the borderline of sanity and madness. Sasuke Uchiha. Hrmm.. Tch. Crack Whims Chapter 1: Sasuke, Neji, and the Buttplug, a naruto fanfic. Crack Whims By: firefly Note: this here shall be where my collection of crack drabbles (written for challenges and the like) will go.

You'll find an insane range and very, very odd pairs. A bit of something for everybody, I think. Characters: Sasuke, Neji Prompt: Buttplug You could have cut the tension with a knife. Minutes passed, and finally the poker-faced Hyuuga prodigy decided to play the mature adult. "You get the left side of the room, Uchiha. " Sasuke's eyes darkened. "I don't recall when I agreed to you calling the shots. " Neji's translucent eyes remained unblinking in an effort to unnerve the clearly immature and foolish boy. "If you'd like it the other way around, I won't complain. " "Don't patronize me, Hyuuga. " "Then don't act like a child, Uchiha. " Sasuke sneered and turned away, hoping to give the impression that he didn't think enough of Neji to bother arguing with him. "Where did Kakashi-sensei say the paperwork was supposed to go? " "What…is this? " "Open it," Sasuke ordered.

Demon Dance Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Since I am almost done with Silent Angel, I thought I'd start another story Since I am almost done with Silent Angel, I thought I'd start another story. Please note that not all of this is an author note, or explanations, the actual story does start here. However, since this is an A.U. story, and it is rather complicated, it is very important that you read the entire explanation of terms, characters, locations, etc. if you don't, you may be confused by a lot of what's going on.

Also, I don't want to hear any complaints about who is stronger than whom in the series, because those rules don't apply here. Hinata is, once again, going to be mute in this story, but the similarities between my stories stop there. Demon Dance Notes on basic terms. Unless otherwise noted in the story or here, everyone is a regular, run of the mill human, with human strengths and weaknesses. Demons: powerful beings that, depending on their type, have the ability to live forever. Geographic locations Demons Humans. Gaatoph Chapter 1, a Naruto and Avatar: Last Airbender crossover fanfic. Here you go what cna i say ugh crossover Gaara growled when he heard children playing he hated it he never understood why they got to play and he was left alone "i'll kill them" Gaara growled as he walked to the kids decideding which ones life he would take first and whether or not he would let a few to run and chase them he was so deep in his thoughts he didn't notice the girl sitting on the ground Gaara felt rage well up in him and he looked at the small black haired girl that lay on the grass "Hey dumbass watch were your walking its bad enough i have to sit here" she said sitting up he noticed her eyes were a strange silver and the girl had peeked his curiousty "Why do you have to sit here" Gaara asked forgetting about the group of happy children behind him "They won't play with me cause i am blind" she said spitfully Gaara honestly had never heard such a bitter tone before then an idea hit him "Will you play with me" Gaara asked expecting a hatefull response "Sure and we can play doctor.

Husband and Wife, a naruto fanfic. Happenings Chapter 1 What?, a naruto fanfic. Back after…3 years? I didn't alter this chapter much. God, this chapter is still the worst one out of the whole story. Bad beginning, chases potential-readers away, can't change it. *sigh* Disclaimer- I don't own Naruto. Summary- Hinata had always thought of herself as pathetic. 'thoughts' "words" noises Hinata- 17 Sasuke-18 Happenings Chapter 1- What? Hinata was walking through Konoha. Flashback (This Morning) "Nee-san! " End of flashback Hinata quietly walked into a clothes store.

Hinata quickly checked her watch. She was sure it was a boy though. "…..Uchiha-san? " "W-w-what are you d-doing back in Konoha? " Unbeknownst to Hinata Uchiha Sasuke was wondering if he was crazy. Evening "Um….U-Uchiha-san? " It wasn't her fault if she didn't know what the clothes were. He finally turned his head in her direction. 'Sasuke-kun…it sounds …odd...too friendly. Hinata's bedroom Hinata fumbled through the bags of clothes Sasuke bought her. "Here," he muttered, sounding very annoyed. "HINATA! "Shut up! Invite Me In Chapter 1: First Night, a naruto fanfic. I Will Break Down These Walls Chapter 1: Prologue: Out of time, out of options, a naruto fanfic.

-Prologue- "I'm sorry Kazekage-sama but the decision has been made. " Gaara looked the Suna elder straight in the eye, his tone level, expression nonexistent, "When was this arrangement put into place? " He inquired in his soft, deadly voice. The elder shook her head slowly, "Long before you were born I'm afraid. " "But this isn't fair! " "But he did. "But an arranged marriage?

The Kazekage raised his hand slowly, silencing his sister before she could raise her voice any louder, "I guess I have no choice. "Very well. " "Just one more question! " "Yes my dear? " "Who is my brother going to marry? " She smiled in a kindly way, her wrinkled face scrunching, "Why the Hyuuga heiress Hinata of course. " Mask Chapter 1: Mask: The Beginning, a naruto fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the characters in this story. A/N: I LIVE!! AND HERE'S MY STORY!! Also, I'm working on this story just because I need to find motivation for the others... So far I can't seem to update them, so I'm just gonna work on this one for a while and hopefully I'll get the spirit for the others. Please bare with "Mask" Summary: A long tongue, sharp teeth, and a devilishly handsome face was not enough to describe Sasuke Uchiha.

Rated: M for Mature. Genre: Horror, Romance. Pairing: SasuHina (hints of other pairings) Notes: I actually based this fic off of an RP that I made. "Where were you last night!? " "I believe that's my business bitch! " "Oh really!? "A whore can't be a wife! " The commotion was unbearable to Itachi and Shizune's ears. "You have kids you asshole! " "I could care less! "How dare you say such things about him!?

Shizune and Itachi winced as there was a sudden loud thud, followed by a shattering noise. Tears streamed down Shizune's face. No Shame Chapter 1: two living nightmares, a naruto fanfic. No Shame By Gaarazlilmiss Hello Hello! If you know me, you know I usually write GaaHina, and if you don't, them my name suggest, but today, I decided to try something different. I was reading al these pairings, and I found some really interesting ones that I've decided to try.

I don't know if they'll work out, or not. Some weird pairings I read, and my thoughts… 1.GaaSaku-I know this really isn't all THAT weird, but I think it is, and I HATE it. 2.ZetsuSaku-This one tends to be morbid, but I actually like it BON((Believe it or not…)), and I think they work out quite well together, despite his…oddity…. 3.KakuzuTemari-It worked out. 4.KakuzuSaku-???

KisameSaku-THIS was surprising! Normal Pairings I read, and my thoughts… 1.GaaHina-All MUST know that THIS is my fave pairing of all times. 2.SasuHina-I really like this one despite the fact that I loath Sasuke, but he works well with Hinata, adding his cockiness and idiotic ness to her sweetness and elegant ness. 4.DeiSaku-I really like this one.

Ominscence Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Ours to Protect, Ours to Love Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters within the Naruto anime/manga. Nor am I making any profit from writing this fic. WARNINGS: Beware of total OOCness in everyone. This is made because I like to twist things around so no chopping off certain limbs of mine because you have been warned. I had this story up before att AFF, but took it down because I couldn't find it in me to continue it... Ours to protect and ours love Part 1 Sasuke's P.O.V. I was finally back in Konoha village. And then the bastard just killed himself. After that I just drifted around. The clerk looked at me under thick grey bangs, but said nothing as I checked in to the hotel.

The evening was warm and I found myself walking through the streets. Gaara's P.O.V. Over and over again I came back here. Maybe it was her that kept me coming back to a place where everybody feared me? Then she did something that confused me, she began punching a tree. I watched her until she practically made me shit my pants. It was many now. Penance Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. This is a draft - I want to see the responses from people if I should continue or not AND - it's a bit of a challenge too. Because I would like to see other do a Sasuke (incubus-demon)/Hinata story.

If you want to use this first draft as a "platform" feel free to do so. Penance He looked at the bunch of papers in front of the paper-booth. The date was 21st of December 2006. He had learned one lesson over the one thousand years he had lived. Uchiha, Sasuke – punished because he became too arrogant in the eyes of the gods so they punished him by turning him into an Incubus. And as the years, decades and later on, centuries passed, Sasuke realized one thing – the gods were a bunch of cruel beings. Now the year had reached 2006 according to the western tradition and he still had to find a female that could help him get away from this curse.

Then he the black eyed "demon" became bored. Sasuke would forever be cursed to ride a female just to survive his incubus-existence. 'She saw me??? ' Pintsized Demons and Cookies Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Pint-Sized Demons and Cookies Pint-sized Demons and Cookies This story is being typed on my other computer; so many chapters will probably not have an author note at the beginning.

You also may see this story uploaded in its entirety in one day, or at least a lot of chapters. This story is rated teen for some violence and language, but nothing extreme. This is supposed to be a very cute/heartwarming, with lots of comfort food. Gaahina, as usual, but they won't be a romantic couple at first. Chapter One Pint-sized Destruction It was all because he had become too strong. He was taken to Konoha, where he was, unknowingly, the center of a hideous plot, which is where our story begins, on the outskirts of the village hidden in the leaves.

He didn't know where he was, and this, coupled with being chased by a bunch of ANBU from his village, frightened him. He had to stop, because he had been running for so long. His name was Gaara. "Hey, there it is! " "Stop it! "Filthy monster! "Freak! Ramen for long life, a naruto fanfic.

I advice you hear the music "somewhere down the road" by barry manilow while reading this… ENJOY! ^^ This is a somewhat sequel of Pernodare, I suggest you read the story before reading this, but if not, that's ok too. Just hope that you understand this story! But it can be a stand alone; you may read Pernodare after reading this though Disclimer: I do not own NARUTO! Ramen for long life It has almost been 7 years since he last went to Konoha. He has learned of the Uchiha's death about two or three years ago. Even now he is afraid to see her, he is afraid that she would not have recovered from it.

Yet, when he stepped on the grounds of Konoha, all he ever thought of was to be able to at least see her again. Hinata was out of the compound today. After a few months of staying back in the Hyuuga compound, Hanabi has started infesting her mind with ideas of getting married again. She did not know why, but she will suddenly reason with her sister, or maybe to herself. He could not find her. Replenishing Purpose Chapter 1, a Naruto and Death Note crossover fanfic. Rumors and Assets Chapter 1: The Akatsuki's Pet, a naruto fanfic. Rumors and Assets The rumors at Konoha Gakuen High have been confirmed and Itachi Uchiha is indeed pursuing the new Hyuuga girl. And for the sake of defeating him, Sasuke wants to win her affections first. With his good looks and "too cool for you attitude", it couldn't be too hard, right?

A/N: I've been wanting to write a Konoha Gakuen Den story, so here it is! At times, the characters may be slightly OOC, but I shall attempt to keep them in character as much as possible. And just to make this clear for people who don't really know: Suffix Usages: senpai/sempai - a senior student, a person in the class above etc. kun - generally used for male colleagues chan - used for pet names or close family members or friends san - a respectful suffix, also can be used as a substitute for "Miss/Mr/Mrs" etc. sama- a very respectful suffix displaying the person's higher status in comparison to the speaker, can also be used as substitute for "Master" etc.

"Come check out the new girl! " "Check out her boobs! " Runaway Experiment Chapter 1: goodmorning dear stranger, a naruto fanfic. Forgive me for my messy grammar and misspelled words Let me make this clear to you all, this is not a remix/remade story from the manga Dakishimete Noir! Which was written by Iisaka Yukako (so said Wikipedia). And no, I am not stealing the plot line from the manga above. I may have read a story similar to that before, and besides, this is a manga made in JAPAN where most mangas are similar to one another (plot wise, but arranged/portrayed differently of course).

The beginning may sound similar but not the whole entire story I assure you, if I were to base my entire story on the manga, then I would've given credit to Iisaka Yukako since it's the right thing to do. But if you're going to complain and point fingers at me, then please leave and read some other story that will satisfy you to your liking. I do not own anything. Chapter 01 The blue haired girl looked up at the dark gloomy sky, it was raining cats and dogs. Darn, I forgot to bring my umbrella again. "Oi! "O-oh, hello Kiba–" The Devil's Works Chapter 1: Prologue:Yubitsume, a naruto fanfic. Selfishness Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic.

Sasuke's reward Chapter 1: New arrival, a naruto fanfic. The Beauty of the Beast Chapter 1: Prologue, a naruto fanfic. The Black Marriage, a naruto fanfic. Snowballs, a naruto fanfic. When I'm gone Chapter 1, a Naruto and Bleach crossover fanfic. The Thief's Lady Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Virgin Mine Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic.