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Apple and Honey Turnovers. How to Make BEIGNETS from The Princess and The Frog Feast of Fiction S5 Ep5. Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love. Milk Pudding With Nuts Recipe – Kishk el Foukara. 17Share1 44 1 3 Kishk el Foukara is a Lebanese dessert that is extremely easy to prepare yet very rich in taste.

Milk Pudding With Nuts Recipe – Kishk el Foukara

The exact English translation of “Kishk el Foukara” is “Kiosk of the Poor,” an interestingly strange name indeed. It is also known in other areas of Lebanon as “Muha-lla-biyyeh”. It is absolutely delicious and a childhood favorite. Man Bars. If you’re anything like me, every time you hop on your favorite social media sites, you see lots of yummy food pics and recipes.

Man Bars

I think I probably see more than the average bear because so many of my buds are food bloggers and foodies in general so I might be somewhat immune to all the food porn. Homemade Candy Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth. Banana-Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Crispy and creamy doughnuts recipe. Choux pastry recipe. Coconut Sugar Caramelized Plantains. It’s not often that I eat dinner solo these days, but one recent evening when John was away I walked down to our local Whole Foods and went straight for the hot food and salad bar.

Coconut Sugar Caramelized Plantains

Have you ever been there? That place is like magic! It was there that I fell in love with caramelized plantains. Oh mama. Fried Dessert Recipes. How to Make Doughnuts. True, you can always buy doughnuts -- most supermarket bakeries sell them, and nearly every town has a doughnut shop.

How to Make Doughnuts

But making homemade doughnuts yourself brings its own sweet rewards: Yours will be fresher and better -- and it's a great project for a rainy weekend afternoon. What Are Doughnuts? Doughnuts (also spelled donuts) are deep-fried pastries made from dough. Doughnutlike fried pastries appear in many forms the world over, from savory to sweet. However, in the United States, doughnuts are most often sweet treats, commonly enjoyed at breakfast or as a midmorning or midafternoon snack.

The Hole Story How the hole ended up in the center of the doughnut is unclear, but one believable story is that in the mid-18th century, a Maine baker's apprentice was frustrated by a succession of fried pastries that turned out with underdone centers. Cookbook:Deep Fried Mars Bar - Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Cookbook | Ingredients | Recipes | Desserts | Cuisine of the United Kingdom This recipe for the deep fried Mars bar illustrates a typical procedure.

Cookbook:Deep Fried Mars Bar - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The ingredients in the dish's variations may vary indefinitely, but the procedure will remain more or less the same. For authentic flavor, fry the treat in beef drippings rather than vegetable oil (it is worth noting the high saturated fat content this method of cooking involves). §Ingredients[edit] §Procedure[edit] Chill, but do not freeze, the Mars bar by leaving it in a fridge, or freezer, for a short while.Mix the milk, flour and egg in a bowl.Whisk together to create a creamy batter.Heat the oil.Coat the Mars bar completely in batter.Lower into hot oil (around 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit, 175-190 Celsius) and fry until batter is golden brown. Marbled Mint-Chocolate Pudding Recipe. Strawberry gummy snacks. Blueberry-polenta recipe from FatFree. FatFree HomeFatFree Recipe Archive More polenta recipes from FatFree Date: Fri, 06 Aug 93 21:43:30 CDT From: Lu Bozinovich (U33754@UICVM.UIC.EDU) That Blueberry Banana Polenta Thing 2 very ripe bananas 1 cup corn flour (maybe *fine* ground corn meal, at your own risk) 1/2 cup whole wheat flour (might add wheat germ to increase fiber) 2 T. honey (sorry, I think I've seen honey used before on this list) 1 T.

blueberry-polenta recipe from FatFree

Succanat (or 3 T. Succanat and no honey for vegans) 1/2 cup water (or use *nonfat* milk, juice, or soy moo) 1 1/2 tsp. Ener-g egg replacer (or 1 egg white) 1/4 tsp. guar gum (optional) 1/2 tsp. baking soda (or slightly less) 2 T. nonfat yogurt (this is needed to make the baking soda work) 1/2 tsp. cinnamon (or as much as you can handle, ie. more...) 1/2 tsp. cardamom (ditto) 1 1/2 cups blueberries (fresh) Preparation: Mash bananas with a potato masher, add all remaining ingredients, except for blueberries. Stir well. Healthy Chocolate Granola Bars. Jam Omelette Recipe. Æbleskiver. Æbleskiver (/ˈeɪ.bləˌskiː.vɜr/; Danish meaning apple slices [singular: æbleskive]), also called "appleskives" are traditional Danish pancakes in a distinctive shape of a sphere.


Somewhat similar in texture to European pancakes crossed with a popover, æbleskiver are solid like a pancake but light and fluffy like a popover. The English language spelling is usually aebleskiver or ebleskiver. In the United States, a version of æbleskiver is sold with a commercially repackaged pan, branded as "Pancake Puffs". Æbleskive pan[edit] Raspberry White Hot Chocolate - SugarHero. So long, January, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Raspberry White Hot Chocolate - SugarHero

I’m thrilled to bid farewell to this dreary month with a pretty pink drink. Raspberry White Hot Chocolate marks the end of Hot Chocolate Week—where “week” is loosely defined as “that period of time that shall not conform to a calendar week wherein I post hot chocolate recipes until I decide to stop”—and the beginning of Valentine’s Day season on the blog. 22 Hot Chocolates You Must Make This Winter. Matcha Roll Cake (Swiss Roll) 抹茶ロールケーキ 作り方レシピ. Florentines - French. If there was such a thing as a prize for the very best biscuit in the world, one bite of a Florentine would tell you this was the winner.

Florentines - French

Absolutely top drawer and perfect if you want to give a special homemade present at Christmas. Makes about 20 This recipe is from Delia's Cakes Start by putting the butter together with the sugar and flour in a small, heavy-based saucepan over a very low heat, and keep stirring until the mixture has melted. Now gradually add the cream, stirring continuously to keep it smooth.

You’ll find it easier to bake one sheet of the Florentines at a time, so now place heaped teaspoonfuls of the mixture onto one of the prepared baking sheets, spacing them about 2.5cm apart (to allow the mixture room to expand while baking). Flatten each spoonful with the back of the spoon, then bake on a high shelf for about 10–12 minutes, or until golden. Repeat with the second batch. Serabi Beras (Rice Pancakes with Coconut Sauce) - Member recipe. Serabi. Serabi, surabi or called srabi is an Indonesian pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier.


Most of traditional serabi tastes sweet, as the pancake usually eaten with kinca or thick golden-brownish colored coconut sugar syrup. How to Make a Four-Course Brunch Using Only Your Microwave. After being amazed and inspired by all the gourmet recipes you can make using just your microwave, we decided to take on the challenge and make a whole meal with our trusty old nuker. What better than a full-on brunch with eggs in a nest, french toast, bacon hash, cinnamon apple oatmeal, and hot coffee chocolate?

Food Hack! How to Turn Ice Cream into Bread. Yep, you read that right. We’ve been seeing this bread all over the Internet and decided we had to make our own. If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy dessert, try this hack. Simply combine melted ice cream, self-rising flour, sugar, and bake. It works, we promise. Cinnamon Toast Recipe. So much of our enjoyment of foods comes from the memories they evoke, don’t you think? Cinnamon toast. Just saying the words and I see myself 8 years old sitting at our dining room table with assorted siblings, elbowing each other while we greedily reached for the sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle on our warm buttered toast.

(My sister probably doesn’t remember this, but she would skip the cinnamon and just sprinkle on sugar.) Cinnamon toast was a treat. Make Your Own Rock Candy. How to Make Hollow Chocolate Confetti Eggs. Ever heard of cascarones? It’s a tradition where folks fill empty eggs with confetti and then crack them over other peoples’ heads for Easter.

You may have even seen our Football Cascarones on our Super Bowl segment on the Today Show. But what about creating edible cascarones? The kind you crack over a bowl of ice cream or simply into your mouth? Oolong Tea Chiffon Cake. By Sarah Marx Feldner , Serves 12. Summer berries with mint tea & lavender shortbread. Pumpkin Balls with Ginger Brown Sugar and Honey.

Delicious, Sweet Banana Chips Recipe, locally known as Kerepek Pisang Manis/Sira. Easy Japanese Recipes at Just One Cookbook — Just One Cookbook. When I saw my foodie friend Anh’s Matcha and White Chocolate Cookies post on her blog A Food Lover’s Journey last month, I knew I needed to make it. Kansas City Tea Cookies, Best Regards, 913.782.1505. For a more personal service, you may reach us at (913)782-1505 or 913.912.7238 6759 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS 66209 Serving all of the Kansas City, MO Metro area, including: Kansas City, Leawood, Prairie Village, Independence, Grandview, Gladstone, Liberty, Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa, Mission Hills. Pistachio Millionaire's Shortbread with Coriander Butterscotch. Mocha Toffee Bars. Chocolate florentines recipe. Cherry Pie Recipe. All summer I’ve been waiting for a reason to bake a cherry pie with a buttery flaky crust. How to Make a Lattice Top for a Pie Crust.

Method 1 Before starting the lattice top, roll out half of your pie dough and line your pie dish with it. The dough should extend beyond the rim of the pie dish by about half an inch. Put it in the refrigerator to chill while you work on the lattice. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the other half of your pie dough to the same extent as the first half (about 3 inches beyond the diameter of your pie dish). Banoffee Pie, How to Make Banoffee Pie, Recipe with Condensed Milk, Cake Recipes. Peppermint 'Crack' List of chocolate bar brands. Russian Tea Cakes Recipe from Betty Crocker.

Chocolate-Filled Russian Tea Cakes recipe from Betty Crocker.