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Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce

Nakshtra Institute of E-commerce is a subsidiary Of Nakshtra Education Society to fill the gaps of skills in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing for students to get a break through after college, working professionals to get an add on to their career, entrepreneurs to explore and engage more ideas for their start up. Nakshtra Institute of E-commerce is one of its own kind in helping India grow by supporting Digital India and Skill India campaign by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. We provide training both in Live classes and online classes. We help them learn how to engage their digital skills in different industries by teaching them how to promote the products and services online by reaching the right target audience at the easiest way in lesser time. Nakshtra Institute of E-commerce is versatile about the courses in the online world like Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Mobility, Data Analytics, Being an Entrepreneur and Building a Start-up With the live projects we provide to our students give them confidence and exposure on how to use digital tactics. Our flexible learning facilities allow our student to adopt the training easily in lesser time.

Google Search console updates its AMP feature (2) Social media trends that will change next year in 2017. Benefits of cashless. Best Ecommerce Platform in India. Enjoy Facebook Lovers!! Introduction to content marketing. Flickr: nakshtrainstituteecommerce. NIEC in E-Commerce is a career program designed to equip students with professional skills required to make a successful career in the booming E-Commerce industry.

Flickr: nakshtrainstituteecommerce

The Nakshatra Group of Integrated Learning has constantly displayed a full awareness of its social responsibilities. The Group believes that Education is the foundation to economic development and skill development is a primary catalyst to help build a stronger India. We are among the most prominent institutes with the latest curriculum developed by this industry's expertise. NIEC gives a great importance in providing quality education to the student. NIEC offers highly forefront and sophisticated learning in training programs. AffiliATE3. Blogger. Classifiede. Classifiede2. Content. Mobile marketing. NIEC Site Image 2nd. Ppc. Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce. The world of E-commerce is rapidly taking a front seat.

Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce

The technology has continued to change at a rapid speed, pioneering the growth of new techniques and facilities in e-commerce and to make money online. There are several changes in technology which has ultimately given rise to the establishment of such e-commerce competition. Following are 10 tips regarding the effective growth of e-commerce and bring it to the next level.1) Find your niche audience:- The basic requirement for your e-commerce is to know your target audience. For that it is essential to know your products well and the requirement it will create.

So your growth depends upon the need of your audience and it is more important for e-commerce start-ups. 2) E-mail Marketing :- This tip is to be always kept in mind to maintain your image into the minds of the audience. Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce. The term demonetization has caused a lot of sensation into the lives of all.

Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce

As the country moves towards a cashless economy, the initial awe and confusion have made rooms for a flurry of concerns. To divert the minds of all towards a cashless economy, the government has come up with a number of discounts. Following are the benefits of going cashless this time: Convenience: The ease of conducting your financial transactions and other important one’s is probably the biggest motivation to go digital. Discounts: Now is the time to increase your savings with digital transactions. Tracking Spends: With digital payment mode on the swing people do now have an opportunity to keep a record and track of all the transactions being done in a month and even a year to have all the track records of their account details. Budget Discipline: The written records of your spending will help in keeping a stop on your extra expenses.

How to earn instantly through digital marketing. Nowadays digital marketing has taken away the audience and new ways have emerged online to earn money.

How to earn instantly through digital marketing.

Several methods have emerged as scopes for earning through online marketing or digital marketing. There are several strategies that can be adopted but how successful they can be totally depends upon the amount of time and effort you denote. The success rate is high and the amount of hard work put in varies. Here are simple ways to explain how you can make money. 1) Create a website or a blog To start as a marketer it is very important for you to create a site on which you can place your links to your products. 2) Decide your product/service niche: It is important for you to decide upon your product or what product you want to represent as your companies face and then the familiar market to make that product reach out. 3) Make money with Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate is similar top running a retail shop. 4) Attract targeted traffic:

How to earn instantly through digital marketing. NIEC (@Niec_Edu) Mobile Recharge Software Development Company/Companies Noida, Delhi. Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce. Scenario of Marketing from Traditions to Digital Marketing. From Traditional to Digital Today’s customers are information overloaded and fiercely Independent.

Scenario of Marketing from Traditions to Digital Marketing

So in the world full of competitiveness the corporate industry needed to change. They knew that there is much more than selling a product, they needed a goodwill and trust of the customers they knew that there is much more that advertising in the newspapers or pamphlets. From the increasing number of smart phone users it is becoming difficult day by day to survive in the market with lots and lots of competitiveness. Marketing… from where does it started The philosophy that firms should analyze the needs of the customers and then make decision to satisfy those needs, better that the competition. In the beginning marketing started as an inward phenomena focusing on only what the production is producing. Digital and online marketing course institute in India. NIEC (@Niec_Edu) Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce. Best Ecommerce, Digital marketing training institute Noida, India- NIEC.

Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce. NIEC (@Niec_Edu) Blogger. Nakshtra Institute of Ecommerce.