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Nico and Yeye

Children Furniture Brand with a perfect combination of Elegant, Creative and Cool. Handcrafted American Hardwood pieces in 20 different colors.

DIY Bat Bottle Holder. This super easy DIY Bat Bottle Holder will add a fun element as a table decor for entertaining this Halloween season.

DIY Bat Bottle Holder

What you'll need: • Scissors • Ruler • X-Acto knife • 2 pieces of Black Stiffened Felt Sheet • Download template Bat HERE • Hot Glue Gun • Googly Eyes Download and Print out this template and cut. Once you have your two bat pieces start gluing the end wings together with the hot glue gun (Leave space to insert bottle). Do a fold with the X-ACTO knife (medium pressure) on the wing (as seen in image below). Make your Own Spider Honeycomb. As a table center piece, wall decor or wall hanging this spider honeycomb is sure to add a fun element to your Halloween decor!

Make your Own Spider Honeycomb

What you'll need: • 5" Honeycomb • 2" Honeycomb • Scissors • 1 piece of Black Stiffened Felt Sheet. 5 Unique Holiday Gifts for Kids from Kathy Kuo. We asked the mom-of-two, interior designer, and founder of Kathy Kuo Home for her favorite gift picks for little ones of all ages To get the scoop on the most fun and unique gifts for all the little ones on your list--from toddlers to tweens--we turned to Kathy Kuo, a mom-of-two, interior designer, and entrepreneur.

5 Unique Holiday Gifts for Kids from Kathy Kuo

In addition to being the founder and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home--a proud Nico & Yeye retailer--Kathy is also a mama-of-two, who knows first-hand the juggling act that is managing motherhood and work. She founded her business in 2012 while pregnant with her first child and has been building her online furniture, decor, and interior design services business steadily ever since.

Behind the Scenes Holiday Photoshoot. 6 do's and dont's before remodeling your Kids Rooms. Being a mother of two young children, and a professional design background I have redesigned the house as well as kid’s rooms multiple times.

6 do's and dont's before remodeling your Kids Rooms

While redesigning, my family’s safety was top priority, hence I researched simple ways to minimize the exposure to harmful chemicals. Here are simple tips that you could follow if you are planning to remodel. Select Durable Furniture: Select furniture durable in nature. This way, you will only buy once and could repurpose thereafter. Minimalist designs stand with test of time, when compared to trendy or extravagant designs. Opt for Wall to Wall Carpeting: In many homes, the entire floor is covered with carpet, resulting dust, mildew as well as mold accumulating continuously. It is very easy to win your fight against the pests. Visit us at. A Nico & Yeye Holiday to Remember. We teamed up with the style icons of @babyellestyle, Dr.

A Nico & Yeye Holiday to Remember

Linda Parra and her two adorable children, Elle and Ever, for our 2018 Holiday photo shoot. The inspiration for the shoot came from their holiday collaboration with the clothing brand Wild and Whimsy, which is reflection of Marie Antoinette in modern times. Linda always had a flair for styling and originally wanted to go into women’s fashion. After becoming a mother to baby Elle, though, she found a new passion for children’s fashion. She started @babyellestyle when Elle was just a few months old to share her talent with the world. Kids Room Decorating Fun with Shiri Appleby. The Daisy Room. Think about all the time your child spends on the ground.

The Daisy Room

Seriously, think about it - from crawling and learning to walk, to rolling around and roughhousing, to sprawling out and relaxing - kids love the floor! So, the first place to start when creating a safe space for your little one should be with the perfect rug. When choosing the right rug, you not only want it to be a warm, soft space for them to land, but you also need it to be safe for their health. An area rug should not only look and feel good, it should also be good for the planet, good for your home and, most importantly, good for your child. Here's what to look for when choosing a rug that's safe in every way for your little kiddo:NON-TOXIC MATERIALSA non-toxic rug is created using natural materials, focusing on the health of the humans that come in contact with it.

Amy Davidson’s neutral and modern kids playroom space. We had the pleasure of teaming up with actress, blogger and mom, Amy Davidson to create the perfect playroom for her 2 ½ year old son Lennox.

Amy Davidson’s neutral and modern kids playroom space

With the addition of some of our favorite children’s furniture pieces, like the Toy Box and Poco Kids Table Amy was able to transform this space from busy and cluttered to organized and modern – the perfect room for both momma and son to enjoy. She shared with us the challenges she faced when designing a playroom, the hardest part about being a mom and her favorite thing to do with her son. Read along and check out Lennox’s new play space that was over two years in the making. 1. Can you tell us a little bit about your style? I wasn’t exactly sure what my style was until I saw Nico & Yeye’s kids furniture. 2. When babies are little everything is so incredibly colorful (i.e. toys, play mats, ball houses etc.), which is amazing obviously, but can tend to make a play space look cluttered and very busy. 3. 4. Definitely having a dance party. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NON-TOXIC AND SUSTAINABLE KIDS AND BABY RUGS.

Think about all the time your child spends on the ground.


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