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Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Tag cloud - Nuage de mots-clés. Beautiful Word Clouds. 3 Ways to Generate a Tag Cloud off Google SERPs. Looking at the words that accompany your main search term in SERPs is a great help in keyword research: this way you are able to analyze your keyword neighboring terms and words that appear in the same context.

3 Ways to Generate a Tag Cloud off Google SERPs

Before playing with any of the below listed tools, set Google to show 100 results per page (for the tools to have more data to analyze): 1. Search Cloudlet Search Cloudlet analyzes Google SERPs and extracts most frequent words representing them in a tag cloud based on the frequency of occurrence in SERPs: The tag can be kept hidden most of the time and only opened after the click. DeeperWeb Search - The Essential Search Engine Addon and Plugin.