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IP Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems

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MotoTalk (Walkie-Talkie App) - GRID Communications. Built upon Motorola Mobility’s PTT technology, MOTOTALK offers users real-time, instant, communication, with individuals or a group, using LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi among GRID’s MOTOTALK and iDEN subscribers.

MotoTalk (Walkie-Talkie App) - GRID Communications

Leveraging Wi-Fi, GRID’s PTT MOTOTALK subscribers can also communicate with one another anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi coverage without incurring roaming charges. The app is available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. To activate the service, please contact GRID Communications. MOTOTALK allows a smartphone user to communicate with any active iDEN PTT phone. BENEFITS of MOTOTALK EASE of Usage The easy-to-use MOTOTALK app delivers an instant communication experience to consumer and business users alike who enjoy the convenience and immediacy of true PTT communications with their networks of friends and business associates.

Interoperability with iDEN Reduces Cost, Improves Efficiency and Increases Productivity Global Communications Capability Enquire Now. GRID Communications Blog: About Fibre Broadband In Singapore. Introduction The availability of broadband smartphones and networks has seen many Walkie Talkie Apps in Singapore that are developed for the smartphones.

GRID Communications Blog: About Fibre Broadband In Singapore

One such Walkie Talkie App is QoolTalk, which is a Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) that combines the original PTT functionality and applications for the smartphones to run on Wi-Fi or cellular data network without the need for dedicated frequencies. Key Features of QoolTalk Walkie Talkie App for iOS and Android Phones 1- Group Communication Features • Voice deliver up to 250 users in one group • Multiple support group • Access Control List support (blocked or allowed) • Different types of group support • Group Management from terminal or Web Administrator Lite.

Intrinsically Safe Smart Phone & Equipment - GRID Communications. Communication devices, such as mobile phones and two-way radios, needs to be certified intrinsically safe to operate in hazardous environment.

Intrinsically Safe Smart Phone & Equipment - GRID Communications

Intrinsically safe equipment are designed so that it shall not be capable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a flammable or combustible atmosphere mixture in its most easily ignitable concentration. Safety (of employees, assets and environments) is a top priority consideration when carrying any electronic device into environments with potentially explosive atmospheres. GRID is an authorized reseller to carry the one of the world‘s superior Intrinsically Safe 4G / LTE Smartphone, the ECOM Smart-Ex® 01 which is based on an Android operating system. These devices offer a reliable connection to any network worldwide. These Intrinsically Safe cell phones from ECOM are certified and approved for use in Zone 1 & DIV 1 incl. Walkie Talkie - Motorola Walkie Talkie Singapore: GRID Communications. Fibre Ready Scheme Singapore - GRID Communications. Harnessing The Technology and Boosting Capabilities with FRS GRID’s Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS) As Singapore’s enhanced network service provider, GRID Communications is approved by IDA to provide the FRS to qualified building owners.

Fibre Ready Scheme Singapore - GRID Communications

This is in line with Singapore’s SMART nation vision to make buildings broadband ready. In addition to providing telecommunication infrastructures, GRID is capable to provide a one-stop solution package of project management, end-to-end turnkey solutions such as Cloud Wi-Fi, fibre broadband services, wireless communications etc.

There are numerous business and infrastructure benefits for being Fibre Ready. Benefits for Businesses: Benefits for Building Owners: * For a limited time period, IDA is offering a Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS) of funding up to 90% of the infrastructure cost, to encourage and help building owners/management alleviate the cost of laying a well-equipped fibre broadband infrastructure in their buildings. GPON - GIGABIT Passive Optical Network Singapore - GRID Communications. Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) / Integrated Optical Backbone Architectural (IOBA™) GRID’s Enterprise Fibre Ready Solution for SMART Buildings helps to meet the high bandwidth demands of your tenants and other building automation applications by providing blazing speeds for both uploading and downloading large data files.

GPON - GIGABIT Passive Optical Network Singapore - GRID Communications

Our Fibre Ready Scheme solution, per se GPON, benefits property managers and owners in many ways. IP Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems in Singapore - GRID Communications. GRID 720 degree CCTV CAMERA GRID’s 720o surveillance solution comes complete with 4K resolution (12MP total) CCTV cameras that has full undistorted 720° field of vision with no blind spots.

IP Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems in Singapore - GRID Communications

A single 720o camera can replace up to three bullet cameras. Videos recorded can also be streamed on smartphones or tablets via the internet for convenience of viewing anywhere in the world with internet access. Key Features: Field of Vision: 360º x 360º with no blind spots and no fisheye distortionDay & Night vision: IR Illumination with 10 internal IR LEDs4K Resolution: max 2448 x 2448 @ 20 fps per sensor (12 MP total)Audio: Built-in Microphone and audio compression between 16-64 Kbps Key Advantages: Fewer cameras are required to cover a given area as compared to bullet camerasCloud recording allows remote viewing wherever there is internet accessRemote control of cameras using smartphones.Works with CAT5/CAT6 copper cables and fibre optic cables.