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Workflow Management Programs

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HoneyBook: Business Management for Creatives. Deliver incredible client experiences, from anywhere! Features - Iris Works. Beautiful photography business management software. The Ultimate Guide to Online Photography Management Systems. There are so many management systems on the market now that WE get the benefit of picking and choosing based on our budget, needs and what works best for our individual workflow.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Photography Management Systems

This article is the product of going through some of the biggest players in the entrepreneur management systems marketplace and evaluating for the most efficient and productive system. I am a multi-business owner and have five children. Time is money for me. Time is life for me. I don’t want to spend more time, than I have to, working on business tasks that can be automated or easily done with the technology that awaits at our fingertips. Welcome to the ultimate guide to online photography management systems. Let’s check them out! Systems are not in any particular order. IrisWorks is a photographer specific management system that includes the following features: Pricing: Ranges from $16 – $25 monthly depending upon client volume, workflow templates, contract templates, email templates and more. Features include: Tave, 17 Hats, Studio Cloud, Shoot Q, Sprout Studio – My Studio, My Way.

I will admit it.

Tave, 17 Hats, Studio Cloud, Shoot Q, Sprout Studio – My Studio, My Way

When I started ACS Studios I was happy to use spreadsheets and calendars to organize my business. When I had only a few clients I was able to get by quite handily. As time went on I started to need something more. I was making money, but I was not tracking how much I had spent on that client. I was not tracking where my clients were coming from. Keep in mind, these are just my opinions when it comes to running my own studios. I didn’t want, “just an accounting software.” I wanted to be able to enter client information. I am the kind of person who will take 6 months to buy a car because I choose to research it so thoroughly, so I started researching studio management options. Tave | 17 Hats | Studio Cloud | Shoot Q | Sprout Studio. Studio Management: Why I Chose Tave over 17hats, Pixifi, & Sprout Studio. The back office work required to run a photography business can be quite taxing.

Studio Management: Why I Chose Tave over 17hats, Pixifi, & Sprout Studio

From tracking leads to creating contracts to sending invoices, the list of tasks goes on and on…I was in the same boat as many of you find yourself in now or may find yourself in, in the future. I was using multiple systems (Google docs, spreadsheets, third party apps) to track our inquiries, contracts, invoices, dates available, etc. I wanted to find a studio management system that would do the majority of this work. I began the journey to find a solution in a naive way. I had a loose set of requirements in my head that I planned to make sure the solution I chose would satisfy. Here are the requirements I set. I tested a number of workflow management systems. 1. Some might think this is a minor issue but as a business, I want to offer a consistent customer experience. 2. 3.

Táve provides the ability to embed a custom contact form on your website that feeds directly into the system. Customized lead form. Survey About Online Photography Services and Platforms. Táve – Business Management for Creative Professionals. Overview - Sprout Studio. Iris Works. Features — Dubsado. Subscription Features » PreeVu Photography Software. PreeVu Photography Studio Software is designed as a total studio management system.

Subscription Features » PreeVu Photography Software

Look over the current & past releases to see the exciting PreeVu development cycle. Our users have been so helpful with feature requests and refinements. The PreeVu development team is driven to produce a powerful yet simple to use system. The PreeVu team’s focus is to create an all in one software solution for operating a high quality of life, profitable photography studio. See our FAQS page for key questions & answers Development Releases by Date: 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 Sales Features Run a Slide Show Show images in detail view Compare images side by side Rate images Crop and touch up images Create Prints and Wall Art (Gallery Wraps, Metal Prints, etc.)

Management Features Client Features Create and save Clients in the program Enter Client relations like spouse, children, birthdates, etc. Marketing Features.