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Seniors! Class of 20xx!

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Senior rep (spokesmodel) program

Senior Prep and Tips. Workflow Archives - Senior Portrait Secrets. A Stress-Free Senior Session - Part 1. When I first starting shooting I used to stress out in my sessions, I was always worrying about whether the client would like their images, are they having fun, and worrying about the gear I had and how it was inadequate.

A Stress-Free Senior Session - Part 1

When digital first came out I was always thinking that maybe I wasn’t ready for it. I would look at what other photographers were doing and the gear they were using and I’d ask myself “How can I even compete with that?!” These insecurities showed in my work and how I interacted with my clients. My insecurities were taking away from the the client experience. We as artists tend to be very self-critical, let’s look at some ways to overcome these fears, worries, and insecurities and focus on creating an awesome time for you client.

Plan the session. Be ready for the unexpected and be flexible. Push yourself at each session to try something different, something new and unique. Check out part 2 of Nicholas Alexander’s “Stress-Free Senior Session” tomorrow! Senior Picture Ideas. As senior portrait artists, we strive to be a creative force and inspire you with creative and moving images and ideas that draw from your interests, accomplishments, relationships, personality, attitudes, uniqueness, hopes and aspirations.

Senior Picture Ideas

We hope you find our images inspiring and helpful in preparing for your senior portrait experience. Our senior picture ideas are a work in progress and it will take time to organize and share our favorite images with you. For more senior picture ideas, follow our boards on Pinterest to see what inspires us. Princess Jasmine: Fashion senior picture ideas for girls Isaiah: Baseball senior picture ideas for guys Medallica: Swimming senior picture ideas for girls with medals Red Velvet: Singing senior picture ideas Live from New York: Funny senior picture ideas for guys with personality Mirrorballer: Glam volleyball senior picture ideas Deep End: Underwater senior picture ideas for swimmers. Advanced Photographic Solutions. We offer a wide variety of Senior products. 12″x 18″ Senior Posters are a treasured keepsake that commemorates a senior’s accomplishment and their senior year.

Advanced Photographic Solutions

Each composite is printed on our digital presses on your choice of two luxurious papers. We have 9 designs available to suit everyone’s needs and taste. Available both thru the lab or thru ROES, we have special pricing for multiple copies so grandparents and other family members can have a copy also. Available frame or unframed, on standard satin paper or premium, Pearl paper. Pricing: ROES and Lab Production: $3.50 Satin Paper, $4.10 Pearl Paper Special – Get 5 for only $10.50 (Satin) or 5 for only $12.30 (Pearl) Framed: $11.34 Satin Paper, $11.94 Pearl paper Special: Get 5 Framed for only $49.70 (satin) or $51.50 (Pearl) Always have a senior picture close with our iPad Folio Covers. ROES: $24.95 Lab: $24.95 Smartphone Cases – Add a picture to the back of your smartphone with one of our smartphone cases. ROES and Lab : $9.95.