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Macphun-Luminiar. HDR Photography Software, Best high dynamic range photo editing program for Mac - Aurora HDR™ Noiseless Mac App | Noise Reduction Software | Macphun Software. Here’s what Noiseless users say Great application… Better than i ever expected! I have been trying it out on some photos I took with a poor lightning and my pics all came out quite noisey. Noiseless has cleaned them up and they are now night and day better than they were.

The noise is almost nonexistent and what surprised me the most is there was very little loss of details in the pics. Here’s what real users say about Noiseless Easy to use, good results! I’m taking a lot of photos now w/ my iPhone 6 and the app talked about helping smartphone photos. Powerful App This reasonably priced app does an amazing job at removing noise from various types of photos. Another solid app from Macphun This app does exactly what it promises but way better than most photo apps do. Perfect I bought it after tried free demo on website. AutoLoader - MikeD's Photoshop Tools. Why You Need It: A Case Study Consider the fate of poor Chester, the photographer. He has just returned from shooting a wedding, and now has 500 photos he would like to edit. A daunting task for any photographer. What can he do? Option 1: Manually Open Each File He decides to load each file, one after the other, manually.

Click File, then click Save Asin the folder dialog, navigate to the save folder, and click OKhe’s saving a JPEG file, so he next has to set his JPEG options, then click OKclick File, then click Closeclick File, then click Opendouble-click the next file in the Browse dialog to open it. Whew! Option 2: Preload a set of files Chester then thinks to himself, “Chester,” (he talks to himself in the third person…it’s just his way), “you can save some time by opening a whole bunch of files in advance.

So Chester drops a set of 50 files into Photoshop to try to avoid all that pointing and clicking. Option 3: AutoLoader Click. That’s it. Product Description This gorgeous collection is comprised of 28 Gold Glitter Overlays for use in Photoshop CS, Photoshop CC, & Photoshop Elements! These overlays are delivered as high-resolution .Jpeg files. Because these overlays have a solid black background, these products will work best when applied in ‘Screen’ blend mode. Overlays included: – Adorned – Bedecked – Celebration – Confetti – Dazzle – Droplets – Flecks of Gold – Flicker – Flutter – Freefall – Gilded – Glint – Glisten – Glow – Lavish – Lush – Posh – Razzle – Regal – Ritzy – Royale – Shimmer – Snazzy – Sparkle – Speckles – Splendor – Stellar – Twinkle (Want to try these products before you buy?

Fly Away Wing Overlays. Backgrounds, overlays, templates for the contemporary photographer. The Retouch & Makeover Collection / Two Little Wrens Photography Actions Shop. The Professional Retouch & Makeover Collection includes 60 Photoshop Actions. All actions have been carefully created to suit all types of photography. They are designed to enhance overall quality, and have a whimsical style which has been Sarah's trademark for many years. Inspired by romantic colours, warm afternoon light, and colors of the seasons, these photoshop actions will bring your photographs to life.

As an added bonus, the collection also includes personal retouch and makeover actions used by Whimsical Dreams Photography, and help make editing a breeze for you. Retouch Base Collection: * Elegant Base (Essentials) Classic Sweet Base (Soft) Luminous Base (Bright) Gentle Matte Base (Dreamy) Melodrama Base (Rich) Color Collection: * Magic Color (Smooth & Soft) Romance Color (Warm & Glow) Sweet Color Pop (Warm Color) Vivid Color (Bright & Clear) Wintertime Color (Matte) Summetime Color (Matte) Workflow Enhancers: Film Collection: Wonderful Matte Collection: Seasonal Enhancers: Brush Tools: Do you want to get a photo editing result with a single click that could potentially take hours to achieve?

With our new 101 Landscape Lightroom® preset — you’ll make adding that additional pop to your landscape images a breeze. Photographers experienced with pre-set controls know they won’t see their desired results unless they use a type specifically tailored for the shoots they undertake. That’s why professional landscape photographer Sarah Sisson has developed an editing system dedicated to the task of landscape photography. These 101 Landscape Lightroom presets give you countless image-enhancing options to make your pictures say exactly what you want them to. With our mega pack of 101 Landscape Lightroom presets, enhancing your landscape shots is a breeze. In this massive presets back you’ll get: Landscapes that Pop If black and white is your thing, other pre-sets enrich tonal values and increase the dynamic range to give your greyscale images a truly immersive effect.

Take a look… IMPORTANT: If you do not receive your download email, check your spam or junk folder for the email address that your PayPal account utilizes. Discounts are NOT retro-active. The Pretty Pastel Collection – ElyanaIvette. Create your own "Winter Wonderland" with the NEW collection from Pretty Presets for Lightroom! With the NEW Pretty Presets Winter Wonderland Collection, you have the power to unleash as little or as much snow as you desire. For the first time ever, you can offer your clients beautiful wintery images regardless of the weather forecast. As photographers, you've never had so much fun! This one-of-a-kind collection includes 32 Pretty Presets + 5 Brushes and can be used on any of your images taken in natural light.

You can use this collection in Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and in the Creative Cloud (this will not work in Lightroom 4). The Winter Wonderland Collection Includes: 32 Presets: 9 All-in-One Presets8 Horizontal Snow Presets8 Vertical Snow Presets3 Haze Presets2 Post Presets2 Reset Preset 5 Brushes: 3 Snow Brushes2 Blur Blushes Additional Details: How to Install Presets in Lightroom 4, 5 and Creative Cloud Video tutorial showing how to install presets and brushes click HERE. Terms of Use.