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Tyndell Photographic Blog. Tyndell Photographic Blog. Activation Success. As a Photographer - What Makes You Different? Click: A Print Magazine for the Modern Photographer. Clickin Moms. Mindset Workbook - The Snap Society. Free Online Photography Training and Education // Behind the Shutter. Digital Photography School. How to Make 2017 Your Photography Year. 2016 was tough.

How to Make 2017 Your Photography Year

I think that we all can agree on that but with 2017 on the horizon, we have another shot. This upcoming year gives us a blank slate. Another chance to impact the world in a positive way. » Plan. Play. Profit. Cambridge in Colour - Photography Tutorials & Learning Community. How to use back button focusing. If you are an active member of the Clickin Moms photography forum, you have probably heard of it several times.

How to use back button focusing

When members are asked what their major AHA moment was, Back Button Focusing is often on top of the list. It was definitely one of my very own major light-bulb moment when I discovered it. So what is back button focusing? It’s a very simple thing that might change the clarity of your images forever. When you auto-focus with your DSLR default settings, here is how it basically works: you press your shutter half way to auto-focus, and when your focus is OK you press your shutter a second time to take the picture.

Depending on your camera, you can use the AF-ON button (this is the one I am using on my Canon 5D MarkII), or the AF-L button for Nikon users, or even the star (*) button. 8 Photography & Graphics Trends To Watch For in 2016-2017 - Photo Direct. Photography itself may be trendier than ever before, but there’s a few noticeable similarities within the genre as well, popping up in advertising, fine art and even Instagram.

8 Photography & Graphics Trends To Watch For in 2016-2017 - Photo Direct

And who better to pick out the trends than stock photography companies? Both Stocksy and Shutterstock honed in on some of the biggest photography trends this year, from pattern to color. Whether you want to shoot on-trend images this year or stand out from the crowd, here are eight popular trends from the most in-demand images on photo sites. Patterns That old patterned Hawaiian shirt isn’t reserved for your weird uncle — pattern is in. Film Why add an Instagram film preset when you can shoot with actual film? Flash Flash has always been a powerful tool, but just like the old film looks are coming back, Stocksy seems to think the obvious flash look is returning too.

Flat lay. Shoot for a Career in Photography. What Is Photography?

Shoot for a Career in Photography

Photography involves capturing images with a camera. These images can be of just about anything, including people, places, animals, objects, or events. A professional photographer does much more than just take pictures, though. Professional photographs are often able to elicit certain feelings. Simply looking at professional photographs can bring on feelings of happiness, dismay, fear, awe, nostalgia, or even hunger. Expert photographers are also able to make people or situations appear different than they really are.

What Are the Different Types of Photography? Photographers can – and will – often choose to focus their career in a certain area of photography. Glamor photographers and fashion photographers will take pictures of models and their clothes. A Word of Encouragement. Happy Monday, friends!

A Word of Encouragement

Today marks a really big milestone in our business: it’s officially been five years since we photographed our first wedding together. Five years! It went faster than we ever could’ve imagined. Last week, Jordan sat at our kitchen table. His little sister to his left. He motioned back to the screen. “And now this.” That’s when it happened. And that’s why we wanna talk to you. You, in your cubicle, at a day job you hate but “pays the bills,” eating a pre-made lunch, watching other people live their dreams on social media wishing you could just live yours, too, but feeling stuck and trapped like success is for everyone else except for you. You, the high school senior, filling out college applications, one painful keystroke at a time, because your heart’s calling you to be creative, to start a business, but you’re scared you’ll miss your friends and can’t find the courage to do something that no one in your family has ever done before.

Login - A Photo Editor. Pittsburgh Wedding & Portrait Photographer. The experience I offer a unique experience that involves creating finished artwork for you and your family.

Pittsburgh Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Here is the reason I started: I had multiple clients tell me that they never did anything with images that were delivered on a cd. The disc just got thrown in a drawer and collected dust. Most people have busy lives, and they don't have time to plan the perfect pinterest gallery, or the capability to have it color corrected and professionally printed, then framed in acid free mats. About » Photogblog. Ava Ryan Photography – You dream, We Create. Tanja Melone Seniors – Impulsive. Bold. Spirited. Hobby to Pro Photo — Hobby to Pro Photo. Are the sessions you offer ready for prime time?

Hobby to Pro Photo — Hobby to Pro Photo

The television networks run their most popular shows in the prime time evening hours between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. This isn’t by accident, they know exactly when they have the most viewers. Login – Cole's Clique.