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How to Photograph a Large Group: 6 Steps You Need to Take. You know that saying “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know?”

How to Photograph a Large Group: 6 Steps You Need to Take

Earlier in my photography career, taking a large group portrait wouldn’t have scared me. But now that I have a better grasp on what’s required in such an assignment, group shots are more daunting. My assignment wasn’t quite as consequential as Tony Corbell‘s portrait of all 130+ heads of state at the UN Millennium Conference, but it was definitely one of the most challenging assignments I’ve had as a photographer: 60+ students, teachers, horses and sheep at Keystone Adventure School and Farm in a single group shot. I learned a lot, and I want to pass along those lessons to other photographers. Step 1: Research the Necessary Skills and Equipment Build a plan by studying how to find an appropriate location, what gear and camera settings to use, what angles work best, and common mistakes (etc.).

Step 2: Scout the Location I cannot stress enough how important this is. A Unique Sense of Place. Equipment Checklist. Family Bonding Activities and Personalized Photo Projects for the Family Reunion. Because that's what it's really all about!

Family Bonding Activities and Personalized Photo Projects for the Family Reunion

That's why I developed this free e-course - Planning & Printing Family Reunion Memories Make every family reunion planning effort COUNT towardsbuilding lasting memories, making meaningfulrelationships and strengthening generations. Sign up for the FREE email series HERE. bring extended family into everyday life Family reunions are a wonderful way of bonding families, bridging generations and building relationships.

I love it when that attitude of family togetherness permeates beyond an annual or bi-annual get-together! We need family bonding activities because our families – immediate and extended - should be a source of strength and encouragement! What if you could extend the family bondingactivities from the reunion into everyday life? Look! Throughout this website, I try to give you many tips, ideas and suggestions for planning a successful family reunion. Top Ten Tips for Photographing a Family Reunion. Planning your family reunion session - Galina Walls Photography. I love photographing family reunion sessions.

Planning your family reunion session - Galina Walls Photography

Family members travel across the country and sometimes from abroad for a grandparents’ birthday or wedding anniversary, or a Christmas get together. They often haven’t seen each other for a while and are happy to catch up, so genuine emotions and joy are in the air. Relaxed outdoor family sessions are particularly fun, as my featured extended family portrait gallery shows. Planning your family reunion itself, coordinating the schedules of several families and planning logistics can be a challenge.

Some families even create Facebook groups or Facebook events to get everyone on board. Here are some tips to get the pain out of the preparation process and ensure wonderful results. 1. You must at least all agree on the date when everyone is coming and keep your fingers crossed for good weather. Family reunion session on the beach 2. Is it going to be a family portrait session in the park? Lifestyle portraits 3. 4. Siblings family portrait 5. 6. 16 Do's and Don't to Photograph Large Groups.

Creating Memories with Family Reunion PhotosThe Photo Life. If family photography or portrait photography is your primary focus, there is an often-overlooked market that may be a natural fit: family reunions.

Creating Memories with Family Reunion PhotosThe Photo Life

Traditionally a harbinger of summer (though they can occur any time of year), reunions are the reason millions of Americans travel each year, and photographs are critical. After the corn-on-the-cob has been eaten and the water balloons tossed, photos remain to document growth and change. The fleeting nature of a family reunion gives just one chance to capture these important moments; then they are gone, perhaps forever.

Clint Thayer, photographer and owner of Focal Flame Photography, says of family reunion photography, “Those tender moments last only seconds. Being ready to see those moments and capture them does not come when you buy an expensive camera, it comes from studying your subjects and environment and crafting an effective photo – one that tells a story rather than just being a snapshot of a scene.” How do you find clients?