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9 Questions to Ask Before Creating Another Social Media Account. The social landscape today looks a lot different than it did last year ... or even last month.

9 Questions to Ask Before Creating Another Social Media Account

As soon as your figure out a successful strategy on one channel, another one shows up and begins to demand your attention. Sound familiar? For a lot of marketers, determining exactly where and when to spend your precious resources (read: bandwidth and money) can be a challenge. The Social Media Manager's Guide to Staying Organized. Managing social media accounts for a brand, no matter how big or small, is not easy -- and one of the biggest and most consistent challenges is staying organized.

The Social Media Manager's Guide to Staying Organized

Between managing social promotion goals from different departments, staying up-to-date on social mentions and trends, and posting relevant and engaging content on a regular basis, being a social media manager can sometimes feel like herding cats. An Appropriately Quick Guide to Gifs. 10 Social Media Stats You Have to Know - AgoraPulse. You probably run marketing campaigns on more than one social network.

10 Social Media Stats You Have to Know - AgoraPulse

Most companies do. That’s why it never hurts to take a broad view of the industry and the high-level social media stats you can use to optimize all your campaigns. Thanks to this popular infographic from Mainstreethost, it won’t take you very long to do it. We’ve broken up the 10 points, but if you want the full picture – everything at once – just scroll to the bottom. 1. Odds are, your first impulse is to watch the Twitter accounts with the most followers. Don’t forget to take care of them, too. Don’t have time? 2. There are patterns in what users post and how they interact with each other. If you regularly post about global events – you might be marketing a newspaper – you’re in the community cluster.

Need help finding them? 3. Digital marketing is a dynamic, fast-changing industry. Knowing that, it’s usually best to direct most of your focus there instead of paying more for lower-performing types, like audio content. 10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote an Event. Are you wondering how to promote an event with social media?

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote an Event

Whether you have a small local gathering or a large conference, social media can be used to get the word out in a powerful way. In this article I’ll reveal 10 creative ways to use social media to increase your chances for a gangbuster event. #1: Create Video People Will Share Because events take place in person, they engage the senses in a way online content can’t. Creating a stellar video with great visuals and sound can not only help drive people to your event, it also increases the chances people will want to share it with friends. 7 Tips for Building a Social Media Audience. Self-proclaimed "social media gurus" are a dime a dozen these days.

7 Tips for Building a Social Media Audience

When it comes to a successful social media marketing strategy, it can be tough for small businesses to sort through the noise, statistics and flurry of misinformation. One statistic we found online, for instance, claims that a Facebook fan is worth about $174 — but ask a small business with 300 Facebook fans if they've seen that $52,200 reflected in their revenues and you're likely to get a skeptical look or chuckle. For small businesses seeking to engage audiences via social media and get the most bang for their buck, figuring out where to start — and more importantly, how to leverage the huge potential of an engaged online audience — can be a daunting task. Let's forget about the statistics and wild claims, and focus instead on good, old-fashioned advice. 1.

Beware of "experts" that tout the distorted notion that social media is free marketing. Image: Flickr, mkhmarketing. Social media is a conversation, not a press release. — Technology and Society. Last week was a curious one.

Social media is a conversation, not a press release. — Technology and Society

First, Guardian writer Emma G. Keller wrote a cancer-shaming article [archived here] on metastastic breast cancer sufferer Lisa Adams’ social media presence. It was an oddly callous piece—but that was not its only fault. Emma Keller admitted that she had conversed with the subject via email and DM on Twitter without telling her that she was doing a story about her, and quoted Lisa Adams’ private direct messages without as much of a notification, let alone a permission. Emma Keller’s piece also greatly misrepresented what was happening with Lisa Adams. Unsurprisingly, Emma G. Yet double down is exactly what Emma’s husband, former New York Times editor Bill Keller, did this week in a new column in the Times, in which he pretty much repeats Emma Keller’s oddly mistaken read of what is happening to Lisa Adams and completely misunderstands why people are outraged.

First, both Kellers get the basic facts wrong. So why is she in the hospital? PS. The Marketer's Guide to Proper Social Media Etiquette. As a savvy inbound marketer, you're already sold on the value of using social media.

The Marketer's Guide to Proper Social Media Etiquette

But good social media marketing is about more than engagement, lead generation, and wider reach ... you gotta have some etiquette, man. Etiquette? Really?


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