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10 Critical Metrics for The eCommerce Marketer. “Always trust your gauges.”

10 Critical Metrics for The eCommerce Marketer

Aviation pilots in training have these words of wisdom hammered into them. Pilots also use visual reference, but only as a supplement to what their gauges indicate, and when visuals become independable, external tools become that much more important. Metrics are the business equivalent, used instead by managers as success gauges for every aspect of their company. There are financial metrics like revenue, income, EBITDA, and other metrics specialized to each industry. And of course there are plenty of qualitative data that managers use to evaluate employee performance. Each industry has its own metrics—for example, Software as a Service companies track things like monthly recurring revenue, churn, free trial signups, and activation rates.

Style Guide. The Marketing Technologist’s Role in a Website Redesign. When it comes to teams, everybody has a specific position that caters to a different part of the common goal.

The Marketing Technologist’s Role in a Website Redesign

During a website redesign, this couldn’t be more true. From the beginning, a Senior Consultant/Project Manager, Designer, Developer, Content Specialist and Marketing Technologist work with the client to analyze the old site and plan the new one. Goals are discussed. Calls to action and navigation are discussed. A content strategy is discussed. While the Senior Consultants are the main point of contact and oversee the project, the Designer and Developer plan and execute the look of the new site and the Content Specialist reviews the content strategy, what is the role of the Marketing Technologist?

Create a Redesign Workbook In the beginning of the website redesign process, I am making sure I have everything I need to do my job during and after the redesign. 4 Shipping Policies That Help Lower Abandoned Cart Rates. Ebenezer Scrooge's ecommerce site would probably have some pretty high abandoned cart rates.

4 Shipping Policies That Help Lower Abandoned Cart Rates

He'd keep shipping costs a secret until the very last minute hoping shoppers wouldn't realize how expensive their purchases were with shipping added. In reality, shoppers don’t like surprises, and they’re likely to walk away even if they’ve found the perfect holiday gift for Tiny Tim. What no one bothered to tell Scrooge is that up-front shipping prices could lower those abandoned cart rates exponentially. In fact, 34% of online shoppers who abandoned their carts say the reason is because shipping costs were shared too late in the purchasing process.

If Scrooge had been forthcoming, even with higher shipping prices, he could have maintained many of those buyers. We’re also pretty sure that Scrooge wouldn’t have bothered looking for ways to lower shipping costs, even if 54% of consumers say they abandoned shopping carts because the shipping cost more than they expected. 1. 2. 3. eMedia Vitals - Online magazine for web and digital media experts. Charlene Iniguez January 8, 2013 Advertisement My work at Perfect Market requires me to extract data from more than 200 premium publishers and present it in a lot of different ways, which can take up endless hours of patience as I comb through Excel spreadsheets.

eMedia Vitals - Online magazine for web and digital media experts

Google Analytics is by far my favorite tool to help with these tasks because it has a depth of data and allows me to slice and dice the data in a variety of ways. Best of all, it’s free. Over the years, I’ve learned some advanced techniques for using Google Analytics (GA) that have made my life a lot easier. 1. Filters are one of the most underutilized GA features. Why are filtered accounts important? A good workaround is to create a filtered account that focuses on a useful query string in the URL.

This filter is easy to create as long as you are an administrator in the GA account. Here are the filter details: This filter saves the URL into a User Defined Value. There is a complete tutorial of GA filters at Conversion University. 11 Steps to Make Sure Your Next Webinar Is a Total Flop. So, you’ve decided to host a webinar.

11 Steps to Make Sure Your Next Webinar Is a Total Flop

Great idea! Webinars are fantastic for generating high quality leads, and they can also help you build stronger relationships with your current customers. But hosting a successful webinar? That's a whole different ball game. If you want to host a kick-butt webinar, there are a ton of moving parts that you'll have to prepare for ... not to mention a host of things that could go wrong along the way. Sound stressful? 1) Pick a Lousy Topic People won’t take time out of their day to listen to people drone on about a topic that stinks.

When thinking about a webinar topic, try to think of something that's best explained as a presentation -- with the help of both visuals, and verbal explanation. 2) Host Your Webinar at an Inconvenient Time Hosting your webinar at unsuitable time is a major no-no, but a detail that's so easily overlooked. It's also important to keep time zones in mind when picking your webinar time. 3) Choose an Unstable Webinar Platform. NetGalley. Do you love to discover new books?


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