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Wearable Tech

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Best wearable tech. Wearable Tech Expands Human Potential. How wearable technology will change our lives. VB Wear Tech Report. The Market for Smart Wearables Feb 2015 3rd Edition rev2. History tells us: we need wearable technology heroes. IHS Wearable Technology. The Architecture of Wearable Technology. 140522. Eli7102. 50 wearable tech gamechangers for 2016. It's that time of year once again when the Wareable team set aside thoughts of mince pies and look ahead to what's in store for wearable tech in 2016.

50 wearable tech gamechangers for 2016

In last year's Wareable 50, we correctly pointed out that the Apple Watch (surprise, surprise), Xiaomi and Tag Heuer would be grabbing the headlines. We also said it would be a big year for the Jawbone UP3 and smart clothing. So we didn't get everything right. Now it's time to to make our predictions again. What is Wearable Tech and what can I do with it? Wearable Technologies is the pioneer and worldwide leading innovation and market development platform for technologies worn close to the body, on the body or even in the body.

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