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"Los Intocables" / Erik Ravelo

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Controversial Art Project Addressing Violence Against Children Is Censored By Facebook (NSFW PHOTOS) Cuban artist and creative director Erik Ravelo is used to having his artwork censored. He was, after all, the man behind United Colors of Benetton's UnHate campaign, which featured doctored photos of world leaders making out. Yet his newest project, a personal artwork unrelated to his career as a creative director, has managed to spark even more controversy "I had people writing me, threatening me," he said in a phone conversation with the Huffington Post. "At first the project was fun but it got a little out of hand. " Priest "Los Intocables," which translates to "The Untouchables," is what Ravelo refers to as a "human installation," featuring a variety of issues plaguing children around the world. Each work features both a child and an adult posed to demonstrate a contemporary evil, whether it be gun violence, molestation or the threat of nuclear war.

Ravelo's project has been, according to the artist, censored by Facebook. Brasil Japan McDonalds Syria. Facebook accusé de censure par l'auteur d'une série d'images chocs contre la violence faite aux enfants. INTERNET - Facebook se serait-il à nouveau rendu coupable de censure?

Facebook accusé de censure par l'auteur d'une série d'images chocs contre la violence faite aux enfants

On savait déjà que le réseau social était très réactif pour tout ce qui concerne la nudité. Facebook et la censure artistique. Facebook est assez pointilleux en matière d’art.

Facebook et la censure artistique

La toile « L’Origine du Monde » de Gustave Courbet en avait déjà fait les frais. C’est désormais au tour de l’artiste cubain Erik Ravelo d’être censuré. Sa campagne contre la violence faite aux enfants ne serait pas au goût du réseau social. Le dernier projet d’Erik Ravelo consiste en une série de photos intitulées « Los Intocables » (Les Intouchables). Sur chaque image choc un enfant, les bras en croix, est adossé à un adulte, comme crucifié à son bourreau. De l’obésité à la pédophilie en passant par la guerre en Syrie, l'artiste met en scène Ronald McDonald, un soldat ou encore un homme d'église en faisant le tour des formes d'abus dont sont victimes les enfants.

Auteur de la campagne « Unhate » de Benetton, dans laquelle des dirigeants, dont les vues sont opposées, s’embrassaient, Erik Ravelo avait déjà suscité la polémique. Les Intouchables : la photo choc d'Erik Ravelo. Crucifier les enfants sur leur bourreau, c’est l’idée qu’a eu le photographe Erik Ravelo pour sensibiliser à la violence enfantine. Ça claque dans tous les sens du terme. Focus sur Les Intouchables. USA // Tueries scolaires. Erik Ravelo Los Intocables Video. Multimedia artist Erik Ravelo and Daniel Ferreira's Los Intocables project has been banned from Facebook.

Erik Ravelo Los Intocables Video

This project deals with the rights of children and their exploitation at the hands of adults: a priest representing sexual abuse, a doctor representing organ trafficking, a soldier representing the cost of war, and a hooded figure carrying automatic weapons representing school shooting are displayed, along with others. The children are crucified, in a sense, to each of their representative villains, their faces blurred, indicating a loss of identity. While the aggressors in the photos are against the wall in an almost criminal way, leaving their backs to the children indicates a kind of disregard. “The right to childhood should be untouchable” is the tagline of the project.

View some of the imagery in the below video: A petition has been started to allow the work to be displayed on Facebook. Artist Erik Ravelo puts children on The Cross for controversial project. Children hung on crosses for controversial project Artist Erik Ravelo criticised over images Do you think the images go too far?

Artist Erik Ravelo puts children on The Cross for controversial project

Are these images offensive? Or provocative. Picture: Eric Ravelo Source: Supplied A CUBAN artist's controversial photographs of children being hung from crosses has landed him in hot water. Erik Ravelo took a series of photos of children hung like Jesus from a cross, but in the place of the cross were soldiers, surgeons, priests and Ronald McDonald. The images refer to pedophilia in the Vatican, child sex tourism in Thailand, the war in Syria, the trafficking of black market organs "donated" by children in the third world and obesity.

The project, titled Los Intocables (The Untouchables), was designed to make a point about the state of childhood globally, Ravelo told Many Facebook users have left comments on Ravelo's Facebook page complaining of the images being pornographic, despite the fact the children are at least partially clothed. Erik Ravelo: Los Intocables. There are few subjects more sensitive than child abuse so when controversial Cuban artist Erik Ravelo was recently slapped with a Facebook ban upon releasing his latest series of images ‘Los Intocables’ (The Untoucables) he wasn’t unduly surprised.

Erik Ravelo: Los Intocables

Known best for his United Colours of Benetton campaign ‘Unhate’, which featured world leaders smooching, the artist is not unfamiliar with public backlashes, but is the social media site overreacting? Arguably this recent project is his most inciting yet, portraying images of children in a crucifix style re-enactment whereby their perpetrators act as the cross – it’s graphic, powerful and the perfect way to visually drive home the message of child abuse. Depicting the widely reported paedophilia within the Catholic Church through to child sex tourism in Thailand and even including obesity in western societies, Ravelo has bravely chosen to highlight these issues in a distinctly confrontational and hard hitting way.

Los Intocables. Les Intouchables – Un projet de photographie choc pour la protection de l’enfance.