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UK Web Science

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Good summary. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and prominent researcher Nigel Shadbolt will lead a new British Institute for Web Science with $45 million in government backing. The announcement was not without its critics, but the Institute could have a world-wide impact. The two men collaborated in helping build the excellent and will now expand upon that work.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said of the move: "We are determined to go further in breaking down the walled garden of Government...This Institute will help place the UK at the cutting edge of research on the Semantic Web and other emerging web and internet technologies. " Understanding the Web of Data Berners-Lee said two years ago last month that all the pieces were in place to build the semantic web, a paradigm based on giving structured meaning to and clear links between otherwise unstructured content floating around the web.

Berners-Lee famously described his vision of the semantic web like this: 250.000 jobs ? Posted by Tom Foremski - March 22, 2010 Associated Press reports that Tim Berners Lee, who developed the world wide web, a method of viewing and displaying pages of content, will head the UK's Institute of Web Science. The institute -- which has been given 30 million pounds ($45 million) funding -- will aim to help Britain develop 250,000 new jobs in the technology sector. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday it will put Britain at the cutting edge of "emerging Web and Internet technologies. " He said the institute would work on opening up government data for public use, such as developing smartphone apps, or interactive maps. Quite how 250,000 jobs will be created from this work is a mystery.

Mr Berners Lee has his work cut out for him. Southampton & Oxford to partner. Gordon Brown video. Gordon Brown: "The next generation web ... will change fundamentally the way we conduct business" The government has announced plans for a new Institute of Web Science to be hosted jointly by Oxford and Southampton Universities. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said £30m was being committed to the project. Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the world wide web, and Professor Nigel Shadbolt will head the new institute. The government said one role of the institute would be to ensure greater access to information. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: "We want to build on the outstanding work Sir Tim and Nigel Shadbolt have put in to 'making public data public'. "We are determined to go further in breaking down the walled garden of government, using technology and information to provide greater transparency on the workings of Whitehall and give everyone more say over the services they receive.

" The sceptics. As an alliance of the desperate, this one takes some beating. The Greatest Living Briton (Sir Timothy Berners Lee) has been thrown £30m of taxpayers' money for a new institute to research "web science". Meanwhile the Prime Minister waxed lyrical today about the semantic web - how "data" would replace files, with machine speaking unto machine in a cybernetic paradise. It's really a confluence of two groups of people with a shared interest in bureaucracy. Computer Science is no longer about creating graduates who can solve engineering challenges, but about generating work for the academics themselves.

Of course, most web data is personal communication that happens to have been recorded. "You've been phished, Timothy? For real bureaucrats the dangers of self-service government are obvious - most of the civil servants are not needed any more. In his latest speech, Broon says: And I'm sure he believes every word. So you have two parties with a mutual interest in prolonging the agony.