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Whiskey Sour (Difford's recipe) Pineapple Fizz. Fireman's Sour. Friendly Fire. Moscow Mule (Difford's recipe) Go to the homepage.

Moscow Mule (Difford's recipe)

Moscow Mule. Words by: Simon Difford “The vodka drink with a kick” is simply vodka and ginger beer with a squeeze of lime served over ice, traditionally served in a copper mug.

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The Moscow Mule was created in 1941 - 1946 (the date and place of creation are disputed).

Moscow Mule

The classic recipe for a Moscow Mule is a simple one but there are many riffs: Moscow Mule (Difford's recipe) - vodka, ginger, liqueur, lime and angostura bitters topped with ginger beer Bohemian Mule - absinthe, lime juice and ginger beer Dead Man's Mule - absinthe, cinnamon schnapps, orgeat, lime juice and ginger beer French Mule - cognac, lime juice, sugar syrup, Angostura bitters and ginger beer Gin Gin Mule - ginger root, gin, lime, sugar syrup and ginger beer. Mezcal Negroni. Go to the homepage.

Mezcal Negroni

Cat & Bison. English Breakfast Martini. Saint orgeat. Mojito. The exact origins of the Mojito and its name are lost in the mists of time.


Some trace it back to 1586 and a medicinal drink named after Sir Francis Drake. He was one of a band of privateers sponsored by England's Queen Elizabeth I to plunder Spanish cities in the New World and seize their riches. Cuba was under Spanish rule and King Philip II of Spain had warned his governor in Cuba that he believed Drake intended to raid Havana in order to seize the Aztec gold stored in the city's royal treasury.

Thus Havana was well defended but there was still surprised relief in the city when, after several days of waiting, Drake sailed away from the richest port in the West Indies after firing only a few shots. Drake left Havana and its gold intact, but his visit was a major event - something perhaps worthy of naming a drink after. What is for certain is that the Draque, Drak or Drac was certainly drunk for its perceived medicinal value. Tiki Margarita. Elderflower Gin Fizz. Bloody Mary. Go to the homepage Bloody Mary (Modern Recipe) Display recipe in: previous next Shopping list.

Bloody Mary

Lucky Lily Margarita. Havanatheone Cocktail Recipe. Gin Basil Smash. John Daly. Chewie’s Drambuie. Gin & Tonic. The precise origin of the G&T is lost in the mists of time.

Gin & Tonic

Gin (or at least a grain based juniper spirit) was drunk for medicinal reasons from the 1600s onwards. Quinine, the pungent bark extract which gives tonic its distinctive bitterness, had been used against malaria for even longer. Brandy Sour. Go to the homepage Brandy Sour.

Brandy Sour

Daiquiri Elixir. Words by: Simon Difford Pronounced ‘Dye-Ker-Ree’, this drink bears a close relationship to the Canchanchara, a 19th century Cuban blend of rum, lemon, honey and water, but the Daiquiris creation is credited Jennings Stockton Cox, an American engineer at the turn of the 20h century.

Daiquiri Elixir

Quick links to classic Daiquiri recipes Daiquiri No.1 natural (Difford's 10:3:2 formula) Chanticleer. Recipe adapted from A.S.


Crockett's 1935, The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book which originally calls for 'orange gin' rather than using an orange liqueur. Crockett handily says of this drink, "Add a Cock's Comb if desired. " He also explains that the drink "Celebrated the local opening of Edmond Rostand's Chanticler". Edmond Rostand was a French poet and dramatist, best-known for his play Cyrano de Bergerac. First released in 1910, Chantecler (correct spelling) is a story where the characters are based on barnyard animals, and whose eponymous protagonist is a rooster who believes that his song makes the sun rise. Pina Colada. S. Tea G.

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Apple Virgin Mojito. Pussyfoot. Petites courses.

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Aperol Spritz. Aged Honey Daiquiri. Stairs. Go to the homepage Stairs Cocktail Display recipe in: previous next Buy ingredients Buy From The Whisky Exchange Vodka makes this drink 11 times Bitters - Orange bitters makes this drink 25 times Approximately £2.24 per cocktail *


Sazerac (Difford's recipe) Words by: Simon Difford Traditionally based on cognac or rye whiskey, as David A. Embury says of the Sazerac in his seminal 1948 Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, “essentially it is merely an Old Fashioned made with Peychaud bitters instead of Angostura and flavoured with a dash of absinthe.” Created in New Orleans it is the city’s official cocktail and is one of America’s oldest cocktails. Cognac, rye or bourbon. Steep Flight Cocktail Recipe. Absinthe Martini Cocktail Recipe - How To Make Cocktail Recipes. The 75. Long Island Iced Tea. Saúco Margarita Cocktail Recipe. Fantasia (Mocktail) Tipperary #2. Punch. Long before the Martini, the V-shaped glass and the cocktail shaker, the drink of choice at society gatherings was punch and the punch bowl was the centre of activity at every party.

Punch had existed in India for centuries before colonialists brought it back to Europe some time in the latter half of the 1600s. The name derives from the Hindi word for five, 'panch', and refers to the five key ingredients: alcohol, citrus, sugar, water and spices. In India, it was made with arrack (the Arabic word for liquor and a local spirit distilled from palm sap or sugar cane).

Back in Britain it was common for punches to be spiced with nutmeg or tea. The classic proportions of a punch follow a mnemonic, 'one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak.' The basic punch principle of balancing sweet and sour with spirit and dilution remains key to making a good cocktail to this day. Zelda Martini. Lemon Caipirovska.

Zubway. South China Breeze. Banana Smoothie (Mocktail) Mint Limeade (Mocktail) Marie Rose. Caipirissima. Hot Grog. Jack Collins. Words by: Simon Difford A Collins is basically a sour cocktail made using a base spirit (most usually gin), lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water, served long over ice in the glass named after it. Collins glasses are tall and round and usually have a capacity of 12 to 16 ounces to their brim. In his 1948 'Fine Art of Mixing Drinks', the American writer, David A. Embury, described the Collins as being "a lemonade made with charged water and spiked with gin or some other liquor. " He goes on to say, "Originally there were two brothers only in the Collins family - Tom and John. Hot Buttered Rum. Hollywood. Major Bailey. Lazy Man Flip. Real Lemonade (Mocktail) Cocktail Recipe. Les ingrédients qu'il me manque. Pyramid Punch.

Ramos Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe. Created in 1888 by Henry C. Ramos at the Imperial Cabinet Saloon on the corner of Gravier and Carondelet Streets in New Orleans. Originally named the New Orleans Fizz the drink was an immediate success, propelling the bar’s popularity to the extent that it would often have 20 bartenders and “shaker boys” dedicated to just making Ramos Gin Fizz cocktails, but they would still struggle to meet demand. That’s perhaps understandable when you hear that devotees say it takes 12 minutes to shake, requiring several bartenders to shake in relay, not least because the shaker becomes so cold and frosted that it must be wrapped in a cloth to be comfortably held. The recipe remained a closely guarded secret and, driven by the success of his creation, in 1907 Henry opened his own bar, The Stag, down the street on the corner of St Charles Avenue and Gravier Street, opposite the entrance to the St.

Charles Hotel. With the onset of Prohibition in 1920, Henry was forced to close his bar. Champs-Elysees cocktail Recipe - How To Make Cocktail Recipes. Apple Buck Cocktail Recipe - How To Make Cocktail Recipes. Mai Tai (Trader Vic's) Cocktails Cocktail Recipe - How To Make Cocktail Recipes. In 1934, Victor Jules Bergeron, or Trader Vic as he became known, opened his first restaurant in Oakland, San Francisco.

He served Polynesian food with a mix of Chinese, French and American dishes cooked in wood-fired ovens. But he is best known for the rum based cocktails he created. One evening in 1944 he tested a new drink on two friends from Tahiti, Ham and Carrie Guild. Pear Tree cocktail Recipe. Pisco Sour (Difford's recipe) Cocktail Recipe. Wisecrack Fizz Cocktail Recipe. Spiced Pear Cocktail Recipe. Kentucky Pear. Difford's guide. The Mason Shaker. Mezcal.