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Vitesse de chargement

Speedy Sprites.

Result after a 3 weeks work on HTML5 games performance. – nicolas

1h keynote.

Most of webapps spend 80% of their time outside of the server – nicolas
There are huge performance issues depending of browsers and techniques used draw / animate. It means there is a huge need of a framework. – nicolas

Browsers performance. Integers are Your Friends. Two weeks ago Bruce and I released JSGameBench version 0.1.

Integers are Your Friends

Today marks the release of version 0.2, a much faster and cleaner version. We continue to learn both from tightening the code and from the strong HTML5 community. Version 0.2 reinforces our belief in HTML5 as a strong, horizontal platform for games and highly interactive applications across the web. Benchmarking.


Memory. Welcome back.


Since version 0.3 was released, we’ve seen great progress across the browser landscape. Internet Explorer 9 was released. Ringmark. Demos.