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Open Platform. Apps. Mashup example. Music and Literary Apps. Sometimes it takes a little human intervention to make semantic applications easier to build.

Music and Literary Apps

The Guardian newspaper has augmented its Open Platform API with unique identifiers for bands and books. In turn, the company has simplified the process of creating a mashup that uses multiple sources to focus on a single work, which may help its content spread farther. The introductory post helps explain the process: We… extended the Guardian’s Content API to include non-Guardian identifiers. At the moment, we have populated data for two types of identifiers, ISBNs and MusicBrainz ids.ISBNs are available chiefly on our book review articles, about 2,800 or so of them as I speak. Value to the news industry? Almost every talk about Linked Data I've seen inevitably at some point shows the 'linked data' universe bubble diagram.

Value to the news industry?

Every time I see it, it has grown in size. However, the first time I saw it, I noticed a glaring omission. None of our major UK print-based news organisations featured on it, and that fact is yet to change. We now know that, whatever the outcome of the next election, we are only going to see more Government and state gathered data published, not less. Linked Data at the Guardian. The semantic web is given a rough raking by the syntactic web, and it is not impossible to see why when you first get taken down the SPARQL/RDF/Ontology rabbit hole.

Linked Data at the Guardian

It is not great fun learning to develop with the semantic web today. (As an aside, using a semi-SQL model as a primary metaphor in SPARQL did not help me personally. But then, SQL has always seemed like an assembly language designed by Prolog programmers) But the capability to use semantic data to accurately join data is fantastically powerful. Data is Journalism: Politics API from The Guardian. UK newspaper The Guardian is expanding its Open Platform (our Guardian API profile).

Data is Journalism: Politics API from The Guardian

Today they’ve launched a useful new government API that covers information about politicians and elections in the UK, with many details going back to 1992. It also contains limited older data, as far back as 1945. The newspaper announced the API, noting it was built from a pre-existing internal system and noting there’s more to come: Simon Rogers.